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"Yep." Alex smiled.
"Abbey in bed, you two finished the movies already?" Nicky said noticing him flipping through the channels.
"Just the one, we will watch the other one tomorrow." Alex shrugged. Mom and dad had bought him a DVD player and a few movies for his birthday. He had given Jo his old VCR and a few movies to take home with her as an early birthday present.
"I got you something." Nicky pulled out a present she had tucked in the back of her panties handing it to him. "I knew mom and dad were buying you a DVD player so." She said as he began to open it.
"Holy Shit sis." He said laughing as he pulled three adult DVD's. "Where you get these?" Alex asked surprised.
"Little shop downtown that sells them in back." Nicky shrugged. Best big sister ever Alex thought.
"Thanks I guess." Alex laughed trying to play off how he really felt.
"I want you think of your big sister every time you watch them." She teased putting her arm around him.
"That's just wrong." Alex said pushing her away. Though now he probably would. He had been thinking about her a lot over the summer.
"What do you say, let's pop one in? I want to see if they're any good." Nicky said as grabbed one and tore the wrapping away.
"You watch porn?" Alex asked looking at her a little surprised. He had no illusions about his sister being a virgin or that she didn't masturbate, far from it, but he never thought about a girl watching porn while she played with herself. Well he had but just thought it was a silly guy fantasy.
"What, you think only guys like porn?" She teased as she hopped up and walked over to the door locking it before going over to the television.
"Never meet a girl who said she liked looking at porn." He shrugged.
"Trust me Alex sweetie; girls can be just as nasty as guys." Nicky said winking and bending over and hitting the button for the DVD player, ejecting the movie they had been watching and putting the new one in. He had a nice view of her panty clad ass and panties. She was far from innocent and he often wondered if she did it just to tease him, knowing damn well he was looking, and wanting her little brother to look at her ass. She put the movie they had been watching away and came back over to the bed.
"Okay hit play." She said jumping back on the bed and making herself comfortable on the pillow as she propped it up.
"This doesn't bother you watching it with your brother." Alex said turning on the movie.
"No, does it bother you?" Nicky asked as she sat back and looked at the screen.