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Slowly I started to shift my body around till I was straddling his chest. I just laid there for a couple of minutes so that he could get a good look at my sweet wet cunt and could inhale the scent I knew must be coming from it. Slowly I moved back and lifted my bum till my cunt was positioned over his mouth.
"Lionel, I want you to lick me down there. Will you do that for me?"
There was no answer. I could feel his breath on my pussy. He was breathing hard and fast. I slowly dropped my bum down and I got my answer. As soon as it was down far enough, I could feel his tongue starting to work. He didn't really know what to do, but I wasn't going to interfere with what he was doing. I let him find his own way and if he needed help I'd step in. Whatever he was doing sure felt good. His cock was just inches away from my face and I could see the head start to emerge for its hiding place again. Pretty soon there was a full-blown hard-on in front of me. I couldn't resist it.
I started to lick on it like an ice cream cone. There was still plenty of my cum and his on it and I cleaned it all up. I wrapped my mouth around the thick base of his cock. Wow. What a size. I ran my tongue along the whole length and ended up licking on the sensitive place just on the underside of the head. His cock jumped when I did that. Then I took the whole thing into my mouth and sucked on it like an all day sucker. Of course I used my tongue like I should. The Lion was defeated now. He was moaning, but my cunt stifled his moans. He hadn't taken his mouth away from it since we started. I didn't have to tell him what to do. Before I knew it he was shooting wad after wad of his precious cream into my mouth. This time I kept up with the flow and swallowed every drop.
Instinctively he kept sucking and licking on my pussy and clit and soon after he came I had a big cum too. So much fluid came out of me that it surprised Lionel and he started to choke and had to pull away. I could feel my juices flowing down my legs then and on to his chest.
I turned around now to see that he was alright. He was coughing and was red in the face and his bald head was red too, but he was alright. I held him close to me and kept saying, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
We held each other for the longest time hardly saying anything. We were both totally exhausted and I fell asleep in his arms. I guess he fell asleep too because it was 5 o'clock when he woke me. I wanted to fuck him once more, but he said that his mom would be home in half and hour and we had better get cleaned up.
Our love juices were all over our bodies so we had a quick shower. He wasn't going to get in the shower with me but I convinced him to. It was more like blackmail. I told him that is he didn't, I wouldn't get dressed and I'd meet his mom at the front door in the nude.
That made him change his mind...he-he-he...
We didn't fool around in the shower. We just washed each other and got out and got dressed. I helped him straighten his bed. It was wet for our bodily fluids, but he didn't want to change the sheets. He said he wanted to be able to smell me for as long as possible. I thought that was so sweet that I gave him a nice big kiss.
We went outside and sat on the front steps again and had a Pepsi. I asked him if he liked me even though I was only thirteen years old and about six years younger than him. He turned red again and said he thought he loved me. I started to cry. You should know me by now. I wanted him to hold me but we were outside and people would see and probably get the wrong idea. Or should that be right idea...he-he-he...
After a while I told him that Sandie wanted to go out with him. I was a bit hesitant to tell him that because Bobby had told me that Lionel always liked Sandie. Also they were closer in age than he and I. Then he said the nicest thing, which set me off crying again.
"Carol, I always thought I liked Sandie. But now I know I like you better. If it's going to hurt you, I won't ask her out."
"I want you all to myself," I said. "But I think you should ask her out. But don't you dare get too interested in her. Do you hear me?"
As I said that I gave him a playful punch on the arm and started to laugh. He laughed too and promised he wouldn't.
Just then his mom's car drove up the driveway and Auntie Pat got out of the car and walked up the path.
"Hi, Auntie Pat." I said. "How are you today?"
"Hi Carol. I'm fine thanks. Just a little tired. What did you guys get up to today?" She asked as she gave us both a kiss on the cheek.
"Not much." I said. "We mostly sat on the steps and talked. It's a beautiful day."
Auntie Pat went into the house and Lionel and I looked at each other and started to giggle. I got up and got my bike. Lionel asked me if I could come over again tomorrow.
"What did you have in mind?" I asked coyly.
Lionel went beet red again, and started stuttering and stammering. I giggled and riding off I said, "We'll see. Bye." Chapter Five
I didn't see Lionel for a few days because my teachers were piling on the homework and I didn't have time. I did, of course find time to fuck Bobby and Brad, because I didn't have to go far to do it.
Lionel phoned me every night and kept asking when I could go there again. I told him I'd see him on the weekend for sure and if I got a slack homework night, I'd see him sooner. He wanted a more definite time than that, but I couldn't give him one. He eventually understood. Men! Why does it take so much for something to sink into their thick skulls...he-he-he...