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"What am I grabbing anyways?" Alex said as he moved around her and grabbed the box which was pretty bulky.

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Professor Imrash West looked down on the gorgeous child and smiled. "I'm so sorry, dear," he said. "Wishes can't be reversed. I did try to warn you, you'll remember."
"But please, please, I can't go on like this. Didn't you come here to see if I had learned my lesson or something? Aren't you supposed to release me from this nightmare?"
"Oh, no dear, it doesn't work like that - wherever did you get such a notion? No, no, it was lovely to see you again and see that you're doing so well. But I'm just here to visit a man on the seventh floor who's about ready to make a wish that should be quite delicious to grant."
"Noooooo! Please!"
"Don't worry, Faith. Your wish will run its course. Most of them do, you know. Let me see if I can remember - oh, yes, yes, I remember. Your wish will only last until you graduate from high school - quite simple."
Faith Rowel was still staring in horror, screaming noooooooooo! in her mind as Imrash West stepped off the elevator on the seventh floor and waved pleasantly to her. A strange man stepped into the elevator a second later and looked at Faith with evident pleasure.
"I say, what luck!" the man declared as the doors swished closed behind him. "I was hoping to find a lift whore."
I'm eleven, and my friends at school are all starting to "date." But being cool at my middle school is all about trying to be really grown up, so all my friends try to dress like high school girls and they try to get older boys to take them on dates. But sometimes in our town dating means "Hey, my folks aren't home, let's get drunk and have sex." I heard that there's even some girl at the other middle school who's only thirteen and is pregnant!
I don't want to be involved in that kind of "dating." I'm a good girl and I won't drink until I'm twenty-one, or ever do drugs. And I want to stay a virgin until I'm married. Pastor Jack says sex before marriage is a terrible sin.
But I'm sick of being teased all the time and I don't have any friends. It's bad enough that I look younger 'cause I'm kind of small and I've barely started to "develop" like the other girls. And the clothes my mom buys me are awful and don't fit and I have stupid thick glasses and too many freckles. But worse, now everybody knows there's a boy I like, Edie, and I think he likes me a little bit too 'cause he comes around the school yard a lot with a couple other other high school boys and he always wants to talk only to me. The other girls tried to chase me away, but Edie made them let me come back.
I don't hold Edie's hand or let him kiss me even though I get funny feelings in my tummy whenever he tries to do those things. The other girls call me a baby! It's so embarrassing.
Edie is so sweet. Most of those high school boys are so crude and obnoxious, but Edie is really nice. He won't let any of the other boys tease me or try to touch me like they do with the other girls in my class. And he smiles whenever he sees me and that really makes me feel funny - good funny, not bad funny. I can't stop thinking about him.
But how do I say no if Edie asks me on a date? I think he wants to. Would it mean he wants to get me drunk and have sex with me? I don't want to do that even though I don't really know what it means. But if I say no I'm afraid he'll get mad and won't want to talk to me any more and all the other girls will call me names. I'll never have any friends! I'm so confused.
Jack Blake had just celebrated his 16th birthday yesterday. Although a tall and athletic boy, he was shy and somewhat awkward. So here he sat in his room on a Friday night jerking off to pictures of naked or near naked women. He saved his favorite for last. It was a picture of his 32 year old mom Sara in a thong bikini on a beach in Mexico.
Jack and his mom had always been close. He was the product of a one night stand that his mom had at the age of 16 with a sailor who was on leave. She was so drunk that night she didn't even remember his name. Fortunately, Sara's parents helped their daughter financially and she was able to finish high school and college and obtain a financially secure job.
Jack knew that his mom had always wanted get married and she thought had met the man of her dreams. Jack thought the guy was Ok but something seemed wrong about him but he kept his mouth shut. Their relationship progressed and they decided to get married. Jack thought it was a bit strange that his mom had actually proposed to him. She then decided to book a cruise and they would get married by the ship's captain. In fact, the two were driving from Orlando to Cape Canaveral in the morning to board the ship. His mom's bags were already packed.
Mom and her fiancé had gone out to dinner to make final plans and pick up their wedding rings. Again, he thought it strange that she had paid for the rings but it was none of his business. Since she would be home within an hour, he decided to dump one more load while admiring the picture of his gorgeous mom. He wondered if people would think that this was some kind of act of incest. In reality, he didn't care. His mom was beautiful, desirable and he wished he could switch places with her fiancé.
Jack headed for the showers and let the warm water rinse off the cum. After toweling dry, he put on some silk boxers and headed for bed. He took a look at himself in the mirror. He worked out every day and his muscles were getting toned. He had no acne and very little body hair. Overall, he decided he was a pretty good looking guy and that he should try harder to find a girlfriend. He decided that he would lose his virginity before he turned 17.
Just as he was drifting to sleep he heard his mom's bedroom door and he thought he heard her crying. He got up and stepped across the hall. She was definitely crying.