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I rode up and down on his shaft again. I started off slow but I soon built up speed and came down harder and harder every time. Again I was going wild. We both were breathing so hard we couldn't talk properly.
"Goddddd, C-Carol. Y-Y-You make m-m-me feel sooo good. Ohhhh, God. I-I-I'm going to c-c-cummmm again." He whispered.
"So a-a-am I," I panted, hardly able to speak at all.
Silently and if by a secret signal, we both came together. Even today when I think of Lionel, I marvel at our ability to cum together almost all the time.
We had a quick shower and got dressed. We straightened out his bed and went downstairs. We had a Pepsi on the back porch and I went home.
To this day I have never regretted skipping that half- day of school to be with the Lion. I never got caught. My teacher never found out and my parents never did either. I also knew that no matter what Sandie did with Lionel, I'd always be his girl.
Chapter Six
Saturday came and Sandie was excited about her date with Lionel. She started to get ready early and I helped her. She was so nervous. I did her hair for her and when she was done, she looked so beautiful. I was a bit jealous, but I knew she'd have to go some to take Lionel away from me. I needn't have worried about that anyway. I found out later that Sandie only wanted to go out with Lionel once and have sex with him to experience what I did.
She had no intention of stealing him from me. I can't believe how possessive I've become with him. It was only a few weeks ago that I thought of him sexually. It was only out of sympathy that I agreed to date him in the first place. But after that first date I could never give him up. Not until he died. And that day is coming soon. I shiver and sometimes cry whenever I think of that.
Lionel came to pick Sandie up on time. When he saw me standing behind her he went a little red. But I smiled at him and winked to let him know I was okay with it. I whispered to Sandie that I wanted all the details when she got home. She knew I'd never leave her alone if she didn't.
A guy from school had asked me on a date, but I really wasn't interested in him right now. I had dated guys before, but, believe it or not, I didn't let one guy fuck me. I didn't even let them touch me up. Honest. Not that they didn't try. Before I went out with Lionel, I was satisfied with Bobby and eventually Brad. Now I had Bobby and Brad and the Lion. I didn't need anyone else. There were no rumors going around the school about us, so I guess no one knew what we were up to. That suited me just fine.
Mommy and Daddy had some friends over and they were playing cards. I think it was bridge. They always played bridge. I never saw what they found so attractive about that game. It was a bore to me. That was then. Now I play it. Not very well, but I play it.
Anyway, I went to my room. I was just going to play some music and maybe read. Candie was there. Mommy and daddy didn't let her go out on dates. She was only 11 years old. She had her earphones on and didn't see or hear me come into the room. It was only about 8 o'clock, but she was already in her pajamas. She wore Baby Dolls like me. All us girls like Baby Doll pajamas. She was lying on her bed and her knees were bent and spread wide apart. Her hand was through one of the leg holes and I could see her fingering her pussy. She was still bald there and she looked so beautiful. She had long blonde hair like mine, and she was just starting to develop her breasts. I crept up to her and quickly put one hand on her breast and the other over her hand that was in her pussy. She jumped and screamed, then when she realized it was me, she started to laugh and soon we were both laughing.
"I caught you, didn't I Candie?" I said laughing. "It's a good thing it wasn't mommy or daddy coming in to check on you, eh?"
"Ya. I'd have some explaining to do, wouldn't I?" she answered. We both laughed again.
"What are you reading?" I asked.
"It's just a magazine one of my friends loaned me. Just look at some of these pictures!"
I laid down on her bed with her and we flipped through the pages of the magazine. Wow. There were some great pictures of guys fucking girls, and of girls sucking guy's cocks and sucking other girl's pussies. There were pictures of girls trying to be fucked by those great big dildos. The guys in the pictures were really nice. They were quite big and thick, but they were no where near as big as Lionel or even Bobby. I had told Candie about Lionel and she wanted to know how he compared to Bobby. She was astounded when I told her that he was so much bigger.
Candie was wiggling around on the bed. I knew that she was becoming excited. I got up and started to get undressed. I was down to just my panties when I said "I'm going to have a shower. Want to join me?"
I was really hoping that she would say yes. She didn't disappoint me, and she followed me into the bathroom. I leaned over and ran the water and when I turned around again, Candie was naked. I told you before how beautiful she was. All us girls were really blessed with our looks and figures. She was still bald between the legs, but was developing her breasts. She was starting to loose that baby fat around her tummy. She looked so sexy. I bent down and removed my panties. Candie smiled when she saw my pussy and the peach fuzz I was growing now.
"Oh, Carol, I wish I had hair there like you do." She sighed.