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Lionel had let me go now and had turned his back to me. His face was buried in his pillow and he was sobbing like a baby. I couldn't do anything other that try to comfort him the best I could. I couldn't speak. I just didn't know what to say.
After what seemed like hours, but was probably not that long, his breathing became more regular and he had fallen to sleep. I whispered softly, "I promise, Lionel. I promise." I just lay there holding him, my naked body touching his, unable to sleep. I guess I finally drifted off because the next thing I remember was feeling Lionel move. It was daylight outside.
"Are you okay now, Lionel?" I asked sleepily. "I was so worried about you last night."
"Ya, I'm okay. I was just a bit emotional then, that's all," he replied turning around and putting his arm around me. We kissed passionately. This was the first time we ever woke up and kissed right away without brushing our teeth first. But this time neither of us minded. I always liked sex first thing in the morning, but today was going to be something special. I wanted it to be something that I could never forget long after Lionel was gone.
Lionel was lying on his back and I was leaning against him. My hand slipped under the covers and ran down his stomach till it reached his cock. Of course I wasn't surprised to find it as hard as it has ever been. I circled it with my hand and slowly began to rub it up and down. I knew Lionel liked that by the sounds he was making. I kissed his lips and then his chin and slowly slipped down kissing all his parts till I got to his penis. I was right under the covers now and the scent of our love making from last night was powerful. It heightened my desire for him.
I slipped his cock into my mouth and I started to lick it all over. The taste of our cum on it from the night before heightened my pleasure. I gently cupped his heavy balls in my hand and squeezed them softly. I didn't want to hurt the Lion. As I was doing that, I had put his cock all the way in my mouth and was rubbing my tongue on the delicate and sensitive underside of the head. Lionel was holding on to my head and was starting to buck up and down fucking me in my mouth. He was making fairly loud moaning sounds now. It was obvious that my magic was working.
I removed his cock from my mouth just long enough to tell him to stop fucking my mouth because I wanted to do something special. Do you remember that earlier I had told you that the Lion was big, very big? He had to be at least 8 1/2 inches long maybe even 9 inches when he was very excited. And he was very thick as well. I wanted to deep throat him. I could deep throat Bobby and Brad with very little trouble, but I didn't know if I could deep throat Lionel.
I only knew I wanted to try. Bobby and Brad would go mad when I did it to them and they would usually cum gallons for me. Even today, Bobby especially loves me to do it to him every time we are together. It usually results in him taking me out for a nice meal afterwards. It's not as payment for doing it, but just to show me how much he loves me.
I had to get in the right position if I wanted that monster to go down my throat without choking me to death. That's important for any of you girls who haven't tried this before.
Most guy's cocks curves up and you have to get the curve in his cock in the position that it can follow the curve of your throat. Do you understand? To do that I had to straddle his tummy so that my bum was toward his face. I didn't want to take away from any of the pleasure I knew he was in for, so I deliberately kept my pussy as far from his mouth as I could so that he wouldn't be tempted to lick it. Not that I didn't like him licking me, but this was his treat, not mine.
His cock was nice and wet from my earlier licking and also from the precum that was flowing quite heavily from him. Slowly I took his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth till I could feel it brushing the entrance to my throat. Lionel was holding my bum tightly now, and he was moaning louder. Very, very slowly I took it deeper and deeper down my throat.
Whenever I felt like choking, I'd stop and back off a wee bit, rest for a few seconds and then start again. Finally I could feel my nose touch the Lion's balls and my chin brush against his stomach. You'll never know the excitement I felt knowing that I had succeeded in deep-throating someone with such a large penis. I remember my heart beating fast.
Lionel was moaning really loud now and almost yelling. He started to buck again but when he heard me choking, he stopped. I now got my throat muscles working and soon they were massaging his cock like it has never been massaged before. The Lion was squirming and yelling.
I could feel his cock pulsing down in my throat and I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before he'd cum. I gently squeezed his balls while I worked my throat muscles hard and soon I felt his warm and powerful baby seed shoot deep down into my throat. Just like Bobby and Brad, he shot load after load of his precious love juices into me. I didn't have to swallow because it just flowed down my throat.
Soon, Lionel's body relaxed and he sank down into the bed. I slowly pulled my head back and his cock slid from my throat. I didn't remove it from my mouth right away, but instead I licked all his cum up because I didn't want to waste a drop of it.
Lionel was lying there with his eyes closed and a self- satisfying grin on his face. I slid up and kissed his lips. He put his arms around me and pulled me tightly to him and kissed me back more passionately than he had ever done before. Our tongues did this crazy dance together.
"God, Carol, that was terrific," he panted. "I've never experienced anything like that before."
"You better not have," I teased. We both laughed.
"No, honestly, that was terrific. Where did you learn to do that?"
"Can't tell you that," I teased again. "All I will tell you is that you and Bobby and Brad are the only ones I've done that to. I'm glad you liked it. I've wanted to do that for a long time, but I was scared to because you are so big down there."
I reached down and squeezed his cock to let him know what I meant. As if he didn't know...he-he-he...
His cock was soft when I first touched it but it soon became hard with a little teasing from me. I straddled his stomach, and while kissing him I raised my bum up and reached down and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. God I wanted that monster in there so badly. Slowly I sank down on The Lion's shaft. I could feel inch after inch of it penetrate my vagina. I was so wet that there was no friction as I dropped lower and lower till every inch of his gorgeous cock was buried deep in me. Oh, God. That felt so good. I just laid there savoring the sensual feeling of my lover's most private body part in contact with my most private part. I didn't move except for kissing.
Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to raise and lower my body. I was taking short slow strokes, enjoying the feeling of his cock moving inside me. I sat up straight and leaned back a bit so that more pressure was placed on my clit. Every time I rose or fell down, his cock now rubbed harder on my clit. I was slowly going out of my mind. Every time I moved it seemed like a bolt of electricity shot through me. If I wasn't careful, I'd orgasm before Lionel was ready. I dropped down on his chest again and rested.
Lionel wanted to be on top now so he very carefully rolled us over without dislodging his cock. I spread my legs wide open and raised my knees to my chest. Lionel liked that.
He held on to my knees, pressing them apart, as he started to move in and out of my cunt. He started moving faster and faster and pounding into me harder and harder. I could feel his cock right in the back of my cunt. It is the most awesome feeling in the world. As Lionel continued fucking me, I tensed as wave after wave of an explosive orgasm rifled through my 13 year old body. I gripped Lionel's ass and held it firmly as he rode me to Utopia and beyond.
My greatest fear just happened. I got so worked up that I came before Lionel was ready. He knew that I came and he looked down and smiled at me.