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Soon we were kissing each other and fingering each other's cunts and feeling each other's breasts. Both Candie and I paid a lot of attention to Sandie's breasts because they were much better developed than our own. All three of us were getting hot again. Sandie was between Candie's thighs now and was licking her for everything she was worth. I took this opportunity to go to Sandie's drawer and find her vibrator. Her sweet bum was sticking up while she sucked Candie so it was in a perfect position to use the vibrator on her. I thought of putting it in her wet cunt, but I thought better of that idea. After all it already had a good work out. I put it in my cunt first to get it well lubricated then put it in Sandie's bum hole and turned it on.
Sandie let out this joyful squeal and started sucking and licking Candie harder and harder. She was trying to moan but Candies pussy stifled her moans. I was pushing the vibrator in deep and leaving it there for a few seconds then pulling it out and leaving it at the entrance to her bum for a few seconds. She was really enjoying what I was doing to her.
Candie started to spasm. She couldn't speak. She was shaking all over. Her legs went around Sandie and was squeezing her hard. Suddenly she gave out this cry and her insides just exploded and every muscle in her body suddenly tightened and then relaxed.
Sandie had brought her youngest sister to a strong orgasm and the two of them laid there. Then Sandie moved up and started to kiss Candie. I felt a little left out so I jumped on top of both of them. We all started to laugh and wrestle around. Before I knew it, Sandie had thrown me on my back and was sitting on my face. I could see her well used pussy just inches away. It was so wet and so red. Her juices were running out and down her leg.
In the meantime Candie was attacking my cunt with her mouth. I spread my legs wide apart to allow her unrestricted access and when she was in position and starting to work her tongue, my legs wrapped around her neck and shoulders. Sandie had lowered her cunt down to my mouth and I could taste the wonderful flavor of her juices mixed with those of the Lion.
I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tighter into me. I was still holding on to the vibrator and I reinserted it in her bum hole. Again she moaned, this time the moans escaped loud and clear not being restricted by anything.
I left the vibrator running in her bum and took my hands and spread her cunt lips wide open. God, it was amazing how wide I could spread them tonight. Lionel really did a good job in opening her up. I had no trouble getting my tongue deep inside her. I only wish my tongue was longer. Looking back on it now, if my tongue was like Ally McBeal's tongue in the TV show, wow, Sandie would have gone wild. As it was I made her have another orgasm that night. I don't know how many she had but I know it was quite a few.
Candie made me cum just a second or two after Sandy did. We were both moaning and shaking and jerking. I was pulling Sandie down on me so hard that I almost suffocated. I was squeezing Candie so hard I'm sure I was almost suffocating her. Candie was a very good cunt licker and sucker. She hadn't been doing it that long, but she learned very quickly. I guess it must be a family trait... he-he-he...
We were all pretty tired by now. It was an exciting day for us all, especially for Sandie. We lay on the bed and talked for another hour or so. Sandie gave more detail of her date with Lionel and Candie said she still wanted to go out with him. Sandie and I tried to dissuade her, by telling her that he would hurt her and that she was too young and that mommy and daddy wouldn't allow them to go on a date. But she was determined.
Nothing we could say would change her mind. She said that if we didn't ask Lionel to take her out, she'd ask him herself. Looking back, I can't blame her. I would probably have done the same thing myself.
Anyway, we agreed that we would get Bobby to ask Lionel to take Candie out. Secretly between the two of us, Sandie and I hoped that Bobby would talk Candie out of this wild idea.
It was really late now. The guests had gone and mommy and daddy were in bed. We kissed each other good night and went to our own beds. Over the years, Sandie and Candie and me have reminisced over that night many times. It will always be a special memory for all of us.
Chapter Seven
Maybe I should set something straight here. Just because I've been talking a lot about Lionel recently, doesn't mean that I have been neglecting my brothers. No way. Bobby has always been and will continue to be my very special lover. Brad is too, to a somewhat lesser degree. Brad has grown up so much now that he can now satisfy me as well as Bobby can, sometimes better. His cock is a little shorter than Bobbie's but only by about half and inch. I measured them not too long ago. But Brads is so much thicker than Bobbie's. So you see, I've really got it made.
I continued seeing Lionel at least once a week; sometimes as many as once a day when Bobby was busy studying for exams or something. Sandie went back on her word and had a few more dates with him. I wasn't angry or annoyed with her, because I understood. Someone like the Lion was hard to find. Besides, Sandie didn't really need him. She just felt the need for his size every once in a while. She was dating heavily now.
She was so beautiful and had such a lovely figure that all the guys were falling over her. She was a cheer leader at our school, and she could have the pick of any guy she wanted, and that included the teachers too. Don't get me wrong. I don't think she ever let any of the teachers fuck her. I just noticed the looks some of them gave her as she walked down the halls. I could also see that some of the female teachers looked interested too.