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Something just came over Candie. We couldn't figure it out. One minute she seemed so shy and nervous and hesitant to do anything and the next minute she rushed over to Lionel and jumped on him and gave him a big juicy kiss. She used her tongue too like we all taught her. She had become a very good French kisser. Then she stood in front of Lionel and grabbed hold of his cock. She held it with two hands. She was smiling and giggling as she played with it and rubbed it and gently squeezed his balls. Lionel loved this.
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"Ohhhhhhh, God, yessss," she wailed.
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"I want you think of your big sister every time you watch them." She teased putting her arm around him.
"That's just wrong." Alex said pushing her away. Though now he probably would. He had been thinking about her a lot over the summer.
"What do you say, let's pop one in? I want to see if they're any good." Nicky said as grabbed one and tore the wrapping away.
"You watch porn?" Alex asked looking at her a little surprised. He had no illusions about his sister being a virgin or that she didn't masturbate, far from it, but he never thought about a girl watching porn while she played with herself. Well he had but just thought it was a silly guy fantasy.
"What, you think only guys like porn?" She teased as she hopped up and walked over to the door locking it before going over to the television.
"Never meet a girl who said she liked looking at porn." He shrugged.
"Trust me Alex sweetie; girls can be just as nasty as guys." Nicky said winking and bending over and hitting the button for the DVD player, ejecting the movie they had been watching and putting the new one in. He had a nice view of her panty clad ass and panties. She was far from innocent and he often wondered if she did it just to tease him, knowing damn well he was looking, and wanting her little brother to look at her ass. She put the movie they had been watching away and came back over to the bed.
"Okay hit play." She said jumping back on the bed and making herself comfortable on the pillow as she propped it up.
"This doesn't bother you watching it with your brother." Alex said turning on the movie.
"No, does it bother you?" Nicky asked as she sat back and looked at the screen.
"Nah, I'm good." Alex smiled as the main menu screen came on. He hit play and the first scene came up. It started with a girl hitchhiking down the road. Alex was pretty sure where this was going.
"Here let me." His sister said as she took the remote and began to fast forward the scene. "Get to the good part." His sister had read his mind; she wanted to see them fucking as much as he did. She stopped the tape a few seconds after the guy had gotten the girls top off and was licking and sucking at her tits.
"Holy fuck, those or some big tits." His sister said.
"I prefer natural ones." Alex shrugged, they weren't bad but he could tell they weren't real. He liked tits that jiggled and bounced.
"So you like mine?" His sister teased.
"Yours are nice." Alex grinned.
"Just nice?"
"Second best I have ever seen." He shrugged looking back at the screen.
"Who was the first...? She said but stopped. "Oh right, mom. Can't argue there." Their mom had lost her top earlier when she had jumped in the lake off the boat dock. Dad had blocked for her while she fixed it but not before he and everyone else had gotten a good view. His sister had covered his eyes but did a piss poor job of it as he could still peek through her fingers. Between thinking about that and the movie Alex could feel his cock getting hard. Alex reached down and adjusting himself a little as he put one leg up at an angle to hide any bulge.
"A little uncomfortable over there?" Nicky teased; apparently he hadn't been as sly as he had thought.
"I might have to kick you out soon." He joked not wanting to give into her trying to antagonize him. It felt weird to be able to talk to his sister about stuff like that.
"I know what you mean, I am a little wet myself." She said giving her pussy a little rub.
"Nicky." Alex playfully gave her a shove as they laughed. They watched for a little bit longer, Alex occasionally looking over at his sister, she would run her fingers across her chest or thighs and rub her thighs together. He wondered if she was actually wet like she had said or was just teasing him. He was getting more turned on by his sister then the actual movie.