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Then the captain began the ceremony, "Dearly beloved..." Jack didn't pay attention much to the captain's words. All he thought about was his gorgeous mom next to him and all of the sexual pleasures they had shared over last two days. He wished that this was a real marriage ceremony and that he could be with Sara for the rest of his life.
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"Seems to be happening a lot with you today." Nicky teased. "Can you get my panties?" She pointed to them and the stockings on the floor.

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Candie stopped bucking and tensed up as her orgasm seized every fiber of her young body. Her eyes remained closed as her preteen body was trembling at the sensation of an incredibly powerful orgasm. I continued to lick up every drop of her sweet nectar and Sandie continued to suck and lick me. I was beginning to feel that special feeling build up in me again and I couldn't help but moan. But my moans were muffled in Candies wet pussy.
God, Sandie was really turning me on. I was concentrating so hard on what Sandie was doing to me that I didn't notice that Candie had got up and left me. I was near orgasm now. I was chomping on the comforter to keep from screaming out loud enough to bring our parents running in to see what was wrong. Sandie must have had four fingers inside me now. I could feel my cunt lips ripping apart. But as mush as it hurt, it was a nice hurt. Her other hand was pinching and pulling on my hard clit. This was driving me crazy and with every pinch and pull a jolt of pure pleasure shot through my body bringing me closer and closer to a omnipotent orgasm.
"Oh God. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod", I screamed as my orgasm came crashing down on me. I closed my eyes and let myself drift away on a cloud of pure bliss.
I collapsed on the bed and lay there till I came around again. My bum had dropped down and now I could feel Sandie's head resting on it. She wasn't doing anything. Just lying there. I lifted my head and looked around and saw that sweet Candie was doing the same thing to Sandie that I did to her and that Sandie did to me. She told me later that she didn't want Sandie to feel left out. Needless to say she brought Sandie to heavenly bliss too. Now we were all completely satisfied.
We crawled under the comforter again, and were soon fast asleep. Just before we drifted off we heard Candie vow to fuck Lionel again. Sandie and I looked at each other and smiled. We both mouthed "Me too".
I'm sure that was a day that Candie will never forget as long as she lives.
Chapter Nine
Summer had come. Summer had gone. Autumn had come. Autumn had gone. Winter has set in and Christmas is almost here.
My Auntie Pat and Uncle Russ invited our whole family to their lakeside cottage for Christmas. With Christmas being on a Friday that year, that meant that we had a whole four-day weekend. It would have been a wonderful Christmas if it wasn't for the fact that it was probably going to be Lionel's last. That is why my auntie wanted us all together that year. She wanted this to be the best Christmas ever for him.
Also, with a lot of people around her, she wouldn't have time to think about Lionel all the time. I think that was a good idea. She knew that all us kids really loved him and that we would want to spend as much time with him as possible. She was right. Especially us girls. God, I think my auntie would die if she knew what we were doing. I've always been an honest person, but in this case I feel that what she doesn't know, won't hurt her.
For once, we all had our Christmas shopping done by the middle of December. It never happened to me before, and it hasn't happened since. I always go to the last day before getting it done. When you don't have much money to spend, you want to take your time and get the best bargains possible.
My mommy and daddy and aunt and uncle all had to work till the afternoon of the 24th. But the cottage had been empty since the summer and someone had to go out and get the place ready. There was the cottage to air out and clean, wood to chop, snow to clear from the sidewalks and parking area, a decent tree to find and cut down, and of course we had to decorate the place as well as the tree. There were a million and one things to do.
Auntie Pat was over one night and we told her that we could go to the cabin about a week ahead of time and get everything ready. We were all old enough to look after ourselves, except for maybe Candie and Brad. The rest of us were old enough to look after them. Besides it would give us something to do during the holidays. Auntie Pat was a bit hesitant about the idea, but my mommy and daddy thought it was a good idea. We would go to the cottage early and mommy and Auntie Pat would do all the baking and cooking at home and bring that with them when they came. Finally it was agreed.