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"Ohhhh yes Carol, yessss! I'm...I'm cumming! Oh God! Oh God! Suck it, Carol! Suck my cock! Oh yessss. Take it all! OH Goddddd. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"
Brad was almost screaming now. He was bucking my mouth harder now, but I didn't let go. I kept in there because I knew that soon he'd blast a big wad of his baby seed in me, and that is what I wanted.
"Oh, Carol...Carol...Carol. I'm...I'm c-cumming. Shitshitshit! I--I'M CUMMING".
Brad had tightened up as if to try to stop his ejaculation, but it didn't work. He gave into the fact that he was cumming and relaxed and let it flow. And did it ever flow. I could feel his cum shoot right to the back of my throat as I swallowed every drop he shot. I was ready for him and I didn't lose one single drop of his precious fluid. I'm so lucky. Both my brothers and my cousin are blessed with being able to unload vast quantities of their sperm with every ejaculation.
When Brad had finished, I cleaned every drop from his now limp cock. I don't know what it was, but he tasted extra good today.
Brad sat on the floor beside me and put his arms around me.
"Wow, Carol. You give the best head of anyone I know. I'm not saying that to make you feel cheap or anything, but you have a very special talent there." He smiled so sweetly at me that I couldn't be mad at him even if I wanted to.
"Thanks Brad." I returned. "At least I think so." We both laughed.
Brad laid me on the thick carpet and his hands started to wander all over my body. He kissed all over my face and neck and down my chest. He took each of my now sensitive titties in his mouth and ran his tongue around each of the nipples while sucking hard on them. I could feel my nipples harden from the attention they were getting. All this time his hand was caressing my wet pussy. He continued to kiss and lick his way down my body, stopping at my belly button and drawing wet circles around it with his tongue.
He carried on down my body but I was a little surprised when he passed right by my vagina and continued kissing down my left leg. When he got to my feet I was in heaven when he started to suck and lick all my toes, ending up putting all of them in his mouth at once, running his tongue between my toes. This gave me the most beautiful feeling in the world and brought me to a strong orgasm. He thought I was jerking and jumping around because he was tickling my feet. When I told him that I came, he didn't believe me, but when he looked at the juice dribbling out of my pussy, he changed his mind.
Brad was so proud of himself that he could make me orgasm just by sucking on my toes that he immediately positioned himself between my legs and sunk his wonderful thick penis in me. I was so wet that it went in with no trouble at all. He started with long slow stroked. Gradually his speed increased until he was pounding his cock into me with everything he had. I could feel his balls slap against my bum every time he pounded into me. He was squeezing me breasts and pinching my nipples hard and I was crying out in pain. I like my nipples pinched, but Brad was too rough on them today. But I was so hot that I didn't stop him.
His thickness always put pressure on my clit and he could make me cum quickly. Brad is very easy to determine when he is about ready to cum. I could feel his cock seem to grow in my warm wet depth, and I could feel it start to pulsate harder and harder. I knew he was about ready to cum again. I was very near that point too. I had my legs around his waist and I was squeezing him hard. I was trying to push his cock as deep into me as I could. My breath was short and I was breathing hard. My eyes were closed and I was moaning loudly now. I was so close I started shouting. "OHHHHHH GODDDD BRAD, KEEP FUCKING ME LIKE THAT... DON'T EVER STOP. OHHHHHH, YESSSS. OH GOD YESSSSS!" "OHHHH GOD BRAD! YES! FUCK ME! YESSSSS! OHHHHH, OHHHHGOD I'M CUMMING! OHHHH YESSSS! I-I-I'M C-C-CUMMMMING! OH GOD! YESSSSSSSS! BRAD!"
I hollered his name at the top of my voice as my cunt muscles clamped on to Brads pulsating cock as he pumped load after load of his life giving spunk into my wanting cunt. Our young bodies shuddering into ecstasy.
We lay there for what seemed an eternity, just being content to be in each other's arms.
Brad's cock was still in me all that time even though it had shriveled up. I looked up into his big brown eyes and smiled at him. He kissed my nose and smiled back.
"I think you enjoyed that, didn't you Carol?" Brad asked knowingly.
"I don't know. I guess it was passable," I teased and started to laugh.
Brad kissed me again and got off of me just as the others were coming back. From the look on everyone's face, everyone had enjoyed themselves.
The next day we got the tree decorated. It looked so beautiful. Now, at last, everything was done. It was now Wednesday and we had all day today, tomorrow and till around 4 PM Friday to fool around and do whatever we wanted. Of course the one thing we all wanted, especially me, was sex. I kept Lionel to myself as much as I could. The only time I gave him up was when Sandie or Candie said they wanted him. I really love Lionel. Not once during the time we were at the cabin did he ever even think of being with Sandie or Candie. He wanted only me just as I wanted only him for as long as I could have him. But I couldn't be so selfish as to hog him all to myself without sharing him with my sisters when they wanted him.
He understood the loyalty between us girls and accepted the fact. He told me on more than one occasion when he returned to me after making love with either Sandie or Candie that as much as he liked them, he wanted to be with me. He confessed once that when he was making love to them, he usually thought of me. That made me feel so happy.