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"What's that for?" He grinned.
"For when you cum silly." Nicky smiled. "And don't say you never did because I used to do the laundry." Alex felt a bit of guilt creep through him, but she had known all this time and hadn't said a damn word. She had known that he was jacking off into her panties and probably thinking about her. Now she was telling him to do it whilst she rubbed herself and watched. Alex knew he couldn't hold back much longer. "You think about me sometimes when you jack off don't you?" She whimpered as she rolled onto her side rubbing her pussy
"Yes." Alex grunted.
"Am I as good looking as you imagined?" Nicky smiled.
"No! Way better." He sighed stroking himself faster. She wasn't looking at the movie anymore she was looking at him working his cock while she rubbed her pussy.
"I thought about you, stroking your cock, cumming inside my panties." Nicky teased.
"Play with your balls for me sugar." He clutched them with his left hand, playing with them. "That's it, cup that nice hanging sac." She rolled onto her belly and rubbed herself, thrusting her fine ass up and down.
"You like your sister talking dirty don't you." Nicky moaned.
"Fuck Yeah." Alex said.
"Stroke it Sweetie, stroke that cock." Nicky sighed deeply licking her lips. "I wanna see you cum sugar. I want you to fill my panties with your hot load. Faster, Stroke that big damn cock." She panted, breathing heavily as worked her pussy, thrusting her hips, her ass moving up and down. "That's it come for me brother."
"Fuck..." Alex groaned as he grabbed her panties, cupped them over the head and exploded into them. Gush after gush of thick cum surging through his dick as he closed his eyes and grunted with each pulse of his dick, stroking it more slowly as he felt the last of it fill his sister's panties.
"Was it good for you?" Nicky said as they both laughed. "Damn if you weren't my brother."
"Here, just a taste." She said sitting up and offered him two fingers, he could see her juices glistening in the light from the TV. He took them into his mouth, tasting his sister.
"Let's see it." His sister made a motion with her hand for him to give back her panties. "Shit you came a lot." She said peeling them open, full of his hot cum. "So I bet you will never forget this birthday." She teased.
"No, not really." Alex laughed.
"At least you will have one last memory of me before I leave at the end of the summer." Nicky said as she grabbed her shirt pulling it on. "I better get back to my room."
"Nicky?" Alex said as he pulled on his boxers.
"Yeah." She smiled.
"I love you."
"I love you too." Nicky leaned down and kissed him, but not how a sister should. She smiled as she slowly pulled away leaving him wanting more. "Good night stud."
Nicky stood in the shower as she let the water run over her, her hand on the wall, her nails scratching at the tiles as she rubbed her clit with her other. She had rubbed herself to sleep last night thinking about her brother's thick hard throbbing cock, drops of precum glistening on the head in the light of the TV. She had seen longer cocks. But he was maybe eight inches, a good size for fucking and sucking. Any longer and it hurt like hell and was hard to swallow, literally. A few inches smaller and it didn't quit get the job done. But fuck he was thick. It was like he was holding a shampoo bottle and shaking it. Okay maybe not that damn big but damn. He had meant it when he had scoffed at her deep throating him, if he hadn't been her brother though she would have done her damn best to prove him wrong.
Nicky had licked his cum from her panties while she drilled her pussy with one of her dildo's late last night after she got back to her room, and still had woken up wet, her fresh panties clinging to her twat. She had masturbated then as well and now here she was doing it again. She had never been this aroused before but had never done anything so dirty before. It was like she quite literally had a hole that only her brother's hard cock could fill. She had just watched her brother jack off in front of her while she did the same. She hadn't paid much attention to the movie unable to keep her eyes off of his cock while he stroked it. She had told herself it was okay because they hadn't really done anything. It wasn't like he had never jacked off thinking about her before. She tossed her head back and gasped, her body trembling as she orgasmed.
She stood there panting with her eyes closed, she told herself she couldn't keep masturbating all day and couldn't go fuck her brother although she badly wanted to. She had already made plans with Abbey to have a girl's day and go get their hair and nails done. Hell knows she needed a damn distraction and to get away from her brother after last night. She hoped she could keep herself from jumping him for a few more weeks and then she would be getting a place with her girlfriends up north near her boyfriend and wouldn't see Alex till maybe thanksgiving or Christmas. Things by then should go back to normal. Hopefully by then he would have a girlfriend and she wouldn't want to take his virginity so badly. Alex's problem was he had dated all nice girls; he needed a bad girl, one that wouldn't run away in terror when he dropped his pants she thought. She laughed at herself as she ran her hands through her hair.
"Hey Nicky." She heard a knock at the door; it was her brother's voice.
"Yeah." Nicky pulled back the curtain looking out.