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Ben was torn between shock and lust. He was stunned to his wife and son fucking, yet he was hotly aroused by Joan's wanton display of animalistic lust. She was reacting the way he'd always wanted her to... thrusting her hips back like a whore... begging for more cock... squealing out her lust. Except it wasn't him his wife was being so sexually uninhibited with... it was his son!
As Ben watched, Eddie began to fuck his mother with fast, urgent strokes that rocked her slim body and made her big tits jiggle beneath her sensually. Joan was whimpering with pleasure. Eddie's cock was slamming into her upraised cunt so hard and fast, her copious cunt juices were being whipped into a creamy froth. Her big, firm tits swung heavily back and forth, jiggling lewdly with every powerful thrust. His beautiful wife was more insanely aroused than Ben had ever seen her.
"Fuck it to me, fuck it to me!" she babbled. "Uuuhhhh, yeahhhh! Fuck mommy good, baby!
Ben's cock was as hard as a rock, jerking and twitching against his fly as he watched his son's long, glistening prick slam repeatedly into his wife's shamelessly-upthrust cunt.. He recalled that first delicious week of his courtship with Joan, the only time they'd made love without guilt and inhibitions.
They'd been innocent young people then, hungry for each other, not aware that sex should be curbed. If only they'd continued like that! But they'd allowed themselves to be ruled by their parents' ridiculous puritanical teachings. Now Joan had gone back to her old self, the way she really was... lusty and eager and hotblooded.
Eddie's deep, hard fucking brought his mother quickly to the verge of orgasm. Joan closed her eyes and sailed into orbit, the powerful pleasure-spasms wracking her body. Ben wished he could make her come like that... maybe he could!
"Unnnhhhh, yes, I'm cumming!" she wailed. "Ohhhhh, Eddie honey, fuck me hard! Uhhhhh, God, it's so damned good!"
"Unnnngghhhhhhh! Yeahhhh! I'm cumming too, Mom!" Eddie yelled, jetting his load into his mother's visibly-spasming twat. "I'm cumming in your hot, fucking cunt! UHHHHGGGGHHHHH! MOMMMMM!!"
Ben shivered with lust and envy as he watched his eldest son shudder and bury his cock deep up inside his mother, flooding her cunt with his incestuous sperm. Ben's cock felt ready to explode. He was desperate for relief and Joan's recently-fucked cunt looked so tempting. But just as he was about to enter the room and take his rightful place between his wife's wide-spread thighs, Eddie flopped back with a satisfied sigh. Roy immediately took his place, shouting, "My turn now!"
"Unnnhhhh, yesssss!" Joan hissed, as her younger son rolled her onto her back and scrambled eagerly between her glistening thighs.
Roy positioned the head of his cock in his mother's gaping hole and slammed it home with a grunt.
"Uhhhhhh! Fuck, you're tight, Mom!", he groaned, starting to hump his slim young hips madly. Joan hardly heard him. She was in seventh heaven.
Eddie's fucking had felt so great, she wanted more of it. Roy gave her the same hard urgent strokes, blast after blast of hot sensation. Even though she'd just climaxed violently, she was ready to come again within seconds. She just wished that Ben would fuck her like this, hotly and hungrily, without any sense of shame or guilt.
"Ooooh, baby, yes," she panted, "fuck me good and hard, Roy, as hard as you want! Give it to me, son!"
Roy stared down at his mother's big jiggling tits as he fucked her. Each rough thrust of his cock made her howl with delight, a slippery mixture of sperm and pussy-juice bubbling out around his deeply-driving prick. He gave a cry of excitement as he realized his mother's cunt was filled with his brother's jizz, and he was fucking it out of her! Roy stepped up his fuck-thrusts and really pummelled her, slamming his stiff young cock balls-deep into her upthrust cunt. Joan screamed with pleasure.
Ben saw that his horny wife was going to come again, quickly and violently, and he gritted his teeth in frustration. He needed her juicy hot cunt right now, but it was already occupied. Well, he wouldn't miss his chance this time. The moment Roy finished with her, he was going to charge in there and claim his wife for himself. He'd tell the kids the fun was over and to get their asses out of the master bedroom. He wasn't quite sure how he was going to punish them for their incestuous behavior, but he'd figure that out later. Right now all that mattered was getting some relief for his insane lust.
"Ohhhhh, fuck me, Roy honey, fuck me hard! You're making me come!" Joan wailed."Ohhh, God, yessss! I'm cumming again! Unnnnnggggghhhh!"
"Come on my cock, Mom! Cum! CUMMM! ", Roy bellowed, squeezing his her big, jiggling tits with both hands. Then his own orgasm was upon him and he shuddered and stiffened arching his back as his young seed spurted deep up into his mother's spasming cunthole.
He was still hammering his load into her when the bedroom door opened with a crash. Everybody stared in that direction, and then everybody groaned. It was Ben, and he looked mad as hell. He came charging across the room and stood at the foot of the bed, hands on hips, glaring. Nobody dared say a word.
"All right." he thundered, "this little party is over. I want all you kids to get out and go to your rooms until I figure out what to do about your disgusting behavior!"
"Oh, yeah, Daddy?" Mindy said with a mischievous little grin. "If it's so disgusting, how come you've got a hard-on?"
Everybody stared at his sharply tented fly, and Ben turned lobster red. Then everybody started laughing. Even Joan cracked up. It was so obvious that Ben had been spying on them and getting turned on. He stood there looking sheepish and wondering what to do now.
"Well," he said weakly, "it is incest, you know, and that's not right."
"Maybe, Dad," Eddie laughed, "but I sure bet you'd like to get in on it."
"Yes, dear," Joan leered, "be honest with us. While you were watching, didn't you want to join us?"
Ben just went on looking uncomfortable. He hadn't lost all his inhibitions yet, and as horny as he felt, he still couldn't admit it. The family saw that they were going to have to do a little work on him. Daddy wasn't completely won over to their way of thinking yet. But that bulging crotch of his suggested that their task wouldn't be too hard.
"Mindy, honey," Joan said with a knowing smile, "I'm sure you can handle this."
"Oh, wow, can I ever," Mindy said eagerly.
She'd always found her father sexy, and now she had a chance to show him just how she felt. She slid off the bed and walked over to him, and Ben's eyes ran helplessly up and down her cute, curvy, naked body. Grinning enticingly, she unbuttoned his work shirt and helped him out of it. He seemed helplessly in her power as she tugged off his t-shirt. Then she reached for the fly of his pants, unzipping it deftly.
His pants puddled around his ankles, and he stood there in just his jockey shorts, the fly bulging obscenely. Mindy's hands were quivering with excitement as she seized the shorts and tugged them down. She had to go to her knees to do it, and his huge cock snapped free, brushing her face and leaving hot sticky juice. Mindy looked up at her father's big, stiff prick and moaned with excitement.
"Oh, God, Daddy... it's huge," she breathed.
Roy and Eddie just looked awestruck and envious. The old man was hung like a bull, and Mindy could hardly contain herself as she reached for his massive cock and started pumping it in both fists. Ben shivered lustily as his daughter's fingers closed around the rigid shaft. His nostrils flared, and his eyes got glazed with horniness as she ran her hot little fists up and down his engorged prick.
"Come over to the bed, Daddy," she purred, "Let's get comfortable."
Even with his naked young daughter jerking on his cock, Ben still wasn't completely comfortable with all this, and he glanced uneasily at his wife as Mindy pulled him onto the bed.