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Jack's timing was perfect; He heard his mom pull into the car port. He rushed to the back door to greet his lover. Jack was shocked that his mother was crying. She sobbed, "Oh Jack, I am so sorry", and then wrapped her arms around her almost naked son.
"What wrong mom?" This was the first time since the cruise that he slipped up and called her mom instead of Sara.
"That's the problem Jack. I am your mother."
Jack could not imagine what the problem was. But then he said," Let's go into the bedroom and talk."
"Okay, Jack we do need to have a long talk. I'll explain everything."
Jack led his mom to the bedroom and opened the door. Sara was surprised and said, "Oh, Jack you did this all for me?"
"Yes, mom. I wanted this to be a special night. The night you are protected with your IUD and I no longer have to use condoms."
"Oh Jack!" she cried. "The doctor couldn't put it in."
A very disappointed Jack asked why.
"Well sweetie, the doctor asked me if I had had unprotected sex after he had removed the IUD. I was honest and said only one night. The doctor said I would have to take a pregnancy test before he would insert it. I peed on the pregnancy test and a few minutes later he came back and told me I was pregnant. Jack, you are going to be a father. Are you upset?"
Sara looked deeply into his mother's eyes and said, "Upset? Sara I was hoping on our wedding night that our first act of incest would make you pregnant. Not only am I your husband, I'm going to be the father of your baby."
"Jack, you've made me the happiest woman in the world!"
They decided to celebrate the good news with a few hours of passionate sex. Jack stripped his mother naked and Sara took off his briefs. After a quick rinse in the shower, the happy couple crawled into bed. Sara was impressed when Jack took out the bottles of personal lubrication. Sara poured some on his cock and gave it a few strokes. In turn, Jack dipped his finger into the other bottle and lubricated her vagina. And Jack was happy that his cock could completely enjoy his mom's warm and wet cunt.
Jack needed no encouragement from Sara. He simply entered his mom with one stroke and started pumping. Within minutes, they were in ecstasy. As soon as Sara started her first orgasm Jack dumped his first load. He thought about all those little sperm swimming upstream, only to be met by a pregnant womb.
The incest lovers fucked the night away.
Eight months later, Jack was awaked by a very pregnant Sara, "Jack we need to go to the hospital. I think the baby is ready to come out."
They dressed the best they could, grabbed a pre-packed bag and drove to the hospital. In the back, a car seat was ready to bring their baby home.
"Jack, can you drive a little faster, my water just broke."
Sara was timing her contractions and she knew this baby was coming fast. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, they took Jack and Sara to a delivery room. A half hour later, the midwife on duty announced that the baby's head was crowning. Jack watched intently. He wanted to remember every detail of his baby's birth.