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That really hit home with Joan. When did she and Ben ever have fun? It was as if they'd been raised not to believe in it. Even their sex was no fun. It was grim, guilty, and hurried, but it wasn't fun. Joan hadn't realized what fun sex could be till she'd spied on her own children.
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So far Mindy hadn't said anything. Her first reaction had been the same as Eddie's. Despite his age, their kid brother was just too young for this kind of adult stuff, and they had to send him out of the room. But then she spotted the huge hard bulge in the fly of Roy's jeans. No little kid could get a hard-on like that!
"Get out, or I'll throw you out." Eddie was snarling.
"Umm, hold on Eddie," Mindy purred, eyeing her little brother's straining crotch. "Roy may be right. Maybe he is old enough to join us. And besides, he knows what we've been doing. If he told Mom and Dad, we'd be in some serious trouble, right?.. So, I think we'd better be nice to him."
Eddie got the message and shut up, but he still looked very angry. Roy didn't care. His beautiful, sexy sister had come to his rescue, and now she was looking at his bulging crotch with great interest. Roy moved even closer to give her a better view. His cock gave a lusty lurch, and she grinned even more, licking her lips hungrily.
"Mmmm, MMMMM, little brother, you've really grown up, haven't you?" she cooed.
"Yeah, Sis, I have," Roy leered, dropping his pants.
He wasn't wearing shorts, and Mindy got an instant view of his incredibly stiff teenage cock. This was no little kid standing before her. This was another eager well-hung stud, ready and willing to be her lover. Mindy could hardly believe her luck. Now she had TWO hard cocks to enjoy all vacation.
"Mmmmmmm, now that's what I call a cock!" she murmured.
"You gonna get it on with him?" Eddie growled.
"I sure am," she smiled. "Face it. Eddie, we have to let Roy in on the fun, otherwise he'll have every reason to tell the folks about us. Right, Roy?"
"Right," said their little brother, grinning fiendishly.
In fact, Roy wouldn't have dreamed of telling on his brother and sister, but he could tell Mindy wanted him to say that. She wanted to use every weapon possible to mellow Eddie out and get him to accept a threesome. Now Eddie was looking resigned to what was happening, but far from happy about it.
"Shit," he said, "I suppose you're right. But I get to watch, don't I, Sis?"
"Of course," Mindy cooed. "That's only fair. After all, Roy spied on us, didn't you, Roy?"
Roy turned red and stammered, "Uh, yeah, I did, Sis. I just wanted to know what you two were up to."
"So you watched us for half an hour," Eddie said, starting to snicker.
"Yeah," Roy admitted with a sheepish grin, "I guess I did. It was kinda hard to stop!"
"Well, now it's my turn to watch," Eddie grinned. "Go ahead, little brother, entertain me."
That made Roy a little nervous, but not enough to affect his urgent hard-on. He just ignored Eddie and looked over at Mindy, who was stretched out naked on the bed, waiting for him. With a lusty snort he peeled off his clothes and crawled toward her. By sow he didn't care if he had an audience of thousands. He'd always dreamed about fucking a girl as beautiful as his sexy older sister and this was his chance... he could hardly wait.
Mindy rolled onto her stomach and lifted herself on all fours, presenting Roy with her cute little ass and a tantalizing glimpse of her moist pink slit. He knelt behind her and grasped her hips, staring hungrily at her glistening pussy flesh. At the very center of that rosy line he saw a little hole. That had to be her cunt. At least he sure hoped it was, as he pressed the engorged head of his cock to it.
"Oooooo, yeah, Roy, stick your cock in meeee," she squealed.
It must be the right hole, because she wasn't telling him to stop. Looking a lot more confident than he felt, Roy slid his rigid boner into his sister's cunt, hoping Eddie was eating his heart out with envy. He'd seen the size of Eddie's cock and it wasn't any bigger than his. Mindy was gonna love this!
"Ahhhhhh, shit, yeah," he groaned.
"Oooooh, yes, Roy, give me all of it," Mindy whimpered, "I want every inch of that big hard prick. Fuck me, little brother... FUCK MEEE!!"
"Yeah, come on little brother... hurry up and fuck her so I can have another turn!", growled Eddie.
Just as Roy had hoped, Eddie was eating his heart out. He didn't want to share Mindy, and he sure as hell didn't want to share her with his "silly" kid brother. But to add insult to injury, Roy was well-hung, and Mindy was really getting off on his virile young cock. Eddie had hoped Roy would fuck-up in some way, make a fool of himself or something, but it wasn't happening.
Mindy was moaning with delight as Roy worked his hard young cock into her eagerly-upthrust cunt. Her thick, pearly pussy juice spurted out around the kid's thick shaft, and she clawed the bed. Roy had a great big grin on his face, and that just made Eddie even wilder. Finally he was all the way into her, and Mindy wriggled her ass up at him impatiently, wanting him to move.
"Fuck me, little brother," she panted, "fuck me good and hard, honey."
Roy obliged.
He began to piston his cock hard and fast into Mindy's juice-slick little fuck hole with the same long, deep rhythm he'd seen Eddie using when he spied through the keyhole. His sister responded with wails and gurgles of pleasure, and her cunt clasped at his prick like a gently-sucking mouth, lubricating his thickly-penetrating shaft with frequent spurts of hot, oily cunt-cream. Roy's grin got even wider. He was fucking his sexy big sister, and she was loving every second of it!!
"Unnnhhh, yeah, that's it, honey," Mindy moaned, "really give it to me! Ooooooohh, don't stop!"
Roy had no intention of stopping. The way he felt then, he wanted to go on fucking her for about a year. Her steaming wet cunt, tight but slippery, was a fantastic place to shove his cock, a whole lot better than using his fist. He grinned broadly as he pistoned his stiff boner in and out of his sister's tightly-clinging pussy, loving the groans and whimpers of ecstasy Mindy made as he fucked her. He'd practically forgotten that Eddie was watching them.... Eddie hadn't!
His little brother sure wasn't a baby any more, Eddie had to admit. He was fucking away hard and steadily, like some damned machine, and he had that big triumphant grin on his face. Lil' Roy was having the time of his life, but at Eddie's expense. Their big, horny sister had only one cunt, and he'd just have to wait his turn. But it looked as if Roy was going to fuck her all damn night!
"Jesus, Roy, hurry it up, will ya?!" Eddie groaned. "I wanna fuck her again, before Mom and Dad get home!"