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Colin slammed the little girl's back into the wall over and over again as he felt climax rising up in his balls. He wanted to fuck her tight pussy forever, but he was also desperate to fill her with his hot seed. "Jesus, damn, damn, fuck! Yes, yes, yes!" he moaned and then he came, deep inside of her. Wave after wave of cum spurted up into her immature womb. He pressed up inside of her as far as he could get and shivered with fulfillment.
Faith understood that she had just been defiled, that her little body would never be the same, never again be innocent. But it felt so good! She squeezed with everything she had, holding the big cock inside of her.
Looking over her client's shoulder, Faith saw the floor indicator count down to two! In a moment the door would open. Anyone could step into the elevator and see her writhing on the man's cock. But suddenly Colin lifted her off of his glistening cock and set her gently on the floor. He stepped back as she watched, her big green eyes wide with stress and confusion, and quickly tucked his wilting cock back into his undershorts. In seconds his pants were back up, buckled and zipped and he showed no sign that he'd just fucked a ten-year-old in an elevator. Faith trembled in the corner, overwhelmed, but she took the twenty-dollar bill he handed her with a smile.
The elevator pinged, the doors slid open and Mr. Wett bounced out with a happy, refreshed gait.
Once again, as the doors slid closed to seal Faith in, alone, she felt the strange sensations lift off of her shoulders. As quick as she could she stood and put her blouse back on, buttoning it up and tucking it in. She grabbed her panties from the floor to wipe up the cum that kept leaking out of her pussy to dribble down the insides of her thighs. As soon as she was put together, she stepped to the console, knelt down and slid the terrible twenty-dollar bill, her wages, into the tiny slot. She waited, trembling, until the small display changed, from $20 to $0.
"Yes!" Faith said out loud. And then, with shaking fingers, she pushed the button marked four. The elevator began to move at once and when the doors opened a few moments later Faith nearly leapt from the claustrophobic chariot.
"Daddy? Daddy, can I please have thirty dollars," Faith asked her daddy at the breakfast table. She needed to leave soon, to meet the town car that would take her to school. She had no intention of going anywhere near the lift, but she'd rather be ready for it if the worst happened. Daddy never could say no to his pretty little girl, so she had the thirty dollars in her little fist when she walked out the door.
Faith headed straight for the stairwell. She didn't want to walk down four flights of stairs with her heavy backpack, but it was better than chancing the lift again. But the strangest thing happened - she couldn't quite remember where the stairwell door was. She looked down one hallway, then another and then another, but she couldn't find it anywhere. She knew it had to be there - but it wasn't. She glanced at her wristwatch. She was running out of time! Oh gosh!
Faith found herself standing in front of the big silver doors to the lift. She checked again to make sure she had her thirty dollars. She girded herself. She could do this! She pushed the down button. The doors slid open as if they'd been waiting for her. With a gulp, Faith stepped into the elevator and shivered as the door slid closed. She was only a little surprised when the button for the ground floor didn't light up. She'd hoped that she'd simply had a terrible nightmare, but the minor aches and pains her body and jaw felt from her first hard blowjob and fucking told her that it wasn't just a dream. The old man had cursed her!
But Faith was ready! She knelt down to the narrow slit and glared at the hated display. What? NOOOOOO! The little red display read $40. Faith rocked back on her heels, stunned. No, no, no, how could this happen?
The doors to the lift slid open. Faith tried to jump to her feet and leap through the opening, but instead she sat back and watched a swarthy maintenance man step onto the lift and push the button for the tenth floor, the maintenance level. The man was potbellied and half bald, in a soiled jumpsuit with the word 'John' stitched over his left breast pocket.
It was only as she was removing her blouse, again, that Faith realized she hadn't even bothered to put on underpants under her short school skirt. Somehow, her subconscious mind had known all along where she was going to end up. As her tie, and then her blouse dropped to the floor she looked up to see the ugly, dark man looking down at her with a hungry smile.
While the smelly maintenance man, with the huge penis, pounded into her little pussy and pressed her back into the cold wall, Faith screamed for the man, over and over, telling him that he was a hot stallion, that he was the best ever. He fucked her tiny body without pause as the elevator slowly climbed to the tenth floor. When he finally came into her, as they passed the ninth floor she was screaming his name, "John, John, John!" The massive, wracking orgasm she had helped to convince the man of the truth of her pleasure.
Faith clutched her new twenty dollar bill in her hand as the maintenance man gave her a nasty grin and disappeared through the elevator doors. She didn't even have any panties to clean up his seed as it dribbled down her skinny legs. She felt so cheap and used, but she still tingled in her little pussy from his hard fucking.
Finally, Faith could escape the elevator and end her nightmare. She knelt by the console and pushed her new twenty into the tiny slot. She was rewarded when the small display blinked out, then blinked back on, registering only $20. But where was her thirty dollars? Where was the money her daddy had given her? No, no! It can't be gone. She searched everywhere, but it had disappeared.
Faith started when the elevator began to move on its own, but she didn't have long to wait as it stopped at the sixth floor. As the doors slid open, who should appear but Mr. Clint Fitser, Faith's first client.
Mr. Fitser preferred to fuck little Faith from behind as he manhandled her tiny nipples with his big hands. She pressed her palms to the wall and moaned his name over and over again, until he'd emptied his seed into her tiny womb. Her second orgasm of the morning just proved to the old man that he was still the virile stud he considered himself. He was more than happy to give the pretty child her twenty dollars and then glide out into the crisp morning air as the elevator doors closed behind him.
Nearly exhausted from two hard poundings, the pretty ten-year-old slowly managed to get dressed again. She did her best to clean up the cum leaking from her abused cunny. Then she knelt by the console and pushed her second twenty dollar bill into the small slot. She was quickly rewarded by the sight of $0. The elevator doors slid open and Faith stumbled out into the lobby, heading for school.
Poor Faith never did seem to be able to find the stairs to her building. Morning after morning, afternoon after afternoon, she was forced to use the dreaded lift to come and go from her family's fourth-floor flat. And worse, the cost of the ride kept going up! The next day it was $50 and two days later it was $60. She was riding the car up and down two and sometimes three times to earn enough money to get out again. She began to pray that two men would get on the elevator at once, so that she could do a blowjob and a fuck at the same time, earning her passage more quickly. It was so humiliating to know that every time she was used, her mouth was going to spout the most vile, slutty words and her body was going to orgasmically betray her.
Outside the elevator, Faith's life went on as usual. No one ever seemed to notice anything unusual. When she ran into her 'clients' outside the lift, they never said a word out of the usual. But she saw the twinkle in the men's eyes, the tiny smirks on their faces, and she knew that they remembered! Also, Faith found that she couldn't say anything about her terrible ordeal - not that she wanted to share the terrifying humiliation with anyone.
The third day of Faith's adventure brought a whole new level of horror. She was just stepping into the dreaded lift, heading to school, when she heard footsteps and suddenly her daddy stepped into the confined space with her. Oh god, oh god, oh god! her brain screamed. Daddy said something about an early meeting, but Faith hardly heard him as the door closed and she pulled her tie loose from her blouse. It wasn't lost on Faith that daddy pressed ten, waited for the elevator to start moving and then pressed G, all before he turned to watch her undress. She understood it would give him that so longer to enjoy their lift time together. It turned out that daddy really wanted to play with Faith's flat little breasts, and lick her hard little nipples until she was moaning "Daddy! Daddy!" over and over. When she sucked daddy's cock, it turned out he had a lot of cum and he really liked to see it squirt onto his little girl's face. He scooped all of the cum back into her mouth to be swallowed, then kissed her on the forehead before he gave her her ten dollars and headed out to his meeting. After that, Daddy was a frequent customer - but he always paid her just like everyone else.
On the fifth day of Faith's lift nightmare she made a discovery that was both happy and terrifying. As her first morning customer, an old man named Cosmo Trudel, was watching her disrobe for his entertainment, Faith noticed the way his eyes keep straying to the tie she'd casually dropped to the floor. Suddenly she found herself picking the tie up and handing it to the grinning old man, then she turned her back to him and put her wrists together behind her back. Cosmo didn't waste any time - he tied her wrists together with her own school tie, then excitedly spun her around and pushed her down to her knees. He fished his own cock out of his underpants and he seemed to enjoy the blowjob he received from her much more than the two previous blowjobs she'd given him. Afterwards, Cosmo untied her and gave her twenty dollars! From then on Faith always offered the tie to the men who joined her in the elevator, hoping for an extra ten dollar tip to get her out of the lift faster. It was surprising how many of her clients enjoyed the extra excitement of binding her before they used her little body.
Faith thought life couldn't possibly get any worse, but of course she was wrong. It was a Tuesday afternoon, more than a week after she'd taken up her new profession, when Faith reluctantly stepped into the elevator after school, heavy backpack in hand and a heavy heart in her chest. She didn't even bother to push the button for her floor, she knew it was no use. She would just ride the elevator until she had the money to pay her way out. And so, after her first blowjob of the afternoon, she wasn't surprised when the car took itself to the ninth floor. There the doors open and Mrs. Darla Bolyard stepped in, followed immediately by Chester.
Everyone in the building knew Darla Bolyard and her beautiful black labrador Chester. Chester was a sweet, young dog and a favorite of everyone. He was also big, broad-chested and energetic. Mrs. Bolyard was barely able to handle the excitable dog when she walked him to the nearby park twice a day. But he was the most important thing in her lonely life.
Occasionally Faith had to ride the elevator up and down with women from the building, who never seemed to notice that she seemed to be riding the lift needlessly. She assumed she would just have to ride down with Darla and Chester, waiting patiently for her next client. She still needed another seventy dollars to get out of the terrible box. But suddenly she felt the familiar compulsion and she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor.