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Family Guy Porno Comics

Faith drew herself up to her full four foot four inches and looked at the old man sternly, past the end of her cute little pointed nose. How dare he talk to her like that? She was done with this silliness! She stomped her small foot one more time and spun to march away from him, her long gorgeous hair flying around her again, only to find that the elevator doors were standing open and Mr. Jackson from the third floor was stepping out. What in the world?! Faith turned again to glare at Professor West, but when she did, no one was there. It was all very confusing.
There was nothing for it but to get on the elevator and press the button for the fourth floor. The doors were half closed when a hand reached in and stopped them, and then a gentleman in his late fifties or early sixties stepped into the elevator with Faith. She recognized him, although she hadn't met him and she thought he lived up on the eighth floor, which was confirmed when he pushed that button. Faith noticed that the light for the fourth floor was not illuminated, but she knew she'd pushed it, so she didn't worry about it too much.
As soon as the elevator doors closed, Faith set her backpack on the ground and then reached under her short school skirt to pull down her panties and step out of them. She couldn't understand why she was doing something so strange, but she couldn't seem to stop, either. And once she'd managed to push them down over her white ankle socks, and step her little black shoes out of the leg holes, she looked up to see the man watching her with an expectant air. Faith could feel herself blush, and she knew that the man would see it. Faith's pale complexion and the pretty freckles sprinkled across her young face made it very obvious whenever she blushed, and she knew and hated it.
Faith glanced at the floor indicator. The lift seemed to be moving far too slowly! They'd barely made it to the first floor. And why was she unbuttoning her blouse? She'd already pulled her tie loose and dropped it to the ground and she was already half way done with her buttons! Why couldn't she stop? Oh god, no! He's staring at me, smiling. No, no, no! But Faith pulled the short tails of her blouse from her skirt and opened it wide, revealing her cute, flat breasts to the ogling passenger. Another glance at the floor indicator and she saw they'd only gotten as far as the second floor!
To Faith's horror, the older man faced her and quickly opened his belt and the top button of his slacks. The little girl took a startled step backwards, but the man stepped forward even as he unzipped his fly. Faith backed into the corner of the elevator and had nowhere to go. Since her blouse was now on the floor, the wall was cold on her bare back and shoulders.
"Well? Don't just stand there," the man said impatiently.
Oh god, oh god, no! Faith's mind was reeling. She decided to scream as loud as she could! And she would dash for the door the second the elevator opened on her floor. She had to get out of here! But what Faith actually did was to drop to her knees in front of the old man, then reach out to awkwardly pull his boxer shorts down to his knees, where he'd already dropped his pants. Noooooo! she wanted to scream. But instead she took the terrifying piece of flesh that dangled between his legs into her petite, soft hands and gently massaged it as it quickly grew in length, width and firmness.
"Oh my god, yes! That's so good!" the man moaned. "Get my cock nice and hard first. Oh!"
Faith Rowel had never seen a man's genitals; she'd never heard the word cock. Suddenly she was holding one in her hands, just inches from her pretty, freckled face! She knew this was a bad, bad, bad, bad thing to be doing, but she couldn't stop. With every ounce of her being she tried to let go of the cock. She tried to jump and push the man away. She tried to cover her face and scream and cry. But instead she just kept playing with the pole of flesh, smoothly stroking her hands up and down until, with a growing horror, she understood that the cock was ready. What it was ready for, she had no idea.
"Better hurry up," the old man said, "we're already up to the fourth floor. Get those pretty little lips busy, child."
The fourth floor - Faith's floor! Yes, yes, she could escape. The doors would open and she would... No, no, no. The lift didn't stop! I pushed the button, I pushed the button! Please stop! Please. Oh god, no!
Despair flooded little Faith's body and still she held the wretched long, hard cock in her hands. Her hands looked so tiny around the monster. But Faith pulled herself together. She grabbed every bit of her willpower, channeling it all into her hands and she let it go! But her hands were still wrapped around the throbbing piece of meat. Nooooooooo!
Faith felt herself leaning forward, rising up with her legs to get to the right height. No, no, no, no, please! But her lips met the end of the man's erection and she heard him gasp with pleasure. She strained her eyes up into his, knowing that this was what he would want - to see her face and know her humiliation through the incredible blush that covered her as she opened her lips and slid the head of his manhood into her little mouth. The smug look of satisfaction and the excitement in his eyes told Faith everything.
The ten-year-old had no idea what she was doing, what she was supposed to do. But her hands seemed to know - they stroked and stroked at his cock, picking up speed with some of the lubricating saliva from her own mouth. Her tongue seemed to know as well - it flicked and rolled about the bulbous blob in her mouth, making the man's eyes flare with desire. Her lips and her mouth and her muscles all knew the drill as well, working to pull more of the evil cock into her mouth, sucking and pulling at it until she was nearly gagging. And poor little Faith's head knew exactly how to please the man. Her head bobbed forward and back and forward and back, faster and faster as she sucked at the monster of flesh.
"Oh god, yes, yes, child, ohhh," the old man groaned. He pushed his fingers into the long red hair on either side of Faith's head and began to thrust forward, fucking her mouth. "Oh god, you're so good at that. Yes!"
Faith was certain she was going to faint or choke to death any second. The man was pressing against her throat, threatening to push his too-big erection into her wind pipe. But she managed to pull her head back just enough and she kept up her sucking and licking and her wet little hands stroked up and down his shaft as fast she could manage.
Just past the man's torso, Faith could see the floor indicator. Why were they moving so slowly! They were just passing the sixth floor. Why couldn't she stop sucking so hard at the man's erection? Why did she have to keep rubbing it with her hand. Why was she using her other hand to play with the bags of flesh at the base of his cock? It was all so disgusting and scary and, and, and wrong!
"Oh god, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, ohhh, ohhh, I can't hold it any... OHHHH! OHHHH!"
Something hot and thick, slimy and oily, like Faith imagined egg whites would feel, flooded Faith's mouth. Then more, and more. She nearly choked on it before the man would let go of her head and let her rear back. She was rewarded with another big spout of the warm, viscous liquid across her face.
Faith thought the terrible ejaculate in her mouth was the most horrifying, disgusting thing that could possibly exist! She couldn't stand it! It coated her mouth with a cloying, pervasive taste - not bitter or even strong - but wrong, terribly, terribly wrong. A little girl wasn't supposed to know what this tasted like. She couldn't possibly hold it in her mouth for a second longer. She parted her lips to spit the nasty, nasty stuff out as fast as she could.
But instead, pretty Faith looked up into the eyes of the smug old man and showed him how much of his evil cum she'd collected in her mouth. With a finger, he scooped the errant slick of his cum from her cheek and her little nose, and pushed it into her mouth to add to the pool of off-white goo. As soon as she could see that he was satisfied, Faith closed her mouth and carefully swallowed every drop of the warm goo. Every part of her brain screamed no, but the terrible, pungent cum left a trail of oily residue all the way down her throat.
As the man zipped up his pants and fastened his belt, the elevator pinged for the eighth floor. Little Faith rocked back on her heels in complete disbelief of what she'd done.
"Here you are dear, I do hope to see you again soon," the man said.
Faith blinked and looked back up to the older gentleman, who had his hand out with a ten dollar bill. She didn't want his money! She didn't want to EVER see him again! But she watched in horror as her little hand reached up to take the money, only to see the look on the man's mean face get even smugger.
"Yes, yes, pleasure doing business with you dear. The name's Clint, Clint Fitser. Wouldn't mind hearing you moan my name next time, little one, if you know what I mean." The doors to the elevator opened and the man stepped out with a jaunty bounce to his step. Faith leaned against the door, panting, until the doors slid shut.
Suddenly alone again, Faith found that she could move and act as she pleased. The strange feeling that had gripped her, which she was only now recognizing, was gone. She jumped to her feet, quickly buttoned her blouse back up and tucked it into her skirt. She didn't bother with her panties or her tie - she just wanted OUT of the lift. She jumped to the control panel and pressed the open-door button. She was more than happy to tromp down a few flights of stairs if she could only get OUT. The doors stubbornly refused to obey her repeated jabbing at the button. In a rising panic, Faith pushed the button for four, the floor of her parent's flat. But the button refused to light up. The ground floor button also wouldn't light up. She was trapped in the elevator!
Faith pounded on the control panel pressing every button to no avail. But finally she noticed something at the very bottom of the control panel she'd never seen before. She was sure it had never been there before. There was a very thin, horizontal slot, about two inches across. And next to it was a tiny red electronic display that read $30.
Faith stared and stared at the small slot as more and more horror gripped her. It couldn't be. It just couldn't! But finally, with a feeling of utter defeat, Faith picked up the ten dollar bill she'd thrown to the floor. Carefully, she fed one end of the bill into the slot. It was a perfect fit. No sooner had she pushed half an inch of the bill into the orifice than it was quickly sucked into the panel. A second later, the digital readout changed: $20.
Precisely ten seconds later the doors to the elevator slid open.
Faith grabbed her backpack and she leapt to the open doors! At least that's what her brain told her to do. Instead, she stood stock still in the corner of the elevator as Mr. Wett stepped into the lift and gave Faith a nice smile.