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"Yes ma'am." Alex smiled and walked away looking back at Jo quite content as his mom and his sister leaned in, their tits rubbing against her arms. He walked into the kitchen giving his crotch a little rub. It had been a while since he had seen his sis, not since his dad's funeral, but she looked damn good even knocked up. The baby had been an accident unlike his baby sister, and she had moved back home after breaking up with the father who wasn't ready to be a father. Alex brought her a glass of juice and as he came up he saw her smile at him. When she took the glass from him, her fingers brushed against his hand.
"Nice ass bubba." Nicky said, Alex noticed the picture Jo had taken of him streaking. Luckily it was from behind.
"I thought you said you deleted that." Alex said.
"No I said I was going to delete it, I didn't say I wasn't going to show your mom and sisters first." Jo teased as his mom and sister giggled. At least he knew for sure she had deleted the other one of his junk bouncing in the wind.
Jo flipped to the next picture they had taken, together with his arm around Jo's shoulder and his hand on her tit with her pointing down at his cock off camera and smiling. Jo had gone as well but had worn pasties and panties. Though she had lost one halfway through the race which was why his hand was on her boob in the picture.
"So neither of you brought any girlfriends home yet." His sis said looking between them.
"I thought you got her out of the trunk?" Jo grinned looking at him, his mom giving her a little slap on the arm.
"No nothing serious enough to bring home yet. I half debated leaving her there." Alex pointed at Jo who shook her head at him. His sister took a drink of her juice before sitting it down on the coffee table and leaned back stretching a bit. As she raised her arms up, her shirt did the same and the bottoms of her boobs began to peek out from underneath flashing a bit of her caramel areolas.
"You may not want to wear that shirt around your brother, unless you want him to see your tits." His mom said laughing.
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