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"Ohgodohgodohgod," she cried. "I-I'm c-c-cumming again, Lionel. Oh God. W-W-What are you d-d-doing to me?" Candie could hardly speak. "Stop Lionel. P-Please stop. I can't stand it. Oh shit, H-H-HERE I C-C-CUM AGAIN. OHHHHHH!"
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Lionel looked down into my eyes and he could see I was in some pain. "Do you want me to stop, Carol?" He asked.
I was so touched by his concern that all I could do was shake my head. The pain had gone now and the last thing I wanted was for him to pull out of me. Also I didn't want him to feel self conscious about the size of his cock.
He pushed harder now and pretty soon his whole monstrous penis was completely buried deep in my vagina. I could feel his large balls slap against my bum. His hairy pubic area was pressing against my soft peach fuzz. It felt good. He started pumping in and out of me slowly and tenderly at first.
Pretty soon passion completely overtook him and he started humping me like mad. I told him to slow down, that he'd enjoy it more that way. His cock was so big that I had my first orgasm in a matter of seconds after he penetrated me. I wriggled and jerked and moaned but Lionel didn't know what was happening.
Lionel pumped and pushed his cock deep inside my cunt. I could feel it right at the back. It seemed to be trying to push right through my cervix. I never felt anything like it before. Even with Bobby. He was so big that I had another orgasm a few seconds later, bigger than the first. My legs now wrapped themselves around his waist and I squeezed him tightly to me. Lionel was still pumping wildly and he finally came. Gallons of his precious seed filled my cunt. I could literally feel every eruption of his life giving seed as it shot into my cunt. He kept cumming and cumming. I took in every drop he had. My vaginal muscles were doing their magic again as they milked every last drop out of him.
He fell down across my chest and just laid there for a few seconds. Then he leaned up and smiled down at me and whispered, "Thanks, Carol. Thank you so very much."
I said in my polite little voice "You're welcome, Lionel. It was my pleasure." We both laughed and he kissed me again passionately. He forced his tongue deep in my mouth and I sucked on it for all it's worth.
We laid beside each other for about 15 minutes. He felt my breasts and sucked on them. We talked a bit. He told me this was his first time with a girl, not only having sex, but also his first date. I told him I was glad I was his first.
It was getting late so we got cleaned up, dressed and headed back to town. I needed a lot of cleaning up what with all Lionel's cum that had splattered over different parts of my body. We stopped off for a burger and drink then he drove me home. I told him to stop about a block from the house and we necked for a while. He felt my titties again and I let him finger my cunt. He was surprised at how wet it still was. Then I told him it was because of all his cream he shot into me. We both laughed.
Suddenly he became quiet and looked a little scared. "What if I got you pregnant, Carol? What would we do then?" he wondered. "I don't think we have to worry about that." I said. I've been of the pill for 6 months now. I won't get pregnant." I could see the relief come over his face.
Lionel drove me home and we said goodnight, and he left. God, what a night that was. I couldn't wait to tell Sandie.
Chapter Three
It was just around midnight when I walked in the door. Mommy and daddy were still up watching TV. Of course they weren't waiting up for me. Oh, ya! They wanted to know everything we did and what show we went to. I couldn't tell them everything but I didn't lie to them about the show. I told them that we didn't go to a show but just went to the mall and drove around and talked. It was a nice date and I hope that he would ask me out again. I felt so sorry for him. Of course deep down inside me I knew there was no way he wouldn't ask me out again, and I'll bet all the money I have that it will be soon.
I said good night and kissed mommy and daddy and went up to bed. Candie was sound asleep and Sandie wasn't home yet. I was a bit disappointed. I went to see if Bobby was in yet, but he wasn't either. Brad was asleep too.
I went back to my room and got undressed. I took my panties off and saw that they were really wet from Lionel's cum leaking from me. I put my hand between my legs and could still feel his cum there. I smiled and held my panties up to my nose and inhaled deeply.
What a wonderful scent. I held them there for a few minutes then headed to the bathroom. I decided to have a bath while waiting for Sandie. I knew she had to be in soon.
When I returned to my bedroom, Sandie was there. She had just gotten in a few minutes earlier and was undressed. She was just starting to put her pajamas on when I walked into the room. She immediately stopped and rushed to me and closed the door. She was so excited. She wanted to know everything that happened and whether or not Lionel fucked me. I decided to tease her and not say anything about the fucking. I picked up my panties causally handed them to her. She looked at them and saw the stain and put them to her nose and took in a big breath. "Mmmmm." That was all she could say.
I went into great detail about everything we did. What we saw in the mall and what we talked about and what we ate and where we drove. Sandie was getting frustrated by this time and kept asking me if we fucked. We were both sitting on my bed naked. Sandie was squeezing her breasts. She had really nice breasts. She was about 17 years old now and very beautiful. I could see her nipples getting harder and harder by the second and they were really standing out now. Every once in a while her hand went down to her crotch and she played with that for a while. I could hardly keep from laughing. Finally I took pity on her and said, "I guess you want to know if Lionel fucked me? Eh?"
Sandie said, almost yelling "Carol, tell me. I'm dying to know."
I laughed some more and fell back on the bed. "Feel my pussy and see if you can tell." I said teasingly as I spread my legs wide apart and lifted my knees to my chest.
Sandie jumped at that. She inserted two fingers inside my pussy and she could feel how wide open I still was and immediately could feel Lionel's cum. She kept saying "Oh, wow! Oh, wow!" over and over again.
"Well, what do you think, Sandie? Did I get fucked of not?" I asked her while almost dying of laughter.
"Christ, Carol. Did you ever get fucked. There is enough cream in here to drown a girl."
Sandie said. "Tell me all about it. How was he? How big was he? Did you suck his cock?" She was full of questions.
As she was asking me everything, she laid down beside me half leaning on me and pulled a sheet over us. Her naked body really felt nice against mine. It always did.
I had to tell her everything in the utmost detail. She was particularly interested in how big his cock was and how it felt in my cunt. I couldn't describe the feeling of his cock in me adequately. I told her it was a way bigger than Bobby's was and a lot thicker too. I told her that it hurt a little bit going in but once the head was in it felt good. I told her that I could hardly get my lips around it, and while I was sucking him, how he got so excited he almost choked me by trying to shove it down my throat.
Sandie was in awe. She could hardly believe it. She was getting so worked up that her hand kept going to my pussy and she was licking her fingers to get the taste of Lionel. Of course all that attention to my pussy was making me hot. I reached between her legs and wasn't surprised to see how wet she was down there. She started moaning and I leaned over and kissed her passionately on the lips.
She threw her arms around my neck and forced her tongue deep into my mouth searching for mine. I sucked on her tongue and she became wilder than I can remember seeing her before. She squeezed my breasts so hard that they hurt. She jabbed her knee into my pussy like it was a cock. She rubbed my cunt with it so hard that I almost had an orgasm. I don't know where she learned to do that but I liked it.
She couldn't wait any longer. She said something about tasting Lionel and slid down to my wet pussy and started to lick me like never before. My hole was still so wide open after Lionel fucked me that her tongue had no trouble going deep inside me and she licked and sucked out every drop of Lionel's cum that she could reach. She brought me to a powerful orgasm. Maybe it was two or three orgasms, coming one after the other. I don't know. Maybe it was only one orgasm, one long orgasm. But whatever it was, I was in ecstasy. That was the first time that ever happened to me.
My legs were wrapped around Sandie's neck while she was putting me into this ecstatic trance. When she was finished I dropped my legs and let Sandie breath. I know I was squeezing her pretty hard, but she was okay. She licked every drop of my cum and laid beside me again. We kissed once more and I could taste my cum mixed with Lionel's on her lips. What a wonderful taste as a lot of you will know.
We talked for about an hour. Sandie started to cry again when she thought about refusing to go out with Lionel because he was dying. I don't know, but I think she regretted her decision. She didn't say anything directly. I just got that feeling. She couldn't stop talking about the size of his cock. She teasingly called me a liar. She insinuated that I was exaggerating the size to make her feel bad. She knew I was telling the truth because she had seen how stretched open my cunt lips were. Only a good size cock or maybe a dildo could do that. We didn't have a dildo that size.