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She nodded and said, "Just be gentle at first Jack till I get used to your cock up my butt." Jack pushed his cock in. He slowly pumped in and out. His mom was trying to relax her muscles so that Jack could enter her. Progress was slow but finally his cock was allowed in and he pumped a little harder.
Sara finally said, "Go ahead and go all the way. I 'm used your cock now and my muscles are relaxed. Go ahead and thrust you cock in me."
His lubricated cock was easily going in and out and he was enjoying a new hole in his mother. After ten minutes, he ejaculated his last load of the night. They were both tired and needed sleep.
Before he fell asleep Jack reflected on all that had happened between him and his mother the last few days. Most importantly he had married the woman he loved and that same woman, his beautiful mother, had taken his virginity on their wedding night.
The next morning, the couple had to rush to shower, dress, pack and leave the ship by 11:00 am. The same porter who had helped them with their luggage at the beginning of the cruise was there again to help again. He complemented the couple on their weddings rings and asked if they had enjoyed their honeymoon. Jack responded with a smile, "It was way more than we expected."
Jack and Sara had a full day ahead before they could enjoy another night of more incestuous sex. First stop and first priority was to purchase a bigger bed for Sara's … now their bedroom. They picked out a queen bed and the salesman assured them that it would be delivered at 6 o'clock and the deliveryman would haul away both of the old beds. They found a store next store and picked up queen sized linen.
Next, they headed to the DMV so Jack could take the road and obtain his driver's license. After that Jack took over the wheel and drove them to a drug store so Jack could purchase some condoms. Jack was resigned to the fact that he would have to use them until his mom had her IUD back in place.
They arrived back home just as the furniture truck arrived. The two delivery men quickly removed the old beds and assembled the new bed. They were gone in less than a half hour. Sara then put on the new bedding in anticipation of a marathon session of lovemaking tonight. For dinner, they had a pizza delivered which they quickly devoured. Both were anxious to break in the new bed with a night of sex.
They decided to take a quick shower together and then head straight for their bedroom. When they reached the bedroom door, Jack picked up his mom, carried her over the threshold and then gently laid here on their bed. "Sara, I love you and now we can begin our lives as husband and wife in the bed that we share."
Jack's cock was hard and ready for action. But Sara reminded him of the need for a condom."
"But I've never put on a condom. Will you help me?"
Sara, opened the box of condoms, ripped one off, tore open the package, and told Jack to lay on his back.
"Good choice, sweetie. Ribbed and lubricated for my pleasure." She showed him the right way to put in down and the unrolled it down his cock.
Jack frowned a little looking at his cock covered in rubber. She understood and told him," Honey, it's just for three weeks until I get my IUD back in. And for two of my three holes, you don't need a condom.
Jack's face lit up with a smile.
By morning, the floor by the bed was littered with a pile of used condoms. Jack and his mom were enjoying the incestuous life. For the next four days, the lovers seldom left the bed except to eat and take quick showers.
But Monday finally came and they had to face reality. Sara had to go back to school and Jack was starting the first day of his sophomore year in high school. During first hour, he looked around the classroom and thought, "I bet I am the only boy in the school who married his own mother this summer and was able to have sex with her any time he wanted to."
Over the next three weeks, the incest couple fell into a routine of work, school, dinner, TV followed by a night of incestuous sex. It was a life they both wanted and enjoyed.
The day finally arrived for his mom to go to her clinic and have her IUD inserted. That morning he made love to his mother with a condom for the last time. In fact on his way to the bus he threw the rest of his supply into the garbage can.
When he got home after school, Jack wanted to surprise his mom with a romantic welcome and hopefully a couple of hours of condom less sex. Last night, he borrowed the car and picked up a few surprises to make this lovemaking special.
He went into their bedroom, pulled the shades down and closed the venetian blinds. He took out two dozen scented candles, placed them around the room and then he lit them. Next, he took out two bottles' of warming personal lubrication. Finally, he stripped and put on a pair of silk super low briefs. Jack looked into the mirror. His package looked pretty good and soon his mom would soon be enjoying its contents.
Jack's timing was perfect; He heard his mom pull into the car port. He rushed to the back door to greet his lover. Jack was shocked that his mother was crying. She sobbed, "Oh Jack, I am so sorry", and then wrapped her arms around her almost naked son.
"What wrong mom?" This was the first time since the cruise that he slipped up and called her mom instead of Sara.
"That's the problem Jack. I am your mother."
Jack could not imagine what the problem was. But then he said," Let's go into the bedroom and talk."
"Okay, Jack we do need to have a long talk. I'll explain everything."
Jack led his mom to the bedroom and opened the door. Sara was surprised and said, "Oh, Jack you did this all for me?"
"Yes, mom. I wanted this to be a special night. The night you are protected with your IUD and I no longer have to use condoms."
"Oh Jack!" she cried. "The doctor couldn't put it in."
A very disappointed Jack asked why.