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"Okay, Sis, now what?" Eddie asked.
"Bring her over to the bed," Mindy leered. "We're gonna try to persuade her to see things our way."
"That isn't possible. Mindy," Joan snarled. "I'll never have a mind that filthy. You'd better let me go right this instant, or you'll be sorry."
She went on sputtering as the boys led her over to the bed and pulled her onto it. Mindy paid no attention to her mother's angry remarks. She just slipped off Joan's shoes, then her pantyhose, and then started unbuttoning the front of her dress. Joan turned beet red, and the boys began to grin as they caught on to their sister's wicked plan.
"Mindy," Joan cried, "I'm warning you... this is ridiculous!. You're only going to make things worse for yourselves. Let me go right now."
"Relax, Mom," Mindy replied with a maddening grin. "I've got a feeling you're going to love this."
That was exactly what Joan feared. She'd gotten so turned on as she watched her kids making out, and for the first time she'd realized how boring her own sex life was. She found she was eager for novelty and excitement, and of course her naughty children could give her plenty of that. But she couldn't allow herself to take part in their incestuous orgy. That was against everything she'd always believed.
Now Mindy was opening the front of her dress and exposing her nicely-packed bra to the boys. Roy and Eddie were kneeling beside her, holding their squirming mother down by her shoulders. Joan couldn't see their faces, but she could hear their harsh excited breathing as Mindy eased the dress off her arms and shoulders, stripping her to the waist except for her bra.
"Mindy! Nooooo... stop," Joan moaned.
Mindy ignored her. She and the boys gaped at Joan's large firm tits, which looked ready to burst from her delicate lace bra. Mom always tried to hide her gorgeous tits by wearing loose plain clothing, but now they were revealed for everyone to see. Joan blushed hotly and tried to free her arms, but it was no use. The kids had her right where they wanted her.
Mindy unhooked her bra, and Joan whimpered in protest, blushing even harder, but of course she got no response. Mindy tossed the the bra aside, and Joan heard her sons' sudden intake of breath as her firm, naked tits sprang free. She'd never been so embarrassed in her life.
"Jeeeeesus," Eddie breathed.
"Wanna play with them?" Mindy grinned.
"Hey, yeah," he said, "take my place, Sis."
Joan gasped in shock as Mindy took Eddie's place, holding down her left shoulder, and the boy came around to face his mother. He was grinning eagerly, and his cock was hard. It jiggled obscenely in front of his belly. Joan tried not to look at it, but her eyes were glued to the big thick, prick. Her eldest son's cock was even bigger than her husbands!
Eddie grabbed his mother's gorgeous tits, cupping and squeezing them, and Joan gasped even louder. To her embarrassment, her nipples went stiff against his palms.
"Oh, wowwww," grinned Eddie. "You like that, don't you, Mom?"
"Eddie, please," Joan whimpered, "You know this is wrong."
"Bullshit, Mom!" he said hoarsely. "If it feels good, do it... that's our new motto!"
"Yeah, Mom," Mindy put in, "why don't you just relax and enjoy it?"
That was just what Joan was trying to avoid. She was afraid that if she let herself go, she'd reveal just how turned on and excited she was. She mustn't ever let her children know that their wicked games had aroused her. She struggled to keep her face grim and her body stiff as Eddie blissfully fondled her big creamy tits. It wasn't easy, though. She'd always wanted to have her tits squeezed and pinched like this, ever since she and Ben were courting.
Eddie had a big happy grin on his face, not a trace of guilt, as he fondled his mother's hot silky-skinned tits. Joan could tell by the hot pressure of the hands on her shoulders that Mindy and Roy were getting very excited as they watched him. Joan herself was too excited for her own good. She had to admit it felt wonderful to have her sensitive tits squeezed and caressed.
Then it got even better. Eddie dipped his head down, stuck out his tongue, and began licking her nipples. It was all Joan could do to stifle a groan of pleasure. Ben had never done that to her, and it felt marvelous. Her son's hot wet tongue lashed her nipples into full erection, leaving them long and taut and supersensitive. She felt her pussy begin to moisten, and she couldn't do a damn thing about it.
Eddie firmed his lips around the tip of his mother's right nipple and sucked the stiff bud into his mouth. Joan stifled another moan as she felt little stabs of pleasure that seemed to radiate right down to her helplessly creaming pussy. She closed her eyes and whimpered softly, struggling to hide her hot arousal. Eddie sucked both her nipples in turn, bringing his mother to a fever pitch of excitement.
"Let me do it now, Eddie," Roy begged.
"Okay, kid," Eddie sighed, "I guess that's only fair."
They changed placed, and Joan felt her younger son's hot hands closer over her tits. He was a little more awkward than Eddie, but just as eager. She bit her lip and smothered her little cries of pleasure as he fondled, licked and sucked her swollen tits. Soon, Joan didn't think she could take much more stimulation without losing control of herself, but the kids showed no sign of stopping. In fact they were just getting started.
"My turn now," Mindy told Roy when he'd finished sucking Joan's lust-engorged nipples.
Mindy got around in front of her mother and started easing off her dress. Joan used all her strength to try to break free, but the boys held her down. Next came her panties. She whimpered in protest, then blushed furiously, as Mindy whisked off the lacy garment and tossed it aside. The kids studied their mother's slim, sexy body.
"Oh, wow," Mindy breathed enviously.
She wished she had her mother's big full breasts, lush dark bush, and curvy rounded hips. Eddie and Roy were wide-eyed with lust. Joan was practically dying with embarrassment, but there was nothing she could do but lie there and take it. She just hoped she could keep her lust hidden till the kids had gotten tired of playing with her. She stiffened as Mindy started pushing her legs apart.
"Mindy, no," she snapped, "absolutely not."
"Aw, come on, Mom," Mindy smiled, "have some fun for a change."
That really hit home with Joan. When did she and Ben ever have fun? It was as if they'd been raised not to believe in it. Even their sex was no fun. It was grim, guilty, and hurried, but it wasn't fun. Joan hadn't realized what fun sex could be till she'd spied on her own children.
Mindy pushed her legs wide open, revealing the moist rosy flesh of her pussy and the fringe of brown curls. She went right for Joan's clit, grasping it between her thumb and forefinger, kneading it. Joan just managed to smother the lusty whimper that rose to her lips. It felt marvelous to have her clit rubbed and rolled like that... even by her own daughter!