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I made the most heart rendering speech of my young life at that time. I told everyone that Lionel and I wanted to be together as much as we could and that I didn't want my sisters trying to make love to Lionel again. They all knew that I normally didn't mind sharing him with them, but because of the circumstances, they all understood and agreed.
Everyone except Candie, that is. I could see a pout had formed on her face.
"What's wrong, Candie?" I asked. "Aren't you happy for us?"
"Of course I am, silly," she yelled running out of the kitchen crying.
I went after her and found her lying on her bed crying her little heart out. "Don't cry, Sweetheart," I said. "Everything is going to be okay. What's the matter?"
"Oh, Carol. You're going to hate me. I know you will," she sobbed. "But I really want to fuck Lionel just one more time. I really do." She hid her pretty little face in her pillow and cried some more. "I like fucking him. I love the way his cock stretches me wide open. Bobby and Brad can't do that. You know they can't. I'm going to miss him."
I cradled her in my arms and rocked her back and forth. "I can understand that, honey. I know you are very fond of Lionel. But he is mine now for as long as he is here. Do you understand? It's like we are going steady or are engaged. We want to be faithful to each other. I don't want to fuck anyone else, and neither does he. Do you see what I mean?"
"I know, Carol. I know. But it doesn't mean I don't want him. I do. You know I do."
Candy sat up straight and smiled. "I really like his cock, Carol." She almost whispered that last remark and her face immediately turned red. I giggled and held my hand over my mouth. Candy started to giggle too.
"I know what you mean," I said still giggling. “So do I. I'll tell you what, Candie. Can you keep a secret?" I asked with a great deal of excitement in my voice.
"Of course I can. You know that. Tell me. Tell me." Candie was almost begging.
"Okay. If you really want to fuck Lionel just one more time, I'll let you. But you can't tell anyone. Promise? Besides I know Lionel will be willing. He told me that he thinks you are so hot. You really turn him on."
Candie was so happy that she threw her arms around my neck and started to kiss me so very passionately. If I wasn't careful I knew I could be tempted to make love to her then and there. But we couldn't because our parents would be there soon.
"Now listen. Tonight when it's time for bed, you make some excuse that you want to be on your own tonight. Say you are really tired or something. Then when you can, come to my room. Lionel will be there and you two can do what you want. Does that sound okay to you?"
Candie nodded her head yes. She looked so happy.
We left it at that and went back to join the others. While we were gone, Lionel and Bobby had discussed a plan whereby Lionel and I could sleep together every night without anyone finding out. I thanked Bobby by giving him a big juicy kiss.
We spent the rest of the time tidying up and by the time our parents got there, everything was in shape.
The boys helped Daddy and Uncle Russ bring in the luggage and food, and mommy and Auntie Pat got supper ready. It was really nice to have someone prepare supper for us.
We talked non-stop at the dinner table and afterwards sitting around the fire. Candy was playing her part to the fullest. She kept yawning and stretching and pretending to be nodding off. I had to giggle to myself. It seemed to be contagious, for suddenly everyone were saying how tired they were, and wanted to go to bed.
We pulled out the presents and put them under the tree then everyone headed off to their bedrooms. It was going to be a big day tomorrow. Tomorrow would be Christmas day.
The way the bedrooms were located had me in the far room with Candie beside me and Lionel had the far room across the hall. There was a door joining my room and Candie's. I heard a key turn in a lock and a few seconds later there was a light tapping on the adjoining door and Candie came in. She looked so cute. She had brushed her hair and brushed her teeth and freshened up before coming in. She had on her Baby Doll top. She didn't have the panties on, just the top. It was long enough to cover her bum and pussy when she stood up but that was about all. She stood in front of me and gave me that sweet innocent smile of hers.
"You look beautiful, Candy," I remarked as I gave her a big hug and playfully rubbed her sweet pussy and bum. "Lionel will love you. He's really looking to this last meeting with you."
I had to put that 'last' remark in to impress on her that this was the last time. I didn't like having to say that, but I felt it was necessary.
"Where is he? How come he's not here?" Candie asked impatiently.
I giggled. "Don't get inpatient, honey. He'll be here soon. Just relax."
I sat her on the edge of my bed and put my hand around her shoulder. I thought I could feel her shaking a little. I asked her if she was scared and she admitted that she was just a little. She hadn't been with Lionel more than twice, and the length and thickness of his tool still scared her.
"Carol," she whispered. "Do you think I should get undressed before he comes in? I want him to really want me tonight."
I giggled again. "You don't have to worry about that, honey. He really wants you already. In fact when he comes in, I'll bet you anything you want that he will have a raging hard-on. And it will be just for you."
Candy turned all red and dropped her head. Then she started giggling too. "Do you really think so, Carol? Really?"
I was about to answer when we heard this soft scratching on my door.