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"Yeah sure." Alex helped with his mother putting his arm around her and helping her into the room, taking over for his sister.
"I ever tell you what a handsome boy you are, you look so much like your father when we first meet." Mom said looking at Alex. Yep she was plastered, she was always really flirty when drunk, more so then usual anyways.
"Come on mom, let's get you in bed." Alex said walking toward the bed.
"Oh you're going to get me in bed, naughty boy." She giggled as she touched his chest. Nicky tried her best not to laugh.
"Thanks bubba." Nicky bent over taking off her heels. She noticed Alex looking down her dress at her hanging tits as she did. Feeling her hanging tits jiggled in her bra as she fought off the straps.
"Why don't you give momma a kiss baby?" His mom said as she touched his chin and laid one on him. Alex was a little stunned as he stood there froze for a second until he felt her hand grab his ass. He pushed her away as gently as he could.
"Mom." Nicky laughed.
"What." She said looking back at her. "Oh you want a kiss him." Mom teased, Nicky shook her head. "You should he is a really good kisser."
"Oh I am so going to have fun with this tomorrow when you're sober." Nicky said helping Alex sit her on the bed. Mom fell backwards as her tits jiggled about in her top; it reminded Nicky of someone falling on a water bed.
"Can you get her tucked in I got to piss something bad." Nicky said not waiting for a response as she took off for the bathroom.
"Yeah sure." Alex shrugged.