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"Yes, yes, pleasure doing business with you dear. The name's Clint, Clint Fitser. Wouldn't mind hearing you moan my name next time, little one, if you know what I mean." The doors to the elevator opened and the man stepped out with a jaunty bounce to his step. Faith leaned against the door, panting, until the doors slid shut.
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"Okay." Alex said, trying to wrap his head around the fact that his sister wanted to have sex with him. He grabbed her other foot and the stocking.
"Bet this is different for you, putting clothes on a girl." Nicky teased.
"Just a little." Alex ran the stocking up her leg and pulled it snug.
"Can you grab me a bra?" Nicky asked. "Top drawer."
"Yeah sure." Alex walked over to the already open drawer. He saw a large rabbit vibrator which made him grin. He rummaged through the drawer until she found a bra that looked like it matched the panties. It looked new and was fairly large so it might fit. He held it up and Nicky nodded.
"Here we go." Alex said as she walked back. Nicky held out her arms as Alex smiled and slid it on. As he pulled it around the back she leaned close so his cheek brushed hers. It took him a few seconds to snap the large bra closed being more used to undoing it for her.
"Thanks babe." Nicky gave him a peck on the lips before he had a chance to lean back.
"Anything Else?" Alex smiled as he touched her pregnant belly.
"You can help pick out a dress." Nicky said as she reached over pulling the box closer. Alex gladly did and helped her slide it on letting his hands run down the curves of his body. He really wanted to rip her clothes off and take her up on her offer. Even if he and Candy didn't get back together he wondered if he should. She had a point about not getting pregnant. It was that all their experimenting in the past always ended the same as just one night stands and while they were great he wanted more. Alex excused himself and went to Abigail's room where he would be crashing for the next few months; he stopped and knocked on the door when he heard music.
"Come in." His sister Abbey said from the other side. He entered to find her walking around in a nice demi bra and a pair of panties.
"That was fast." Alex said referring to the shower she had taken.
"Just had to wash my hair, I shaved and all last night." Abbey smiled toweling off her hair.