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"Ohhhhh, shit! That was wonderful, honey!" sobbed Joan, looking down at her son with dreamy satisfaction. "You made me come so good!"
"My pleasure, Mom!", grinned Roy giving his mother's twitching pussy a tender kiss.
Joan lay back in total bliss. It was the most powerful climax she'd ever had in her life, and she wondered if that was because she was having sex with her sons, or the fact that her husband was watching ... or both? She didn't know, but one thing was certain... it wouldn't be the last time!
She had to admit that the delicious depravity of fucking her own kids added greatly to her arousal. For her at least, forbidden fruit DID taste the best... and so did forbidden cocks, she thought, smiling to herself. And judging by the way her husband had fucked their daughter's pretty little face before and come in her mouth, Ben was learning to appreciate the pleasures of taboo sex himself.
As her pussy-spasms subsided, Joan opened her eyes and looked over at her husband. Their eyes locked, and they smiled at each other. She'd never seen him look more handsome... more desirable... more totally aroused.
He snorted lustily as Mindy's lashing tongue worked his lengthening cock to full stiffness. As he gazed into Joan's eyes, his message was clear. The moment he got his hands on her, he was going to prove that he was a changed man. Joan almost whimpered with lust at the prospect. She could hardly wait to make love to the new Ben. In fact she had a sudden urge to crawl right over there and beg him to fuck her right there in front of the kids, but Mindy chose that moment to pull her mouth off her father's cock and ask him exactly the same question.
"Uhhhhh, Daddy, it's even bigger than before!" she cooed, "Please can we fuck? Ohhhhh, pleeeeeeease, I want it so bad!"
Ben looked dazedly down at his rigid, saliva-slick cock and realized that his daughter had carried out her promise to make get him hard again. It hadn't been any problem at all. The only trouble was that now she'd given him another throbbing erection, she wanted that engorged pole of meat in her hot little cunt. Was he really prepared to fuck his own daughter? His own little girl?!
"Ahhh, I don't know about that, honey," he said. "I'm still not sure it would be right."
"Aw, come on, Daddy," she pouted, "Roy and Eddie fucked Mom, so why won't you fuck me?"
"That's right, Ben," Joan grinned. "You don't have any excuse. Why don't you give the poor girl what she wants? I'm certainly not going to let these two hard young cocks go to waste, right boys?"
"You bet, Mom!", chorused Eddie and Roy, eagerly fisting their stiff young cocks. Both boy's were extremely aroused and couldn't wait to shove their cocks into their mother's tight, clasping little hole again.
"Come on then, Roy honey," smiled Joan, "I think it's your turn, next."
"Awww, Mom!", whined Eddie, "What am I gonna do, while Roy fucks you... play with myself?"
"I've got more than one place to put a cock, honey!", grinned Joan wantonly.
Ben had never heard his wife suggest such a thing in his life. They'd never even considered anal or oral sex before, and now, here she was offering her mouth, cunt and ass to her two sons, like some common whore. It was sick and depraved.... the more Ben thought about it, the more he LIKED it!
Joan gave her husband a lewd grin and a wink, and rolled into the doggy position, knowing that Roy's rock-hard teenage cock would be waiting for her. Both boys had hard-ons that wouldn't quit, and Joan was so horny, she couldn't wait to feel them both slamming deep into her body. Sure enough, she'd hardly gotten into position before she felt Roy's hot young hands grasping her hips, then his swollen cockhead against her gooey slit as it spreading her cuntal opening wide. She gasped with delight as her son pulled her ass back and slammed his long, thick cock clear to her womb in one greedy thrust.
"Uuuuhhhhmmmmm, yes honey, that feels fantastic! You're so big! Just like your father!" she moaned, "Fuck me, baby! Fuck Mommy's pussy good and hard!"
Ben had been watching the whole thing, and now his lust boiled over. He saw his gorgeous, sexy wife taking their youngest son's cock deep into her cunt, and loving every solid inch of it. So, why shouldn't he take Mindy up on her offer and have some fun with his equally horny young daughter? Throwing caution to the wind, Ben rolled onto his back and effortlessly lifted Mindy's tiny body up to straddle him, his rigid prick sticking straight up between the girl's thighs.
"Okay, sugar," he leered, "If you want it so bad, then sit on it!"
"Oooooooooh, Daddy," squealed Mindy happily.
With a look of total delight on her pretty young face, she reached down and grasped her father's turgid prick with both hands, positioning the fat knob between her juicy little cuntlips. Although her daddy's cock about the same length as her brothers', it was a fair bit wider across... thicker even than her boyfriend's. Mindy shuddered with anticipation at the thought of such a huge cock penetrating her tight little pussy. She knew it would be the fuck of her life, and she couldn't wait any longer!
With a little cry of joy, Mindy shoved her juicy little cunt mouth down over the flared knob of her daddy's fat cock-head, then sat down on it. Her eyes got huge. It felt like she was taking a baseball bat into her twat. But she wasn't going to chicken out in front of the whole family. She'd begged her father to fuck her... and fuck her he would!
Mindy gritted her teeth and kept sliding down the big, thick shaft, looking down as her daddy's immense cock slowly disappeared into her wide-stretched little slit. Her cuntlips bulged around the massive shaft and she felt crammed so full of hard, throbbing meat that she thought she'd split in half.
"Ooooooh, Daddy!" she cried. "Ohhhh, my God!
"Uuuunnngggghh, Christ, you're tight, baby" Ben moaned. "Jesus, what a tight little cunt!"
Mindy would never know how she did it, but at last she was fully impaled on her father's huge erection, and she was still in one piece. Actually, now that it was all the way inside her, and her pussy had stretched to accommodate the incredible thickness, it felt fantastic. She could feel it throbbing and twitching deep up inside her, like a living thing with a mind of it's own. Soon, Mindy began to move her hips, content to slowly grinding his cock into her pussy for the moment. But her father had other ideas.
With a cry of unbridled lust, Ben grasped her by the waist and began fucking her in deep lusty strokes. Mindy screamed, more in surprise than in pain and felt her insides being suctioned by the deep, pistoning movements. The slight pain soon dissolved into intense pleasure as her distended clit rasped up and down the length of her father's cock and mashed into his pubic bone on every down-stroke. Her pussy was creaming like crazy, lubricating the great shaft with her cunt-oils as Mindy began to bounce up and down on her daddy's huge cock, squealing and squirming in hot, adolescent excitement.