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"Oh God, Bobby," she said after a while. "Did that ever hurt."
She looked down between her legs now and saw that Lionel was now completely buried inside her. Her young preteen cunt was stretched beyond anything that anyone could imagine. Now, instead of crying, Candie was smiling and giggling. She bent down now and started to kiss Lionel.
"Oh, Lionel, you feel so good inside me. I'm sorry I was such a baby and cried so much. But it really did hurt. It doesn't hurt now. It feels so nice. Fuck does it ever feel nice."
She started to ride up and down on Lionel's cock now. She didn't take long strokes. It still hurt a bit. His cock was exerting so much pressure on her clit that it wasn't long before that special feeling she loved so much started to build up deep inside her.
"Ohhhhhhh Godddd Lionel, you feel so good," Candie yelled as she bucked up and down on his cock. Her sexual appetite was getting stronger by the second. The pain didn't seem to matter any more.
"Ohhhhhhh yessss Ohhhhhhh Goddddddddd Yeeeessssss!
Fuckmefuckmefuckme!" she yelled. "Ohhhh God Lionel. Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me! Yesssss! Ohhhh God I'm cumming! Ohhhh yessss! Oh God! Yessss! I'M CUMMINGGGGGG!!"
Candie's vagina exploded into the wildest and strongest and most sensuous orgasm she ever had and would ever have for many years to come. It seemed to last for ages, but probably only lasted for seconds.
When it was over she laid across Lionel's chest and kissed him. He hadn't cum yet and was still rock hard in her. Candie could feel him starting to fuck her now so she decided to roll over and lay on her back so that he was on top. She managed to do this without dislodging his cock from her warm wet nest.
Lionel's cock was twitching hard now. Candie could feel it. She knew that he would explode in her again, but this time he was all the way inside her vagina. He wasn't concerned about hurting her. He was taking long hard strokes and slamming deeper and deeper into her young cunt. The pain was still there, but not as severe as before. She ignored it and concentrated on him fucking her. That feeling was there again. Oh, God. Was she going to cum again? Yes she was.
That's was all Lionel could take. With one final thrust deep into her, Lionel let out a long loud "YESSSSSSSSSS" as he exploded his life giving baby seed deep inside her. She could feel every explosion hitting the back wall of her cunt as he deposited what seemed like gallons and gallons of cum into his sexy cousin.
They both collapsed totally exhausted. They lay there for quite a few minutes. Candie could feel his cock start to shrink. It felt nice. Lionel rolled off her and lay down beside her.
Bobby got so excited seeing his baby sister fuck her cousin that he couldn't help but jack off. He ejaculated and shot his cum all over Candies titties and on her face and in her hair as she lay beside Lionel. She thought that was funny and laughed. Lionel laughed too. She dipped her finger in one of the bigger pools of his cum and touched it to her tongue. Then as she slowly drew her finger away, a long string of Bobby's precious cum stretched out. It looked so sexy. She pulled it till it broke and did it again, this time taking more and stretching it further.
That didn't seem to be enough for her. She grabbed Bobby and pulled him close to her and stuck his now soft cock in her mouth and started to suck and lick all the cum that was left over. Bobby started to get hard again and pulled out of her mouth.
"Better not do that right now Sweetie. We can do that later. We're here to look after Lionel. Remember?" Bobby said giving her a knowing wink.
Candie blushed and started to giggle and hid her head in Lionel's arms.
"You don't have to worry about me, Bobby," Lionel said. "This has been the best day of my life. If I never fuck another girl, I'll still be the luckiest guy around."
He lifted Candie's head and gave her a big kiss, putting his tongue in her mouth and letting it dance with hers. Candie had to admit, he was a good kisser. Sandie and I had told her that, and now she believed us.
It was getting late. They were all hungry. Lionel suggested that he take everyone out for a burger or some chicken or something. The room was a mess and they were all sweaty and sticky with their juices so there was a cleanup job to be done first. The guys told Candie to go have a shower and they would look after the room. Candie wanted someone to shower with her but they said no so she headed to the bathroom alone pretending to pout.
When she got back the bedroom was neat and tidy and the windows were all open to air out the room. The boys were still naked and were sitting on the edge of the bed. Lionel went next to have his shower and Candie sat next to Bobby. They talked and he cuddled her. He always had a way of making us girls feel comfortable and secure. He told her how proud he was of her. He said that most older girls wouldn't have been able to handle the situation as well as she did. Of course she blushed.
Lionel came back and Bobby left. Lionel sat on the bed next to Candie. He put his arms around her and started to kiss her again. He forced her down on her back. The towel came loose and his cock was raised again. He positioned himself between her legs and she automatically spread them. Lionel was trying to find her cunt with his cock, but wasn't doing a very good job of it, so Candie reached down and pointed it in the right direction. Just as he was about to penetrate her again, Bobby came back. He said to stop because Candie had enough for one day. Candie protested but Bobby was firm in his decision. He took his responsibilities very seriously.
They all got dressed and left the house. They had decided to go to McDonald's for a burger and a drink. Candie sat between Bobby, who was driving, and Lionel. She told me later that she felt like a Queen being protected by her two knights in shinning armor.
When they went inside to eat, Candie found it very difficult to walk naturally. She said that her cunt was so sore that every step was quite painful. She felt that every pair of eyes were on her and she was embarrassed. But in reality, no one noticed.
After lunch, they drove Lionel back home. He wanted Candie to come in with him again but Bobby said that she had enough for one day. But he promised to bring her back again as soon as she wanted to. Lionel kissed her goodbye and went in.
On the way home, Bobby asked her how she felt. She said that she felt wonderful even though her cunt was still sore. She said that she liked fucking Lionel and wanted to do it again really soon. She asked Bobby if he would take her back after she had a bath and soaked her pussy for a while, but Bobby, in his wisdom, said she better wait for a few days. She started to pout. When she pouted, she usually got her own way, but not this time. Bobby stood firm.
Mommy and daddy had gone out for a drive. Sandie and I were in the house waiting for Candie to return. We were both nervous. We wanted to know so badly how she made out. We hardly talked at all, and that was unusual for us. Finally they came home.
Bobby was helping Candie up the back stairs. When we heard them coming, we both jumped up and ran to the back door. The poor baby. She could hardly walk, but she was smiling and laughing and she was so very proud of herself. We ran too her and both helped her into the living room and sat her on the chesterfield. Sandie sat on one side of her and I on the other. We made her tell us everything. By the time she finished, both Sandie and I had cum two times each. We just couldn't help but play with ourselves.
Wow. What a story. Bobby was in the room with us and agreed with everything and also gave his comments on some things. He told us how proud he was of our baby sister.
Sandie and I took Candie to the bathroom. I ran the water to fill the tub while Sandie started to undress Candie. When she took her panties off, she could see all of Lionel's cum that was leaking from her cunt. She held them to her nose and inhaled deeply. She also licked the wet spot and moaned. I couldn't take it any more and I grabbed them from her and did the same. God, that guy smells and tastes so good. While Candie was standing there watching us, I could still see some of Lionel's cum dribbling down her leg.