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As you probably know by now, I'm very vocal when I have an orgasm. This time was no exception. Lionel knew that he had brought me to another orgasm and as usual, he was very pleased with himself.
He didn't stop fucking me just because I had cum. He kept right on doing his job. And what a job he was doing. His strokes were becoming slower now. Slow and long. He had discovered that by pulling his cock almost all the way out of me till just part of the head remained buried then slowly pushing it back inside till our pubic areas were touching, not only gave me great pleasure, but gave him pleasure as well. Also he could last longer.
The only problem was that this often gave me multiple orgasms. Is that a problem? I don't think so...he-he- he...
The Lion was now getting close to cumming himself. He started fucking me harder and faster now. His head was held back and his eyes were closed. There was a look of determination on his face. He was gritting his teeth. I found out later that he was trying to hold back his cum till I was ready. He knew that when I was ready I'd start using my cunt muscles to squeeze him. He had to wait for that. I could feel his cock start to throb and it was getting bigger and bigger, if that is possible. I knew I was only seconds away for another orgasm.
"Shit, L-L-Lionel. I-I'mmm almost r-r-ready to cum. Oh, Christ! Oh, C-C-Christ!"
My legs were around his waist again and I was squeezing him hard. My vaginal muscles were clamping on to his throbbing cock now and just wouldn't let go. I forgot all about the rhythm I should be following. My cunt muscles had a mind of their own and wouldn't let go.
"Carol. I-I'm c-c-cumming too. Oh, G-God this feels so fuck'n' good. OH, G-GOD. I'MMMM CUMMING. I-I-I'M CUMMMMMING!" He was yelling and screaming.
I was no better off. I was exploding into another fantastic orgasm. I couldn't keep still. Every muscle in my body was jerking and going into spasms.
"Fuck L-L-Lionel, I-I'mmm cumminggg tooooo. Ohhhh, wow! Ohhhh, wowww. I-I'mm cumming, b-baby. I-I-I'mmmm cumming. D-Don't stop. S-S-hit. F-f-fuck me hard, F- F- UCK ME! FUCK ME! Ohhhhhhh!"
Lionel fucked me for all he was worth. He flooded my cunt again with his life giving seed. I don't know how many orgasms I had. We had cum together again but I kept cumming. I don't know if it was many separate orgasms or one really long one. But what ever it was I almost fainted. The blood seemed to drain from my head and I felt all weak and dizzy. I hung on to Lionel tightly. It's a good thing he was on top this time or I'm sure I would have fallen off.
Lionel just laid on top of me for what seemed like five minutes. We were both exhausted and breathing so very hard. The blood returned to my head. When our breaths returned to normal, we kissed some more. Lionel's cock was still inside me but I couldn't feel it shrinking like it always did. It still felt hard. I think Lionel noticed that too because he started slowly pumping in and out of me again, just taking long slow strokes.
He was sucking on my titties too. His tongue was circling my hard nipples and my areolas. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his chest and back and somehow he managed to turn us both over so that I ended on top. I don't know how he did it, but the Lion's cock never moved from my pussy and he managed to keep on sucking my titties without hurting me.
The Lion's cock still felt so good inside me. I sat up straight. Lionel held me by the hips for balance. Just using my leg muscles, I started to rise and fall. His big cock came out and went into my cunt with ease. As I told you before, the size of his cock puts pressure on my clit and I was soon nearing another climax. God, how many was that today? I lost count.
I started riding his cock harder and faster now. Christ, I couldn't wait for him to cum. Pressure was building up deep inside of me and I knew I'd explode into another powerful orgasm within seconds. I was screaming now. I was riding him hard and fast. I was bouncing up and down and when I came down I came down hard to jamb his cock as far inside me as it would go. I did this over and over again screaming and moaning all the time. Finally I let out a loud cry and threw myself down on Lionel. I just rested there for a few seconds then looked at Lionel and smiled. He knew.
I could feel his cock throbbing now and it felt like it was getting bigger. I knew by that and by the way he was breathing and moaning that he too was near ejaculation. I started my cunt muscles working and I didn't have to wait long till I felt another strong gush of his cum hit the back of my pussy. He didn't cum as much as before, but I was already full of his cream and all of it seeped out and down my legs and seemed to go into my bum area and onto him.
I rolled off him and looked at his face. His eyes were closed and he had a sweet totally satisfied look on his face. He kissed me and cuddled me and ran his hands all over my body for about 15 minutes. He talked to me about anything and everything. I've never known him to talk so much. All this time I was laying partly on him and my head was snuggled into his shoulder. My hand was caressing his stomach and chest all this time.
I looked at the clock. It was about 3 PM. We had been fucking for about 2 hours. I was exhausted and closed my eyes. I don't think it was very long before I was asleep.
Lionel's soft kiss on my lips awakened me. I thought I was dreaming. Then I heard him call my name.
"Carol. Carol. Come on. We have to get up now." He spoke this so softly.
I opened my eyes and saw him smiling down at me.
"Hi, sleepyhead. We've got to get up now." He repeated. I stretched and yawned and giggled as I smiled back at him. I never felt so good in all my life. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss and squeezed my titties at the same time. My hand just seemed to go for his cock again. Just as if I had no control over its movements. I wasn't surprised to find it rock hard again. Lionel's hand was now between my legs and my cunt juices were flowing freely.
I don't ever remember being as wet as I was at that moment. I crawled up and straddled Lionel again. I reached between my legs and grabbed hold of his cock and again placed it at the entrance to my treasure chest. Again that wonderful, beautiful, big, thick cock was inside me where it belonged. There was no hurting now. Lionel would never hurt me ever again like he did when he first fucked me. I think that learning that I could take a cock the size of Lionel's, gave me the courage to try fisting with Brandy and Sandie and Candie. But more about that at another time.
I rode up and down on his shaft again. I started off slow but I soon built up speed and came down harder and harder every time. Again I was going wild. We both were breathing so hard we couldn't talk properly.