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But instead, pretty Faith looked up into the eyes of the smug old man and showed him how much of his evil cum she'd collected in her mouth. With a finger, he scooped the errant slick of his cum from her cheek and her little nose, and pushed it into her mouth to add to the pool of off-white goo. As soon as she could see that he was satisfied, Faith closed her mouth and carefully swallowed every drop of the warm goo. Every part of her brain screamed no, but the terrible, pungent cum left a trail of oily residue all the way down her throat.
As the man zipped up his pants and fastened his belt, the elevator pinged for the eighth floor. Little Faith rocked back on her heels in complete disbelief of what she'd done.
"Here you are dear, I do hope to see you again soon," the man said.
Faith blinked and looked back up to the older gentleman, who had his hand out with a ten dollar bill. She didn't want his money! She didn't want to EVER see him again! But she watched in horror as her little hand reached up to take the money, only to see the look on the man's mean face get even smugger.
"Yes, yes, pleasure doing business with you dear. The name's Clint, Clint Fitser. Wouldn't mind hearing you moan my name next time, little one, if you know what I mean." The doors to the elevator opened and the man stepped out with a jaunty bounce to his step. Faith leaned against the door, panting, until the doors slid shut.
Suddenly alone again, Faith found that she could move and act as she pleased. The strange feeling that had gripped her, which she was only now recognizing, was gone. She jumped to her feet, quickly buttoned her blouse back up and tucked it into her skirt. She didn't bother with her panties or her tie - she just wanted OUT of the lift. She jumped to the control panel and pressed the open-door button. She was more than happy to tromp down a few flights of stairs if she could only get OUT. The doors stubbornly refused to obey her repeated jabbing at the button. In a rising panic, Faith pushed the button for four, the floor of her parent's flat. But the button refused to light up. The ground floor button also wouldn't light up. She was trapped in the elevator!
Faith pounded on the control panel pressing every button to no avail. But finally she noticed something at the very bottom of the control panel she'd never seen before. She was sure it had never been there before. There was a very thin, horizontal slot, about two inches across. And next to it was a tiny red electronic display that read $30.
Faith stared and stared at the small slot as more and more horror gripped her. It couldn't be. It just couldn't! But finally, with a feeling of utter defeat, Faith picked up the ten dollar bill she'd thrown to the floor. Carefully, she fed one end of the bill into the slot. It was a perfect fit. No sooner had she pushed half an inch of the bill into the orifice than it was quickly sucked into the panel. A second later, the digital readout changed: $20.
Precisely ten seconds later the doors to the elevator slid open.
Faith grabbed her backpack and she leapt to the open doors! At least that's what her brain told her to do. Instead, she stood stock still in the corner of the elevator as Mr. Wett stepped into the lift and gave Faith a nice smile.
Mr. Colin Wett was well-known to Faith and her parents. He worked in the same bank as her father. In his early forties, he was handsome, always had a smile for Faith and she didn't mind talking to him when he came over for dinner once a month. He pressed the button for the ground floor of the lift, and stepped back politely. But the second the doors slid shut, Faith saw the strange look that came over his face. He turned and looked down at Faith hungrily.
Faith was already unbuttoning her blouse again.
It seemed like it was all going to happen again, as the lift slowly crept downwards. The blouse came off and dropped to the floor. The man's pants were unbuckled, unzipped, and dropped to his knees. The little girl, on her knees, reached out to pull down his underpants - tidy whiteys this time. Faith fought as hard as she could against every motion, but it all moved forward like nightmare clockwork. Colin moaned and trembled as his cock rapidly grew to tumescence at the little girl's tender, soft touch. Her lips touched the tip of his erection and then her tongue swirled around the most sensitive part of the glans.
But Colin Wett had for some time had forbidden dreams of the little girl kneeling at his feet. The high point of his month was the visit to her house for dinner, when he had a whole evening to drool over her cute little body, swim in her big green eyes and fantasize about moments exactly like this one. Colin didn't understand what was happening, but he wasn't going to waste the opportunity. Bending, he grasped the little girl just under her arms and lifted her up to his chest, where he crushed her flat chest to his.
This was a new terror for the ten-year-old. She tried to beat her hands against Colin's chest. She tried to kick him with her dangling legs. She tried to wriggle out of his tight embrace. Instead, she wrapped her thin legs around his torso, wrapped her skinny arms around his neck and let him kiss her on the mouth, meeting his passion with an equal level of energetic desire.
With one arm grasping the child around the waist, Mr. Wett fumbled at Faith's short skirt, pulling it out from between them. He kissed her harder and harder until he suddenly broke it off and let her small body flop backwards. More fumbling was required to get the head of his cock to the entrance of the child's cunt, but when he stroked the base of his erection along her cunny, he found she was sopping with desire.
Faith couldn't understand what was going on. Why was Mr. Wett groping around between her legs? What was pressing against her tiny slit? Oh god, it must be his cock! Surely he wasn't going to... Oh god, no, no, no, NOOOOOOO!!
But yes, Mr. Wett fully intended to fuck the little elevator whore. He fumbled about, but he was motivated by a desire beyond anything he'd ever felt before. Colin pressed the child's back into the cold, paneled walls of the lift, lifted her to the perfect position and amazingly the little girl tilted her hips to the perfect angle. She practically grabbed the head of his cock with her tiny, hairless pussy.
"Oh Colin, Colin, fuck me, fuck me, make me your little whore!" Faith mewled out, not even understanding her own words.
Colin understood the words and they drove him insane. Slamming the ten-year-old into the wall of the lift, he thrust forward into her. He ripped away her innocence and buried half of his cock inside of her. Faith screamed at the sudden, sharp pain. Then the fucking began. Hard, driving thrusts as deep as Colin could go. Faith was barely big enough to take five inches of his pile-driving erection, but it was unbelievably good. The child was so tight!
"Colin, Colin, fuck me! Oh yes, yes, you stud, you're such a man! Fuck me!" Her words made no sense, but the little girl moaned them out with all sincerity as the banker rammed his cock into her tiny pussy over and over.
"Jesus, fuck, you're so tight. Faith, oh Faith, oh fuck! Yes, yes, you fucking little whore. Oh god!" Colin Wett was beside himself with the sensations of fucking such a hot little girl.
Something completely unexpected happened to Faith. Her little body began to shake on its own, beyond the thrashing of Colin's rapid, violent thrusts. She'd never heard the word orgasm, never known that anything so intense could happen to a person. But wracking waves of climax spread out from her miniature, tightly filled pussy and she cried out with confusing, overwhelming pleasure. "Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, yes! Oh god, Colin, fuck me!!"
Colin slammed the little girl's back into the wall over and over again as he felt climax rising up in his balls. He wanted to fuck her tight pussy forever, but he was also desperate to fill her with his hot seed. "Jesus, damn, damn, fuck! Yes, yes, yes!" he moaned and then he came, deep inside of her. Wave after wave of cum spurted up into her immature womb. He pressed up inside of her as far as he could get and shivered with fulfillment.
Faith understood that she had just been defiled, that her little body would never be the same, never again be innocent. But it felt so good! She squeezed with everything she had, holding the big cock inside of her.
Looking over her client's shoulder, Faith saw the floor indicator count down to two! In a moment the door would open. Anyone could step into the elevator and see her writhing on the man's cock. But suddenly Colin lifted her off of his glistening cock and set her gently on the floor. He stepped back as she watched, her big green eyes wide with stress and confusion, and quickly tucked his wilting cock back into his undershorts. In seconds his pants were back up, buckled and zipped and he showed no sign that he'd just fucked a ten-year-old in an elevator. Faith trembled in the corner, overwhelmed, but she took the twenty-dollar bill he handed her with a smile.
The elevator pinged, the doors slid open and Mr. Wett bounced out with a happy, refreshed gait.
Once again, as the doors slid closed to seal Faith in, alone, she felt the strange sensations lift off of her shoulders. As quick as she could she stood and put her blouse back on, buttoning it up and tucking it in. She grabbed her panties from the floor to wipe up the cum that kept leaking out of her pussy to dribble down the insides of her thighs. As soon as she was put together, she stepped to the console, knelt down and slid the terrible twenty-dollar bill, her wages, into the tiny slot. She waited, trembling, until the small display changed, from $20 to $0.
"Yes!" Faith said out loud. And then, with shaking fingers, she pushed the button marked four. The elevator began to move at once and when the doors opened a few moments later Faith nearly leapt from the claustrophobic chariot.
"Daddy? Daddy, can I please have thirty dollars," Faith asked her daddy at the breakfast table. She needed to leave soon, to meet the town car that would take her to school. She had no intention of going anywhere near the lift, but she'd rather be ready for it if the worst happened. Daddy never could say no to his pretty little girl, so she had the thirty dollars in her little fist when she walked out the door.
Faith headed straight for the stairwell. She didn't want to walk down four flights of stairs with her heavy backpack, but it was better than chancing the lift again. But the strangest thing happened - she couldn't quite remember where the stairwell door was. She looked down one hallway, then another and then another, but she couldn't find it anywhere. She knew it had to be there - but it wasn't. She glanced at her wristwatch. She was running out of time! Oh gosh!
Faith found herself standing in front of the big silver doors to the lift. She checked again to make sure she had her thirty dollars. She girded herself. She could do this! She pushed the down button. The doors slid open as if they'd been waiting for her. With a gulp, Faith stepped into the elevator and shivered as the door slid closed. She was only a little surprised when the button for the ground floor didn't light up. She'd hoped that she'd simply had a terrible nightmare, but the minor aches and pains her body and jaw felt from her first hard blowjob and fucking told her that it wasn't just a dream. The old man had cursed her!