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Dropping to her knees again, next to Chester, Faith went down onto one hand and reached up under the dog's belly. She had to duck her head low to see what she was doing, but there it was, an inch of bright red, pointy dog-cock, jutting out of a little furry sack. It was awkward to get down under the big dog, but Faith did her best. She reached for the red cock and the second she wrapped her small fingers around it more of it slid out of the sack. It wasn't big around, but it was getting impressively long. The hard part was to get her lips to the nasty thing. Faith twisted her neck and pressed her face against the fur of the dog's belly. Her mind was screaming at her to stop, to get up, to run and run and never come back. But she was in thrall to the lift and she knew she was going to service her client no matter how humiliating.
Before she could even bring her lips to the tip of the dog's lengthening cock a jet of hot, thin liquid squirted out to hit her in the face and mouth. It was salty and acrid - not like all the man-cum she'd been forced to swallow. She got a second hot taste of the precum before she could bring her lips to play, but she persevered and slipped her lips around the pointed red column of flesh. The dog's cock was so different than a man's! It was slimy and tasted strange. Faith wanted to stop, to run, to hide, but she couldn't. All she could do was greedily sucking down more and more of the dog's disgusting red cock.
Chester and his cock both responded quickly to the wonderful ministrations of the sexy redheaded ten-year-old. The dog whined and jerked his hips about, driving more of his cock past her luscious lips. The cock quickly swelled, getting thicker and thicker in Faith's mouth and in the hand that was clutching what she couldn't get into her mouth. Soon the cock was too big for her to get her hand all the way around, and her lips were stretched wide. But the child new her duty and she bobbed her head back and forth on the warm, slimy length of dog-meat. Jet after jet of hot precum scalded the back of her throat. She swallowed it quickly, terrified of choking.
Faith looked past the cock that had grown to an immense size and into the eyes of Darla, who was kneeling down to get the best view of the little girl's lips wrapped around her dog's huge cock. The woman was frigging herself with abandon as she watched. When the woman's eyes darted to the base of the dog's cock, Faith's eyes followed, although she nearly had to go cross-eyed to do it. There Faith saw Chester's knot swell up to an enormous size, like a misshapen red, veined softball. And then the flood of dog-cum poured into her mouth and down her throat. Thinner than a man's cum, less slimy and oily, but just as tasty - enormous amounts of the animal's seed filled Faith's mouth faster than she could possibly swallow. She choked and lost her grip on the cock, only to be blasted in the face by several more waves of the sticky cum.
"Oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes, ohhhhh, ohhhh, OHHHH!" Mrs. Bolyard moaned as she achieved climax on her fingers.
With his own needs met, Chester the dog immediately lost interest in little Faith, who sprawled on the floor, her face covered with dog semen. She looked up to see Darla compose herself, then reach into her purse and pull out twenty dollars, which she handed to the bedraggled child. "That was simply lovely, pet," Darla said with a smile. "We don't usually go walking quite this early, but I suppose we could change our schedule." Faith's eyes flared with alarm, but she couldn't get out the nooooo! she so badly wanted to scream before the woman went on. "And what time do you go to school in the morning, dear? We do take two walks a day, you know."
No, no, no! Faith's brains screamed. But her mouth said "about eight thirty, Mrs. Bolyard."
"Lovely!" Darla said, just as the lift door chimed. Then she picked up Chester's leash and the two of them exited as the doors slid open.
True to form, the next morning Faith watched in horror as the elevator immediately rose to the ninth floor and Mrs. Bolyard and Chester, wagging his tail with delight, entered the elevator. Faith was already stripping off her tie and blouse by the time the doors slid closed.
"We really haven't a lot of time, dear," Darla said sweetly. "Let's just get to business quickly, shall we, say - down on your hands and knees."
Faith dutifully dropped to her hands and knees, not really knowing what to expect, but knowing whatever it was it would be humiliating, degrading and probably terrifying. She wasn't to be disappointed. Darla quickly flipped Faith's short skirt up over her back to reveal her naked little ass and Chester didn't waste any time either. He sluiced his long rough tongue up between Faith's thighs and into her waiting, tight slit.
"Ooh! God. Oooh, oooh, OOOH!" Faith moaned as the dog prepared her, expertly. The lift was barely past the eighth floor and Faith was already near to climax - wet, swollen and ready. She opened her legs wider and instinctively dropped her elbows to floor in preparation. But still she was shocked when she felt the dog's considerable weight on her back and the tight embrace of his front legs around her thin waist. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Please, please. OH! OH!" she barked out when Chester began wildly humping at her from behind.
Darla was already on her knees beside the loving couple, bending down to get the best view she could manage, hoping to see the moment when Chester's rapidly lengthening red cock found the mark and plunged into the little girl's pretty cunt. And she wasn't disappointed. "OOOOOHHHHH!" Faith screamed when the tip of the dog's cock found her entrance and then the dog humped forward, skewering her deeply all at once.
"Oh my, oh my, oh my, yes, yes," Darla cooed. Even she couldn't believe how fast and deep the dog's piston fucked the little girl. It was almost a blur of motion. The keening, moaning desperation of the child just made it that much better! As soon as the child began to tremble and shake, uncontrollably, Darla knew that her dog had driven the poor little thing to an orgasm unlike any before. It was so wonderful to watch! Darla's own massive climax hit her seconds later as she creamed massively on the dildo she'd brought along for just this purpose.
Faith had been fucked many times, but she'd never experienced the unbelievable speed and energy of the big dog on her back. Her little body wracked with orgasm as his cock slammed in and out of her faster than she could keep track of. She felt it swelling inside of her and suddenly she remembered seeing the massive knot that had formed on the cock the day before. No, no, no! Not inside me. PLEASE, PLEASE, NOT INSIDE ME! She tried to scream. But of course she was deep under the control of the lift and the only words that escaped her pretty lips were "Yes, yes, doggy, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"
The dog impaled the little girl as deeply as he could, ramming against her insides, and then his knot inflated. Faith felt the monstrous bulge growing up inside her pussy, trapped beyond the tight opening. She was knotted to the mongrel. She was stuck to him. She was experiencing the ultimate delight and defilement. And her orgasm went on and on.
Looking up, Darla and Faith both saw that the lift was just passing the fifth floor, not even half way to the lobby. And the little girl was trapped on the dog's huge knot. Darla smiled and continued to fuck herself with the dildo, enjoying every moment of the child's humiliation and discomfort.
The lift seemed to move incredibly slowly as it passed the fourth floor, the third and then the second. Finally, just as the lift was passing the first floor, the dog began to pull on his massive knot. Faith screamed and screamed as he slowly, painfully, pulled the slightly smaller knot through her little pussy until it popped out with a huge gush of dog cum. Faith collapsed on the floor, her thin legs covered with the dog's ejaculate.
Moments before the lift pinged arrival at the lobby, Darla handed Faith two crisp twenty dollar bills. As the doors slid open, she took Chester by the leash and the two of them happily bounced out of the lift to take Chester on his morning constitutional. From the floor, Faith could see the dog's cock and knot, still monstrously large, red and shiny, dangling down from his belly. She was still on the floor, in a puddle of dog cum as her next client stepped into the lift and smiled down at her.
As the weeks went by, Faith learned to recognize every man in the building by his special kinks - and there were so many to choose from. But her pretty little body never seemed to particularly suffer from her hours in the lift, servicing her many clients. Her cunt was just as tight as the first time, her lips were never chapped no matter how many cocks she served and even her ass, which sometimes helped her to service two men at the same time, remained as taught as ever. Chester was a regular client, often twice a day and Daddy enjoyed Faith's services at least as often as any other man in the building. Faith started noticing early on that the building seemed to need a lot more maintenance that it had ever had before - and the maintenance men who came to work always seemed to come and go on the same schedule as Faith. And worse, a couple more tenants of the building went out and adopted large male dogs. Faith was very busy.
The price of Faith's lift ride stopped climbing when it hit $100. By then she'd gotten so good at her new job that she could raise the money in forty five minutes or so - unless she was stuck for a longer time on some dog's cock. The Rottweiler Clint Fitser had purchased had a particularly large knot and servicing him could require going all the way up and all the way down in the elevator, time that Mr. Fitser always put to good use.
And then, one day, a familiar face stepped into the elevator with Faith as she was trying to get the last thirty dollars she needed to get out of the lift and go home to do her homework.
"It's you!" she said, her pretty green eyes wide with shock. "You! You did this to me. You have to make it stop. You have to. I'll do anything. You just have to make it stop."
Professor Imrash West looked down on the gorgeous child and smiled. "I'm so sorry, dear," he said. "Wishes can't be reversed. I did try to warn you, you'll remember."
"But please, please, I can't go on like this. Didn't you come here to see if I had learned my lesson or something? Aren't you supposed to release me from this nightmare?"
"Oh, no dear, it doesn't work like that - wherever did you get such a notion? No, no, it was lovely to see you again and see that you're doing so well. But I'm just here to visit a man on the seventh floor who's about ready to make a wish that should be quite delicious to grant."
"Noooooo! Please!"