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"Ok Sara if you don't mind." So he started stroking his cock. He knew Sara was in a hurry so he increased his stroke rate. "Sara, this a pretty small shower. I might get some cum on you."
"That's all right Jack. I am very used to cum on my body."
Those words were enough for him to ejaculate stream after stream of cum onto Sara's breasts.
"Good job sweetie. You have some real potential."
Relieved Jack was able to lather, rinse and join Sara who was drying off in the bedroom. They quickly dressed and headed to the dining room holding hands. When the maître de asked for their room number, Jack assumed the role of husband and replied, "We are in the 'lovers' suite." He was a bit surprised that this rather young looking man could actually be married to this gorgeous woman. But his role was not to question and he seated them at a table for two.
"Well played Jack. You are really getting into the role of husband to be."
He reached out for her hand held it softly and said, "It's easy Sara. You are a beautiful and sexy woman and I have always loved you." "Oh Jack that is the most romantic thing any man has ever said to me. And you know that I loved you from the moment you were born."
They stared into each other's eyes. Jack didn't know if he was talking to his loving mother, the pretend bride to be or a future incestuous lover. He was hoping for the last option.
They enjoyed a delicious meal and then explored the various decks of the ship. At ten, they headed back to the "lovers" suite. They decided it was time for bed. "Jack, I'm going to change into my negligee. Why don't you put on something more comfortable?" Sara disappeared into the bathroom he took out one of his silk boxers. He also took out his lube and placed it under his bed just in case.
Sara came out of the bathroom smiling at her young son's stunned reaction. Jack knew that this ultra- sheer negligee that left nothing to the imagination had been purchased for the honeymoon.