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Sara was so excited she started to cry, but they were tears of joy. "Jack that would make my fantasy almost come true."
That night after they had explored a few comedy clubs and bars on the ship, they returned to their room. After a half hour in the hot tub, they were relaxed. They got up and toweled off. There was no talk of boxers or negligee. Jack and Sara, mother and son were perfectly comfortable in the nude.
"Jack you have been so good to me, I want to give you your first blow job."
"Sara, are you sure that isn't incest?"
"No, Jack, until your cock goes into my cunt, there is no incest"
Jack laid back with an erection already in place and prepared for Sara's mouth and tongue. He propped his head up with a pillow so he had a good view.
She teased the tip of his cock with her tongue. Then she put her lips over his cock and started sucking. Not many 16 year old boys had a sexy 32 year old mother willing to give them a blow job. Jack had learned some self-control and he was able to go twenty minutes before he was ready to explode.
"Sara, I'm ready to come. I'm afraid I 'm going to dump a pretty big load in your mouth." He moaned with pleasure when he ejaculated. Thankfully, his mom had no problems swallowing the bursts of cum.
When she was done licking the last of the cum from Jack's cock, she lifted her head up to kiss him. This kiss was different. It included his mom's tongue and a slightly salty taste that must have be a remnant of his cum.
Sara looked at her son with a sly smile and said, "You know honey there is a way we can give each other pleasure at the same time. It's called the 69 position. I would suck your cock while you use your fantastic tongue on my clit. To tell you the truth. I have never tried this position before. Jack, you would be my first."
Jack was overwhelmed. His mom wanted him, her own son, to be the first to try a sexy form of mutual masturbation. They quickly worked out the body mechanics and soon Jack and Sara were licking and sucking each other to three rounds of mutual orgasms. Jack thought he better enjoy tonight. This was probably the closest he would ever come to fucking his mother for real. All that was left was cock into vagina, and that would cross the line into incest.