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Besides I had been fucking for a long time before I went with him. Bobby told him that he fucks Candie regularly, and that she is very good. She is a fast learner and really likes everything about sex.
Lionel agreed and a date was set up. We all talked it over and we agreed that Bobby would take Candie with him to Lionel's place on Sunday when his parents would be gone from the house most of the day. It would appear very innocent; a brother taking his sister out with him. Bobby would stay in the house while Candie and Lionel were together. He might be in the bedroom with them or down stairs watching TV. It just depended on how Candie was. If she was very scared, he'd stay with her. If not, he'd leave them alone.
Sunday arrived and Candie got Sandie and me up at 7:30 AM. She was so excited that she couldn't sleep and because she couldn't sleep, neither could we. Sandie didn't have to work today. She arranged to change shifts with someone at her job so that she could help me get Candie ready.
We quietly got up and Sandie borrowed Bobbie's car and took us to McDonald's for breakfast. We were all in a good mood and we laughed and giggled all through breakfast. We got all kinds of funny looks from the other customers there. Candie could hardly keep still, she was that excited.
When we got home the first thing we did was try to find some decent clothes for her to wear. She wasn't dating yet, so really had nothing special. But we still wanted her to look nice. We wanted her to look like a sexy young girl, but not a tramp. Luckily it was September and still summer. It was going to be a beautiful day today. I say it was lucky because that meant we could dress her in her summer clothes and not the thicker, heavier winter clothes that do very little if anything for the figure.
Candie still didn't have any breasts to speak of so a bra was not necessary. Her eyes were brown like all our eyes, and her hair was silky blond and long. She still had some baby fat around her tummy, but that was going fast. She was slender and had lovely long legs, which went up to a beautifully shaped bum. Sandie and I decided that her legs and bum were her best feature at this point in time. In fact to this day, they still are.
What to wear! We finally decided on pair of dark green shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt, and her nicest pair of panties. The shorts weren't tight as she didn't have any tight, sexy clothes. We always tried to get mommy to buy her some, but she wouldn't; at least not till she grew up a bit more. Both my clothes and Sandie's were too big for her. The T-shirt covered her tummy, but it was loose and flared out at the bottom. We picked out some clean white socks and a new pair of white shoes that Sandie had bought for her and gave her that morning.
Candie was so thrilled with the present. You'd think she just got a diamond ring or something. Sandie just wanted to make sure she had some nice shoes because all her other ones were grubby. Sandie is very thoughtful to her sisters and brothers.
It was about 10 o'clock now. We would be leaving in about an hour.
Bath time. We stripped Candie naked and took her by the hands and led her to the bathroom. I ran the water and Sandie put in the bubble bath. We literally picked her up and placed her in the tub. We told her to soak there for a while and we'd be back shortly to wash her.
Sandie went back to our bedroom and got everything ready to do Candie's hair and makeup while I gathered up the clothes she was going to wear and went to the laundry room and ironed them. They were a little crinkled. All that took about 15 minutes then we went back and washed Candie thoroughly.
Candie had fucked Brad last night so Sandie used her long fingers to clean the inside of her cunt as good as she could. She wanted to get as much of Brads cum out of there as possible. Then she took the hand held shower and put as much of it as she could right up close to Candies pussy and turned the water on. That got rid of the rest of it...he-he-he...
We both dried her and wrapped her in a fresh towel, she brushed her teeth, and then we went back to the bedroom. We met Bobbie in the hall and he gave Candie a nice kiss and slipped his hand under the towel and rubbed her pussy playfully. Candie blushed and Sandie and I giggled.
Sandie spent about half an hour on Candie's hair and makeup, and in the end she looked beautiful. She put on just a touch of make up. It was hardly noticeable, but it made Candie feel good. Besides, mommy didn't like Candie wearing makeup.
We got her dressed just as Bobby came in the room and said it was time to go. He looked at Candie and let out a long wolf whistle. We all laughed and Candie went a little red. Everyone told her how nice she looked.
Mommy and daddy had gone back to bed, so we didn't have to see them. It was just as well because if we had to do any explaining we could have let something slip. Sandie let Candie use a little of her special perfume. I don't remember what it was called. I think it was an Estee Lauder scent. It was very nice and so sexy smelling.
The next part of this story is not first hand. I'm repeating what Bobby and Candie and Lionel told me.
Candie was very nervous in the car. In fact she was scared. Bobby tried to cheer her up, but he couldn't. She wouldn't smile or laugh. She just sat close to Bobby sitting on her hands, and staring straight ahead. Bobby asked her if she was alright and she nodded her head yes. He asked her if she was scared and again she nodded yes. He asked her if she would rather go back home. She didn't answer. Bobby asked her again. This time she looked up at Bobby and said "No, Bobby. I don't want to go home. It's just that I'm so scared. What if he hurts me?"
Bobby pulled the car off to the side of the road and stopped. He put his arm around Candie to try to comfort her. He could feel her shaking. He told me he thought that this was unfair to Candie. He should never have agreed to arrange this date. She was so young. It's one thing for a sister to fuck her brother, but it's another thing to get someone else involved even if it is her cousin.
"It's OK, Sweetheart. You don't have to be scared any more. I'm going to take you back home. No one will blame you."
Bobby started the car again, but Candie stopped him from turning around.
"No. No, Bobby. No. I want to do it. Really I do." She sounded so sincere to Bobby.
"Are you sure?" Bobby asked her. "No one will blame you if you want to change your mind."
"I'm okay now. I was just a little scared there. That's all," she said.
"Do you want me to be with you and Lionel? At first, anyway?" Bobby asked her. He thought that might make her feel better. "I'll stay with you and help you if you want."
"Ya. I think I'd like that," Candie replied. "I won't be as scared then. Yes please, Bobby. Will you stay with me? Please?"
Bobby agreed that he would stay with her as long as she wanted him to. He put the car in gear and pulled into Lionel's driveway five minutes later.
Lionel was waiting for them and he came to the car to meet them. He was all smiles and even kissed Candie tenderly. Bobby told Candie to stay in the car for a minute and he took Lionel aside and told him that Candie was scared but still wants to go through with it but that she wanted him there with them. Lionel couldn't say much but he understood anyway and agreed. They all went into the house.
Lionel made sure that the front and back doors were locked then they all went up to his room. His stereo was on and nice rock music was playing softly in the background.