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"Okay, " he shrugged, "but it's not gonna do any good. My poor ol' cock has it for a while."
"We'll just see about that, Daddy," Mindy said with a wicked grin.
She dipped her head down once more and raked her hot little tongue over her father's limp cock. Ben snorted with excitement as he felt his prick give an involuntary twitch. Right away he felt his lust returning, which was something that had never happened to him before. Usually, after fucking Joan, he was finished for the rest of the day... but not any more. His daughter's skillfully lashing tongue was already stimulating his cock back to erection.
Joan stared in pleasant surprise. This was getting better and better, she thought. Her one-shot husband just needed someone to press the right buttons and he could get it up again in a flash. He'd just come in his daughter's mouth, now less than a minute later his cock was once more hardening in her busy little mouth. Mindy must be pressing the right buttons, that was for sure! She'd have to ask her how she did it and practice on her son's till she got it right. Then she'd show her husband what an orgasm was all about!
Joan gasped as Roy began to lash his tongue over her pussy again, while Eddie went back to fondling her swollen sensitive tits. She turned away from Ben and lost herself in her own hot pleasure, kissing Eddie hungrily and juicing all over Roy's whipping tongue.
"Mmmmmm, yessss!" she panted, looking down at Roy's mouth plastered over her glistening slit. "Get me off now, honey, I just have to come."
Her hoarse request caught Ben's attention, and he watched carefully to see just how their son would bring her off. He needed to learn that, and a hundred other details of love-making, because from now on he and Joan were going to be totally liberated in bed. At least he was, and he had a hunch Joan would be, too. She sure didn't look inhibited or uptight right now.
"Ohhhhhhh, God, yessss," she wailed.
Roy was sliding his stiff tongue into his mother's creamy cunt, and her face was a grimace of ecstasy as she spread her legs wide and pressed the boy's mouth against her gaping pussy-slit with both hands. Roy shoved his tongue into her tight little hole right to the root, causing his mother's ass to squirm all over the bed, her tits jiggling in Eddie's hands as she whimpered into his frantically kissing mouth.
Roy's lips and chin were covered with his mother's fragrant cunt-juice as he tried desperately to lick out her flooded slit. But there was too much, so he gave up and concentrated on forcing his tongue as far as he could into her hot, clinging little fuckhole. His head began to bob as he started to face-fuck his sexy mother, with slow, deliberate strokes and flicks of his tongue. Joan pulled her mouth from Eddie's and whimpered in ecstasy.
"Unnnghhhhhhh, honey, yessssss!" she hissed, "that's it! Give it to me! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!"
Joan arched her body, squealing and whimpering as she spun towards an incredibly powerful climax. Her hips bucked up off the bed in a desperate attempt to get her son's tongue as deeply into her aching fuckhole as possible. Soon, she was undulating her ass up at him like crazy, fucking the boy's juice-slick face with the same hungry rhythm he was using to piston his stiff tongue into her clinging cunt.
She screwed her eyes shut and forgot everything else, even her husband, as she hurtled toward orgasm. Roy's jabbing tongue made an obscene sucking noise that seemed to echo through the room, punctuated by Joan's shrill cries.
Ben didn't think he'd ever seen anything sexier in his life. His wife was going out of her mind with excitement as she squirmed her cunt shamelessly up at her son's stabbing, wriggling tongue. Her pussy was creaming like crazy, the juice running out around the boy's lips and smearing all over his face. Joan squealed and clawed at the bed, clenching fistfuls of bedspread.
Watching his normally prim and proper wife get her cunt sucked and licked to the very brink of orgasm by their youngest son was incredibly exciting for Ben. He felt his cock rising rigidly under Mindy's lashing tongue and shuddered lustily as Joan began to come.
"Ohhhhhh, fuck yes, baby, I'm coming!" she shrieked. "Ohhhhhh, God! Uuunnnnnggghhh, Fuuuuuuucckkkkkk!"
She writhed and bucked so hard that Roy couldn't keep his tongue in her cunt. She jerked right off the slick impalement and rolled around on he bed, moaning and convulsing. Ben watched her with lust-glazed eyes, vowing that the next time they made love, he'd get her that excited. He'd make her come just as hard as Roy had, now that he'd lost his hangups about sex.
"Ohhhhh, shit! That was wonderful, honey!" sobbed Joan, looking down at her son with dreamy satisfaction. "You made me come so good!"
"My pleasure, Mom!", grinned Roy giving his mother's twitching pussy a tender kiss.
Joan lay back in total bliss. It was the most powerful climax she'd ever had in her life, and she wondered if that was because she was having sex with her sons, or the fact that her husband was watching ... or both? She didn't know, but one thing was certain... it wouldn't be the last time!
She had to admit that the delicious depravity of fucking her own kids added greatly to her arousal. For her at least, forbidden fruit DID taste the best... and so did forbidden cocks, she thought, smiling to herself. And judging by the way her husband had fucked their daughter's pretty little face before and come in her mouth, Ben was learning to appreciate the pleasures of taboo sex himself.
As her pussy-spasms subsided, Joan opened her eyes and looked over at her husband. Their eyes locked, and they smiled at each other. She'd never seen him look more handsome... more desirable... more totally aroused.