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Jack took his mom into his arms and they shared a long and passionate kiss.
They had entered the chapel as mother and son but the captain had just declared them man and wife.
They then enjoyed a romantic dinner in a small room reserved for special occasions. Although only nine o'clock both wanted to return to the suite and satisfy each other.
When they got to their door, Sara said, "Honey, will you carry me across the threshold?"
Jack had no problems lifting his 115 pound bride into his arms and carrying her into the "lovers" suite. Once inside they discovered that the captain had sent ahead a bottle of champagne with two glasses.
Jack poured two glasses. For one night, he was willing to fulfill all of the wedding traditions and toast his new bride.
After the last sip, Jack picked up his mother again and carried her into the bedroom. They took turns undressing each other. Then Sara took the bobby pins out of her hair and let it flow down to her shoulders. Then she said, "Jack you don't have to worry about the makeup anymore. And with another passionate kiss they fell into bed."
Both looked at each other not knowing what was going to happen next. Sara broke the silence and said, "Jack the last few days have been the best of my life. I thought this was going to be just a few days at sea with a loving son helping me live out a honeymoon dream. But, I found the man I love and want to be with for the rest of my love… my own son. But the only way we can do this is too make love, incestuous love. Are you willing to cross the line tonight and make love to me?"
Jacks heart skipped a few beats. His mom, the women he loved beyond belief, was asking him to cross the line and make incestuous love with her. "Sara, I have dreamed of making love to you this entire cruise. I really want you to be my wife and share our lives together."
"Jack I want to make love with you tonight, but I have to tell you something before we begin. Last Friday, I went to my doctor and had my IUD removed. You see Jack I always wanted to have another baby and a secret part of my fantasy was trying to get pregnant on my wedding night. Once we get back home, I will see my doctor and have the IUD put back in. Until then, you are going to have to wear a condom."
"But Sara I don't have any condoms. I never expected to be making love to you on this cruise."
Sara hesitated for just a second but then said, "I'm willing to take a chance if you are, it's only one night."
Jack smiled and said, "You bet I'm willing to take a chance. I want to lose my virginity to the sexiest woman on this ship." And the lovemaking began. They started out with a little sucking and licking but both wanted to move right to intercourse. Jack got on top of his mom and she guided his cock to the entrance of her vagina. In a sexy voice she told Jack, "Honey I am not a virgin and I am very well lubricated. Stick your penis in me and thrust as hard as you want."
Jack couldn't believe what was about to happen. He stuck his cock in her love hole which was immediately surrounded by the warmth and moisture of her vagina. The same vagina that had received his father's sperm and fertilized an egg that developed into a baby named jack. The very same vagina he passed through sixteen years ago on his way to being born.