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"UNNNNNGGHHHHH! SIIIISS! TAKE IT! TAKE MY CUM, YOU HORNY FUCKIN' SLUT!" he roared, hammering his spurting cock deep up inside her.
"Ohhhhh, yeah, little brother, cream me good!" she howled.
Eddie watched them writhing and bucking together, his cock was stiff and ready for more. He had to admit that he'd really gotten off on watching his slutty big sister getting fucked by their younger brother. Roy was a real stud! In a kinky way, it was almost as much fun as fucking her himself. But now, Eddie was ready for the real thing. As soon as Roy pulled his dripping cock out of Mindy's cum-filled pussy, Eddie was on top of her.
"How about it, Sis, ready for more?" he leered.
"I sure am," she gurgled happily.
Eddie rolled onto his back and took her with him, and she ended up crouching over his belly, her hot, juicy slit grazing the head of his cock.
This was going to be a first for Mindy. She'd never made out with two guys at the same time, never fucked one man after the other. In fact, the only guy she'd ever made it with before was Vince. But having sampled the delights of incest with her lusty young brothers, Mindy was hooked!
With a lusty gurgle she began to slide down Eddie's rock-hard cock. She watched the boy's eyes roll, staring down into his handsome young face as his long, stiff prick slid up into the very depths of her cunt. His face contorted into a lusty grimace of pleasure, and Mindy kept on sliding until she was completely crammed with her brother's thick cock, and only his balls were showing.
"Uuuuhhhhmmmmmmmm, shit, yeahhhhhhh," he sighed.
"Fuck me, Eddie," she leered, "fuck my brains out!"
"You better believe I will," he growled.
"Ooooooh, yeah! You gorgeous mother-fucker," she gasped, "really give it to me, baby!"
"Mindy, you shouldn't swear like that," Roy exclaimed.
Then they all burst into laughter. It was hard to shed the strict manners that had been drummed into them by their puritanical parents, but they were making a start at it. They could just imagine how shocked their folks would be if they could see their kids right now, naked and fucking... enjoying their own private little orgy. But what they didn't know was that one of their parents had just entered the house!
Joan Masters came in from the garage and tossed her purse onto the kitchen table with a sigh of exasperation. It had just been one of the most frustrating shopping trips she'd ever had. The traffic was unbelievable... the heat unbearable... and she hadn't been able to find a single thing she was looking for! Finally she'd just given up in disgust, and come home early.
To make matters even worse, the kids hadn't done any of the jobs she asked them to do. The dirty dishes from breakfast were still in the sink, and no vacuuming or dusting had been done. Joan expected to find the kids parked in front of the TV, but when she walked into the living room, there was nobody there.
Puzzled, she went upstairs. There were voices coming from the master bedroom. Joan reddened with anger. The children were forbidden to enter that room without their parents' permission. She stormed toward the door, only to stop short when she heard her daughter's voice crying, "Ohhhhhh, yeah, honey, fuck my pussy good and hard."
Joan clapped a hand to her mouth to stifle a gasp of shock. Surely her ears were playing tricks on her! But she had to make sure just what was going on in that room before she burst in. She crept to the door, knelt, and looked through the keyhole.
"Oh, my God," she breathed.
Now her eyes were playing tricks! She blinked and looked again. But the image was the same. Her daughter and her two teenage kids were on the bed, stark-naked and Eddie and Mindy were making love, while Roy watched. Joan just froze. She couldn't believe after the strict way they'd been raised that they'd do anything as outrageous as this. It was just... just... unthinkable!
"Uuuunnnhggghh, fuck me, Eddie!", Mindy was moaning. "Ummmmm, God, you're fucking me so good!"
Eddie had a big grin on his face as he did what she asked and hammered his huge cock into his sister's insatiable cunt. He was on his back, and Mindy was straddling him, riding his pistoning prick like it was a bucking horse. Her pretty face was twisted into a mask of urgent, incestuous passion, as were Eddie's handsome features.... Joan hardly recognized them!