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With her help his cock was once again nestled in her hot, wet love tunnel. It went in smoothly all the way this time. It did not hurt her one little bit. Lionel didn't move for a few seconds. He just lay on top of Candie feeling her warmth and wetness engulf his throbbing penis. She didn't know why, but her cunt muscles started to work early this time as he lay there.
Finally, as if by mutual agreement, they began a slow, sensual rhythm. Neither of them was in a hurry this time. They wanted it to last as long as it could. Candie had never known this before. She was always in a hurry to have the force of a strong orgasm overtake every fiber of her body. But for some reason, this time was different. She didn't want this sensation to pass. She wanted it to last forever and ever. She was too young to realize that this feeling would become commonplace when she grew up.
Lionel couldn't believe the sensation he was having. His massive cock was rubbing along the walls of Candies vagina and causing him to have the most pleasant feelings. This feeling was so much stronger than when he was fucking her hard and fast. He understood that if he wanted this feeling to last, he'd have to be careful. He knew from fucking her tight young cunt before that she could make him cum very soon. He didn't want that. He too wanted it to last forever. He wanted to make her have as many orgasms as possible.
Lionel slowed his pace even more. Even with this slower pace, Candie was ready to burst. His thick penis was putting pressure on her sensitive clit every time he moved.
She tried to hold back her orgasm, but decided to let it go and she literally exploded. Lionel knew she had cum. He noticed that his cock seemed to be floating in a sea of thick hot liquid that surrounded it and coated it with its slickness. He proudly smiled inwardly to himself.
He never for a second slackened his pace. Neither did he hasten it. He was determined to make her have more orgasms before they parted, forever. He wanted Candie to remember this night to her dying day.
He bent forward and kissed his sexy young cousin and then sucked on each of her little titties. She always liked that and he knew it. He sucked each one into his mouth, and at the same time ran his tongue around the hardening nipples and aureoles. Then he would gently bite each nipple and hear her moan out loud.
Lionel could sense that Candie was just about ready for another orgasm. He kept up his slow steady pace with only one change. He tried to put more pressure on her young clit by putting more upward pressure with his cock. It was working because Candie started to moan louder now and she was digging in and scraping her fingernails in his back. Her legs had now circled his back and she was squeezing him with all her mite.
"Ohgodohgodohgod," she cried. "I-I'm c-c-cumming again, Lionel. Oh God. W-W-What are you d-d-doing to me?" Candie could hardly speak. "Stop Lionel. P-Please stop. I can't stand it. Oh shit, H-H-HERE I C-C-CUM AGAIN. OHHHHHH!"
Once more tonight Candie drowned in another of her orgasms. She was exhausted now. Her legs dropped from around Lionel's waist and her arms dropped to her side. Her head felt dizzy and she almost fainted. She slowly closed her eyes and just laid there.
Lionel didn't stop his steady penetration of her. He couldn't have even if he wanted to. He heard her crazed pleadings to stop but ignored them. Her cunt just felt so hot and wet and so good on his cock that he just carried on fucking her. Besides he was almost ready to ejaculate his large wad of life giving sperm into her. Nothing mattered but that.
As many times as she had come in the last while, Candie started to feel that sensation inside her again. She opened her eyes and looked into Lionel's. She saw the lust there and liked what she saw. She knew he would bring her to at least one more powerful orgasm tonight and there was nothing she could do about it. Not that she wanted to do anything about it.
Lionel shifted his weight a little and Candie bent her knees and lifted them up to her chest again. Lionel now put both his hands on her knees and for the first time since they started this second round of intense fucking, he quickened his pace. Soon he was pounding his big thick cock harder and harder into her now tender young cunt. He penetrated deeper and deeper. She could feel it all the way inside her right to her cervix.
She was moaning and thrashing around and bucking wildly now. Blood was running down Lionel's back from her nails, but that didn't stop anyone. Lionel was forcing her legs open wider and wider and was hurting her, but couldn't ask him to stop. She wanted everything he had and she didn't care at this time how she got it. Hurt or no hurt.
Candie reached up and grabbed Lionel around the neck and pulled him to her. She kissed him passionately, as her cunt seemed to grab on to Lionel's cock and squeeze it.
"L-Lionel. Lionel. I-I-I'm going to cum again. Yessss. Yessss. Fuck me! fuck me! Don't ever stop. Oh God. This is sooo good." What a difference from a few minutes ago when all she wanted was for him to stop.
Candie stopped bucking now and tensed up as her own orgasm seized every fiber of her young body. She didn't know if she came two or three times then or if it was one long continuous orgasm. Lionel could feel her vaginal muscles squeeze around his shaft.
There was no way he could pull out now even if he wanted to. Her eyes remained closed as her young body was trembling at the sensation of another incredibly powerful orgasm.
At the same time, Lionel exploded deep into his cousin's young hot tunnel. What seemed like gallon after gallon of incestuous seed filled her cunt, overflowing and dripping down her beautiful ass. Then Candie seemed to pass out for a few seconds.
When she came to, Lionel hadn't even noticed. She opened her eyes and smiled at him.
"Wow, Lionel that was something else. It was like out of this world. You were terrific."
She could only whisper. She was totally exhausted. They were both covered in perspiration and the bed was wet. They'd have to change it before Carol and he could sleep in it tonight.