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Jack knew that his mom had always wanted get married and she thought had met the man of her dreams. Jack thought the guy was Ok but something seemed wrong about him but he kept his mouth shut. Their relationship progressed and they decided to get married. Jack thought it was a bit strange that his mom had actually proposed to him. She then decided to book a cruise and they would get married by the ship's captain. In fact, the two were driving from Orlando to Cape Canaveral in the morning to board the ship. His mom's bags were already packed.
Mom and her fiancé had gone out to dinner to make final plans and pick up their wedding rings. Again, he thought it strange that she had paid for the rings but it was none of his business. Since she would be home within an hour, he decided to dump one more load while admiring the picture of his gorgeous mom. He wondered if people would think that this was some kind of act of incest. In reality, he didn't care. His mom was beautiful, desirable and he wished he could switch places with her fiancé.
Jack headed for the showers and let the warm water rinse off the cum. After toweling dry, he put on some silk boxers and headed for bed. He took a look at himself in the mirror. He worked out every day and his muscles were getting toned. He had no acne and very little body hair. Overall, he decided he was a pretty good looking guy and that he should try harder to find a girlfriend. He decided that he would lose his virginity before he turned 17.
Just as he was drifting to sleep he heard his mom's bedroom door and he thought he heard her crying. He got up and stepped across the hall. She was definitely crying.
He knocked and asked mom, "Mom are you Ok?" No response. He knocked again and asked, "Is everything all right?"
"No, everything's not alright," she said in a sobbing voice.
Jack was concerned so he opened the door and saw his mom sitting on her bed with a box of tissues.
Standing only in his boxers he asked, "What happened, mom?"
"What happened is that my so called fiancé is a married man with two young kids! He led me on till tonight. He told me he still loves his wife and kids and then ran off. Oh Jack, I just don't know how to pick the right man." Jack's knew his instincts had been right; there was something wrong with this guy. Now he wished he would have said something to his mom.
He sat down next to his mom on her bed and put an arm around her. She embraced him and said, "You are the only descent man in my life. I love you so much."
Jack enjoyed the hugging and hearing her use the word "love". The only problem was that his cock was beginning to stir. So he decided to break off the embrace and told his mom, "You are beautiful and you have a hot body. Any man would want you."
Sara had stopped crying, "You really mean that?"
"Yes, mom, I really mean that."
She moved her lips to his and gave him a quick kiss. "I'm so lucky to have a son as handsome and kind as you."
Sara's face all of a sudden had a deep look of sadness. "We were supposed to leave on the cruise. I have always dreamed of a romantic cruise and getting married by a ship's captain. And besides, the tickets I bought are nonrefundable."
Jack responded, "I don't know about the romantic part and the getting married part, but I could be your companion for the cruise."
Sara's face lit up and she gave him another big hug. "Jack that would make me so happy. And I would at least be with the one man that I know truly loves me."