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The dog impaled the little girl as deeply as he could, ramming against her insides, and then his knot inflated. Faith felt the monstrous bulge growing up inside her pussy, trapped beyond the tight opening. She was knotted to the mongrel. She was stuck to him. She was experiencing the ultimate delight and defilement. And her orgasm went on and on.
Looking up, Darla and Faith both saw that the lift was just passing the fifth floor, not even half way to the lobby. And the little girl was trapped on the dog's huge knot. Darla smiled and continued to fuck herself with the dildo, enjoying every moment of the child's humiliation and discomfort.
The lift seemed to move incredibly slowly as it passed the fourth floor, the third and then the second. Finally, just as the lift was passing the first floor, the dog began to pull on his massive knot. Faith screamed and screamed as he slowly, painfully, pulled the slightly smaller knot through her little pussy until it popped out with a huge gush of dog cum. Faith collapsed on the floor, her thin legs covered with the dog's ejaculate.
Moments before the lift pinged arrival at the lobby, Darla handed Faith two crisp twenty dollar bills. As the doors slid open, she took Chester by the leash and the two of them happily bounced out of the lift to take Chester on his morning constitutional. From the floor, Faith could see the dog's cock and knot, still monstrously large, red and shiny, dangling down from his belly. She was still on the floor, in a puddle of dog cum as her next client stepped into the lift and smiled down at her.
As the weeks went by, Faith learned to recognize every man in the building by his special kinks - and there were so many to choose from. But her pretty little body never seemed to particularly suffer from her hours in the lift, servicing her many clients. Her cunt was just as tight as the first time, her lips were never chapped no matter how many cocks she served and even her ass, which sometimes helped her to service two men at the same time, remained as taught as ever. Chester was a regular client, often twice a day and Daddy enjoyed Faith's services at least as often as any other man in the building. Faith started noticing early on that the building seemed to need a lot more maintenance that it had ever had before - and the maintenance men who came to work always seemed to come and go on the same schedule as Faith. And worse, a couple more tenants of the building went out and adopted large male dogs. Faith was very busy.
The price of Faith's lift ride stopped climbing when it hit $100. By then she'd gotten so good at her new job that she could raise the money in forty five minutes or so - unless she was stuck for a longer time on some dog's cock. The Rottweiler Clint Fitser had purchased had a particularly large knot and servicing him could require going all the way up and all the way down in the elevator, time that Mr. Fitser always put to good use.
And then, one day, a familiar face stepped into the elevator with Faith as she was trying to get the last thirty dollars she needed to get out of the lift and go home to do her homework.
"It's you!" she said, her pretty green eyes wide with shock. "You! You did this to me. You have to make it stop. You have to. I'll do anything. You just have to make it stop."
Professor Imrash West looked down on the gorgeous child and smiled. "I'm so sorry, dear," he said. "Wishes can't be reversed. I did try to warn you, you'll remember."
"But please, please, I can't go on like this. Didn't you come here to see if I had learned my lesson or something? Aren't you supposed to release me from this nightmare?"
"Oh, no dear, it doesn't work like that - wherever did you get such a notion? No, no, it was lovely to see you again and see that you're doing so well. But I'm just here to visit a man on the seventh floor who's about ready to make a wish that should be quite delicious to grant."
"Noooooo! Please!"