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He looked into Sara's eyes, smiled and said a resounding, "I do."
The captain turned to Sara and asked, "Sara, do you take Jack to be your husband, to hold and to love, till death do you part?"
With a warm and loving voice, she answered, "I do."
At that moment both Jack and Jack realized that their relationship had changed forever. But neither knew at that moment how far it would go.
The captain continued and informed Jack that his bride had dropped of their wedding rings this afternoon. "I would now ask you to place the rings on each other's finger as a token of your love and commitment."
In silence they took the rings and placed them on each other's ring finger. They stared into each other's eyes trying to decide what the other was thinking. This was no longer a son trying to help his mom fulfill a dream fantasy. This was a couple who would have to decide if they would consummate a loving but still incestuous relationship.
Then the captain looked at them and said, "I now declare you man and wife. Jack you may kiss your bride."
Jack took his mom into his arms and they shared a long and passionate kiss.
They had entered the chapel as mother and son but the captain had just declared them man and wife.
They then enjoyed a romantic dinner in a small room reserved for special occasions. Although only nine o'clock both wanted to return to the suite and satisfy each other.
When they got to their door, Sara said, "Honey, will you carry me across the threshold?"