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"It was probably for the best, I was very clumsy and inexperienced back then." Jo shrugged; she had never told anybody, but Nicky had let her kiss her and a little more. They hadn't done anything sexual and it probably hadn't meant as much to Nicky as it had to Jo but being able to be herself for the first time; to put her lips on another girl, her tongue in another girl's mouth, her hand on another girl's breast. Even if it had been just a onetime thing it had been something Jo could never forget. That had been almost two years ago now.
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The boys had done everything that needed to be done outside, and all that was left was for them to find a tree. They left early in the morning before us girls were even up. There was a place they had seen in the summer that had lovely big trees growing. They took two snowmobiles. Bobby and Lionel rode one, while Brad rode the other and pulled the sled.
Poor Lionel couldn't always do everything he wanted to do so Bobby and Brad did most of the work. It was easy for me to see that he tired a lot easier these days. I don't know if anyone else noticed it or not, but I did. Sometimes when he was helping to shovel the snow, he'd have to come in and rest. I noticed too, that his lovemaking was not what it used to be at times. He was still as big and thick as ever, (thank God for that) and he still gave pleasure to us girls, but his stamina seemed to me to have lost something. Sandie and Candie hadn't noticed it though. Maybe it was because I was closer to him than the others, I don't know, but I did notice a difference. I didn't say anything to anyone about it.
The boys had a great time together and managed to find a big beautiful tree. According to Bobby, they had a little trouble getting it down and onto the sled, but they managed to do it. They built a fire in the bush and had the lunch we had made for them the night before. It was dark by the time they got home. Bobby and Brad brought the tree into the cabin and Lionel helped them put it in its stand. I have never seen such a big tree in all my life. It looked so beautiful even undecorated. We knew it wouldn't be long before the sweet smell of pine needles would float all through the cabin. We would decorate it tomorrow after it had a chance to thaw.
Now, finally, except for decorating the tree, all the work was done. You never saw six happier kids in your life.
After supper, we were all sitting in the living room watching TV. Just before supper we had all showered to wash off the sweat we had worked up during the day. The boys wanted to watch the Playboy channel, but us girls didn't. As usual, they won. We were in our usual chairs. Lionel and I were in the love seat, Sandie and Bobby were on the chesterfield and Candie and Brad were on the big chesterfield chair. There was the usual kissing and petting going on. Actually, to be honest, things were really heating up.
Suddenly, Sandie came up to Lionel and me and grabbed Lionel's hand and pulled him away from me. She whispered something in his ear and they both ran upstairs to the bedroom. I was a little shocked and called after them, but all I got for my efforts was a wave from Sandie. Candie and Brad were giggling and Bobby was smiling. Bobby got up next and pulled Candie away from Brad and actually carried her upstairs to the other bedroom. They were kissing every step of the way.
"Hey, Brad." I said. "What's going on here? Do we have B. O. or something?" We both giggled.
"Do you have any objection to being with me tonight?" Brad asked giving me a wink and smiling.
"You know perfectly well I like being with you, Brad. So don't play games with me?" I tried to sound annoyed, but I don't think he bought it. "Now, what do you think you can do to make me happy?"
That's all Brad needed to spring into action; a challenge. He came over and sat down beside me. He never said a word. He wrapped his right arm around my shoulders and forced my shoulder and head down across his lap. His arm was across my breasts. The weight of his arm felt good. Now he gently placed both hands on my cheeks and looked deep into my eyes. His tongue swept across his lips in a nervous gesture. Slowly his mouth approached mine and our lips touched with light pressure. His tongue outlined my lips and then brushed across my teeth and finally found it's way into my mouth and our tongues were soon darting around each other.
I could feel Brand cock enlarging and exerting pressure on my back. I could feel moisture developing between my legs and my nipples were getting harder by the second. We were both getting very excited.
Brad released my cheeks and while still kissing me as passionately as I've ever been kissed, he slipped his hand under my T-shirt and started to play with my titties. I couldn't help it. A small moan escaped from my throat. God, it felt good.
I wasn't wearing a bra. Ever since we got to the cabin, I never wore a bra. In fact none of us girls wore one all the time we were there. Brad kneaded my breasts and pinched my nipples and squeezed them gently. I was getting very worked up and my arm circled his neck and I returned his kisses.
Now his hand left my breasts and slid down to my crotch. He felt me there through my jeans. I'm sure he could feel my heat. I moaned louder when he did that.
Slowly and very gently, Brad removed my T-shirt and jeans and panties. He even removed my socks. His right hand rubbed my tummy and went down further to my pussy. It was sopping wet by now and his middle two fingers slid in easily. Instinctively I spread my legs wide open to give him easier access to my treasure. Brad skillfully played with my cunt and clit and brought me to a wonderful orgasm within three minutes.
As you can guess, I was extremely vocal during this.
I reached up now and pulled Brad's head down to mine so that I could kiss him again. We kissed long and hard and passionately. I wanted Brad so badly now. I let go of him and soon had him completely naked. I don't know if I told you before, but Brad has one of the most beautiful bodies that you ever saw. He was around eleven years old at this time. Not only was he fairly well endowed in the penis area, (for someone his age, anyway), but also his ass was to die for.
He had a beautiful flat and muscular tummy without an ounce of fat. He was about five and a half feet tall and weighed about 130 pounds. I'm just guessing here. He was every young girl's dream. Just like Bobby, he was getting lots of girls showing interest in him. He told me once that he could just about fuck any girl in school that he wanted, and did. He was a real stud. To this day, he's still gorgeous and I love spending time with him.
I dropped to my knees and engulfed his cock in my mouth and started to suck it and lick it. Brad just lay there with his hands on my head enjoying every second of the magic I was playing on his cock. I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and this big silly grin was all across his face. He was moaning softly.
"Oh, God, Carol. That's wonderful. M-m-m-m-m-m. Ya."
That was all the encouragement I needed to work on him harder. I ran my tongue around the tender area on the underside of his cock. I rubbed it hard. Brad started bucking and moaning even louder. He grabbed my head and started to pump my mouth wildly. He jammed his cock so far into my mouth that I started to choke. Tears started to run from my eyes. I let him continue to fuck my mouth.
"Ohhhh yes Carol, yessss! I'm...I'm cumming! Oh God! Oh God! Suck it, Carol! Suck my cock! Oh yessss. Take it all! OH Goddddd. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"
Brad was almost screaming now. He was bucking my mouth harder now, but I didn't let go. I kept in there because I knew that soon he'd blast a big wad of his baby seed in me, and that is what I wanted.