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Young Legal Porn Brianna

"Come on you know Alex, even though the baby wasn't his do you really think he would have left knowing she was pregnant. Alex is a stubborn asshole that will always do what he thinks is the right thing even it means costing him something. That's probably what I hate and love the most about him." Jo shrugged. Candy had dumped Alex after she had found out she was pregnant with her Ex-boyfriends baby but hadn't told him why because she knew Alex just as well as Jo did. Jo had found out after she confronted Candy but kept the secret from Alex just as Candy had done for Jo when she was dating Kitty. Jo had felt guilty keeping it from Alex but it wasn't her secret to tell. Candy ultimately had had a miscarriage which had broken her heart after she had just gotten used to the idea of having a baby but she was young and could always have others.
"So you admit you love him then." Nicky grinned.
"I never said that." Jo smiled and shook her head.
"Sometimes you never have to." Nicky winked. Jo knew she did love him, it wasn't sexual but at the end of the day she couldn't picture her life without him. She never told anyone but when he and Candy where dating she was jealous and not of Alex who got to date the hot blonde cheerleader but of Candy. Though Alex still managed to always find time to hang out with Jo she felt a little out of place not having Alex all to herself. Alex past girlfriends would get him for a little bit at school and he go on dates with them, sometimes they might come to his house, but Candy was family and was over all the time.
"All done." Jo said rubbing away the excess shaving cream from her cousin's pussy.
"So what do you think?" Nicky said rubbing herself off down below with the loofa.
"Good enough to eat." Jo grinned.
"Joanna." Nicky laughed.
"Just saying." Jo shrugged.
"Help me out?" Nicky said holding out her hands.
"Yeah sure." Jo smiled as she stood up and helped Nicky to her feet.
"Thanks sweetheart." Nicky leaned in and planted a little kiss on Jo's lips making her blush a little. Nicky stepped out and grabbed a towel and began to dry herself off.
"Try not to think about me to much when you're in the shower." Nicky teased.
"I make no promises." Jo winked as she began to get undressed herself and got in the shower, and Nicky grabbed a robe, slid it on and left. Jo gave her pussy a little rub as she touched her lips with her other hand and closed her eyes. Alex usually called it her tell; she often didn't realize she was doing it but she generally touched her lips when she thought about someone she had kissed. Jo took her time enjoying the nice hot shower and the privacy compared to the dorm showers. Not that Jo minded the showers sometimes depending on who was in there but it was nice to be alone for once.
Alexander heard his sister Nicolette call him from the end of the hallway; standing in moms door dressed only in a thin robe that clung to her wet body. She had obviously just gotten out of the bath.
As he made his way to her his eyes ran down her body. It was clear though that she didn't wear a top underneath as it was open enough to show off her huge breasts nicely. The robe fell a little shorter than it should have as it wrapped around her pregnant belly making Alex wonder if she wore panties underneath or was she totally naked.
"Can you help me Sugar; I need this box down out of Mom's closet." Nicky smiled.
"Yeah sure." Alex nodded. As she turned he got a flash of her light brown areola from the open robe. She led him into his mom's room. He smiled at his mom who was at her dresser getting a change of clothes, no doubt about to hop in the shower after her run. Though he could tell his cousin Joanna was in there right now from the sound of the running water. His mind couldn't help but picture Joanna and Nicolette in the shower together. Jo face buried in her cousin's pregnant pussy.
"This one right here." Nicky said as she smiled. She stood on her tip toes, her arms above her head causing the robe she wore to rise up and show the bottom of her nice ass. If she was wearing panties they sure as hell didn't cover the back. She looked back and grinned as she caught him looking at her ass but didn't say anything.
"What am I grabbing anyways?" Alex said as he moved around her and grabbed the box which was pretty bulky.
"Maternity clothes and stuff mom had put away." Nicky smiled.