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I could feel his cock pulsing down in my throat and I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before he'd cum. I gently squeezed his balls while I worked my throat muscles hard and soon I felt his warm and powerful baby seed shoot deep down into my throat. Just like Bobby and Brad, he shot load after load of his precious love juices into me. I didn't have to swallow because it just flowed down my throat.
Soon, Lionel's body relaxed and he sank down into the bed. I slowly pulled my head back and his cock slid from my throat. I didn't remove it from my mouth right away, but instead I licked all his cum up because I didn't want to waste a drop of it.
Lionel was lying there with his eyes closed and a self- satisfying grin on his face. I slid up and kissed his lips. He put his arms around me and pulled me tightly to him and kissed me back more passionately than he had ever done before. Our tongues did this crazy dance together.
"God, Carol, that was terrific," he panted. "I've never experienced anything like that before."
"You better not have," I teased. We both laughed.
"No, honestly, that was terrific. Where did you learn to do that?"
"Can't tell you that," I teased again. "All I will tell you is that you and Bobby and Brad are the only ones I've done that to. I'm glad you liked it. I've wanted to do that for a long time, but I was scared to because you are so big down there."
I reached down and squeezed his cock to let him know what I meant. As if he didn't know...he-he-he...
His cock was soft when I first touched it but it soon became hard with a little teasing from me. I straddled his stomach, and while kissing him I raised my bum up and reached down and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. God I wanted that monster in there so badly. Slowly I sank down on The Lion's shaft. I could feel inch after inch of it penetrate my vagina. I was so wet that there was no friction as I dropped lower and lower till every inch of his gorgeous cock was buried deep in me. Oh, God. That felt so good. I just laid there savoring the sensual feeling of my lover's most private body part in contact with my most private part. I didn't move except for kissing.
Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to raise and lower my body. I was taking short slow strokes, enjoying the feeling of his cock moving inside me. I sat up straight and leaned back a bit so that more pressure was placed on my clit. Every time I rose or fell down, his cock now rubbed harder on my clit. I was slowly going out of my mind. Every time I moved it seemed like a bolt of electricity shot through me. If I wasn't careful, I'd orgasm before Lionel was ready. I dropped down on his chest again and rested.
Lionel wanted to be on top now so he very carefully rolled us over without dislodging his cock. I spread my legs wide open and raised my knees to my chest. Lionel liked that.
He held on to my knees, pressing them apart, as he started to move in and out of my cunt. He started moving faster and faster and pounding into me harder and harder. I could feel his cock right in the back of my cunt. It is the most awesome feeling in the world. As Lionel continued fucking me, I tensed as wave after wave of an explosive orgasm rifled through my 13 year old body. I gripped Lionel's ass and held it firmly as he rode me to Utopia and beyond.
My greatest fear just happened. I got so worked up that I came before Lionel was ready. He knew that I came and he looked down and smiled at me.
"I love you Carol. I love you more than anything in the world."
"Oh, Lionel. I love you too," I said through the tears in my eyes as I hugged and kissed him.
Lionel didn't stop fucking me for one second. He felt so good that I was getting close to another orgasm and he knew it. I could tell that Lionel was near too. He was pumping harder and faster now and when I looked up into his face I could see this look of determination there. We were both working so hard to achieve a mutual orgasm. The sweat of our bodies mingled together as we both anticipated an explosive climax to our wild fucking which came immediately. He shot gallon after gallon of his precious life giving cream into my open cunt, while what seemed like gallons of my love juices flowed out of me and mingled with his.
Lionel collapsed across my chest and we both didn't move for a good fifteen minutes. We were both so spent that we couldn't move even if we wanted to. It was so nice there in his arms with his cock still buried deep inside me. I could feel it getting smaller. I was just so satisfied lying there with my love in my arms.
As we were lying there, the door to our room opened and Bobby, Sandie, Brad and Candie came into our room.
"God, it smells like a French whore house in here," Bobby said laughing. "Were you guys fucking all night long?"
The others started laughing so hard they almost fell over. I just buried my face in Lionel's chest and went beet red. Lionel rolled off me and as his cock came out of my cunt, it gave off this wet, sucking, popping sound it always made. Everyone heard it and that started off a new round of laughing. Even Lionel and I laughed this time.
When the laughing died down, I got up and went to the window and opened it. A blast of cold air hit my hot naked body and sent a shiver all through me. "Guess we better air this room out, eh, guys?" I said laughing as I dove back into bed and snuggled up to Lionel again.
"Well, I guess we should leave you two alone," Bobby said. "We just came in to tell you that we made some breakfast, if you are interested. You can't live on cum alone, you know."
Again roars of laughter. Lionel and I both got out of bed now and put on our robes.
"Okay," Lionel said. "Let's go eat. I'm famished. And just to set the record straight, we didn't fuck all night long." We were all laughing as we walked down the hall to the kitchen.
Chapter Eleven
Time just flew by and Friday finally arrived. Our time alone was almost at an end. Our parents would be here in a few hours. As much as we were excited about the Christmas season, we were sad that our time alone was at an end.
Lionel and I told everyone that we were in love. There were a lot of tears amongst us girls. This would normally have been a happy occasion, but we all knew that Lionel was not going to be around much longer and that made it sad. Bobby hugged me tightly and gave me a big kiss and wished us well. Everyone else did the same.
I made the most heart rendering speech of my young life at that time. I told everyone that Lionel and I wanted to be together as much as we could and that I didn't want my sisters trying to make love to Lionel again. They all knew that I normally didn't mind sharing him with them, but because of the circumstances, they all understood and agreed.
Everyone except Candie, that is. I could see a pout had formed on her face.
"What's wrong, Candie?" I asked. "Aren't you happy for us?"
"Of course I am, silly," she yelled running out of the kitchen crying.
I went after her and found her lying on her bed crying her little heart out. "Don't cry, Sweetheart," I said. "Everything is going to be okay. What's the matter?"
"Oh, Carol. You're going to hate me. I know you will," she sobbed. "But I really want to fuck Lionel just one more time. I really do." She hid her pretty little face in her pillow and cried some more. "I like fucking him. I love the way his cock stretches me wide open. Bobby and Brad can't do that. You know they can't. I'm going to miss him."