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It was damn good to be home Jo thought as she finished off the last of the food after everyone else had had their fill; even if it wasn't technically her home she felt just at home at her cousin, Alex's house as she did at the trailer where she grew up. Despite the fact that Jo was slim, she was used to eating a lot of carbs and protein for track, though it had been too long since she'd had a good home cooked meal.
After breakfast she headed out to the car to get some clean underwear and a nice shirt but would keep the jeans she had put on earlier. As she came back she smiled at her cousins, Abbey and Alex, in the kitchen cleaning up; stopping for a second to watch Abbey's tits jiggle slightly in her top as she wiped down the table. She sometimes envied Alex having grown up with his large breasted mom and sisters around to look at; and she knew he looked though she couldn't blame him since she did too.
She headed upstairs but stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Aunt Liz in a pair of skin tight spandex pants and a tank top shirt, taut around her huge fucking tits. Jo's eyes went right for her nipples. She wanted so badly to suck on them.
"Looking good Aunt Liz." Jo smiled.
"Thanks sweetie." Aunt Liz winked. Jo couldn't help but look back as she passed. Alex had once told her that his dad had said the secret to being a gentleman is you open doors and pull out chairs for women; so you can look at their ass. Jo grinned and headed for Aunt Liz's bathroom; passing through her bedroom and opening the door to the bathroom, she froze as she saw her cousin Nicolette already in the tub.
"Oh I am sorry I didn't know you were in here." Jo felt herself blush a little looking at the beautiful pregnant young woman before her.
"It's okay, you wanted to take a shower right." Nicky smiled as she raised her leg up in the air, water dripping from her foot as she took the razor to her leg.
"Yeah." Jo smiled as she put her clothes down on the counter and watched Nicky struggle a little trying to work around her bulging pregnant belly and swollen tits. "Need a hand there?"
"Sure, that would be nice." Nicky smiled at her, Jo walked over and got a good look at her naked body, noticing her slightly hairy bush which she knew wasn't like Nicky. She remembered seeing Nicky naked on several occasions before she had found out she was gay. It looked like she trimmed it with an electric razor but hadn't been able to really shave it like she used to. Despite her belly however, she looked quite comfy in the large whirlpool bathtub though she only had enough water to shave her legs in it.
"Abbey usually helps me." She said handing the razor to Jo. "So you glad to be home?"
"Very." Jo grinned as she took her cousins ankle and began to shave her leg. Nicky grinning at her. Though she only told Alex, later Nicky had been the first to find out that she was gay, which looking back Jo was surprised it had taken her so long since she had been crushing on her for years. Of course Nicky left a few weeks later so it hadn't mattered in the long run, Alex was the one who had supported her through it all.
"So how many girlfriends you have in college?" Nicky smiled.
"Just two." Jo shrugged as she began to work the razor over the beautiful calf. Nicky had great legs. They were long like Jo's but thick like her mom Liz.
"Nothing serious?" Nicky smiled at her.
"Nah, one was just college gay and the other didn't like Alex so I dumped her ass." Jo shrugged, though it had been hard choosing between her best friend and some really awesome sex.
"I always thought it was a shame that you were gay, Alex and you would make a cute couple." Nicky teased as she began to wash her belly with a loofa.
"Me and Alex would kill each other. I am just keeping him around so when I meet the right girl and get married I've got a sperm donor close by." Jo snickered. "What about you, got any guys lined up since you got home?"
"Yeah right, like anyone is going to want me when I am pregnant." Nicky frowned as she began to loofa her nice swollen tits. Jo couldn't believe how big they had gotten not that she wasn't busty before but damn.
"Hey some guys like pregnant chicks. Plus afterwards your boobs will be huge." Jo teased. Hell Jo would fuck her given the chance.
"Do you really think they will get bigger?" Nicky said as she put her wet hands to them giving them a little squeeze. Jo grinned wondering if it was national grab your boob day and if so could someone let her grab theirs instead of her own small tits.
"I imagine some." Jo shrugged.
"I hope not too much, they sag enough as it is." Nicky said removing her hands.
"They are perfect." Jo grinned. Jo knew every woman saw their own flaws more than others. Jo had the same hang up about her breast size though Jo's complaint was hers where too small. Jo never saw herself as sexy and was happy with that most of the time not having to worry about makeup or whether her hair looked good. She did put in some effort every day but she didn't go out of her way to impress. It wasn't like Jo was trying to impress any guys and most of the lesbians who cared about that sort of thing weren't the kind of girls Jo would date.
"Thanks." Nicky smiled.
"So you plan on breast feeding?" Jo asked. And if so can I have some she thought.
"I think so. Mom says it's a really good way to lose weight and it is good for bonding with the baby." She said with a slight shrug as she began to wash her arms.
"Maybe I should take a page from your book and swear off men." She smiled looking at Jo.
"You ever think about that night, you know?" Jo grinned as she shaved her thigh glancing down at her pussy.
"All the time." Nicky smiled.
"Any regrets." Jo teased as she washed the razor out in the tub.
"Maybe that I didn't let you get past second base." Nicky grinned.
"It was probably for the best, I was very clumsy and inexperienced back then." Jo shrugged; she had never told anybody, but Nicky had let her kiss her and a little more. They hadn't done anything sexual and it probably hadn't meant as much to Nicky as it had to Jo but being able to be herself for the first time; to put her lips on another girl, her tongue in another girl's mouth, her hand on another girl's breast. Even if it had been just a onetime thing it had been something Jo could never forget. That had been almost two years ago now.
"Maybe so but you were sweet." Nicky reached out and touched Jo's cheek. "What about now, you still clumsy and inexperienced?"
"Hell no." Jo laughed.
"That's good to hear." Nicky said raising her other leg for Jo to start on. "While you're here, maybe we can catch up on old times."