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Candie didn't need to be told twice. She was the first on the bed. Lionel lay on one side of her and Bobby on the other.
Bobby suggested that Lionel lie on his back and Candie be on top. Lionel stretched out and Candie quickly straddled him. No one needed to tell her. Candie immediately started to kiss Lionel again and to rub her hands all over his body. As I said Candie is a good kisser in spite of her age. She uses her tongue like a seasoned veteran.
All this time she was sitting on his cock. What I mean is that his cock was flat against his stomach and she was sitting with it between her legs. She told me she could actually feel it twitching and that helped to make her wetter.
Without instruction, she lifted her bum in the air and reached under and grabbed hold of Lionel's cock and placed it at the entrance to her cunt. When she felt the head try to penetrate her, she almost went into shock. Her mouth opened like she was saying "OHHHHH" and she was breathing in hard. Gradually she tried to lower herself down, but Lionel was so big that she couldn't do it and she started to cry.
"Oh, God. It's going to hurt me. I know it is. It's going to hurt me."
Bobby was there in a flash. "It's okay, baby, it's okay. Do you want to stop for a while?"
"No. No. I want to feel it in me but I don't like it when it hurts," she cried.
Bobby then asked Lionel if he had any Vaseline. Lionel said there was some in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Bobby got up and went to get it. In the meantime Candie was again lying on Lionel's cock and he was caressing her all over her back and her bum and telling her how beautiful she was and how much he wanted to fuck her. Candie was kissing him and telling him how much she wanted him to fuck her but also how scared she was.
Bobby came back into the room with a jar of Vaseline. He rubbed lots of it on and in Candie's pussy and then spread lots on Lionel's cock.
"There," he said rubbing his hands on a towel. "That should make things easier. Try it again, sweetheart."
Again Candie lifted her bum and this time Bobby reached between her legs and grabbed Lionel's cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. It still felt awfully big there, but it seemed to start to slip in a lot easier now. In fact she felt the head break through her lips and when she looked down she couldn't see the head.
"Look, guys! Look! His head is inside me. Oh, wow! Do you see that guys? Do you see that?" Candie was talking to both of them, but she was looking at Bobby. She was as excited as the day she first fucked Bobby. You could see the excitement in her face. You could tell how proud she was. She was smiling from ear to ear.
Bobby was supporting her from the rear so that she would not slip or something and jamb Lionel's cock into her too fast. That might have done some damage to her, and no one wanted that.
Candie wanted more and more of Lionel in her now. She pushed a little harder and a little more of him went in. And again and more went in. She had about an inch of Lionel's cock in her now. It was beginning to hurt a bit. Bobby told her to relax and take it easy. That was okay for her, but Lionel was so far gone now that he couldn't control himself any longer and shot his first load into his sexy cousin. Candie wasn't expecting it and giggled when she felt his hot baby seed shoot inside her. Because he wasn't very far inside her, most of the liquid came out and ran down her legs and onto Lionel when Lionel pulled out of her. Lionel had his usual heavy cum so there was a lot of it.
"Oh, shit, I'm sorry Candie. I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop it. It just came." Lionel felt so embarrassed. He went all red. Here was his sexy little cousin eight years younger than him and he couldn't even control himself. I'm sure some of my male readers can sympathize with him.
Candie lay across Lionel's stomach. It seemed like most of his cum had leaked from her. She gently kissed him.
"It's okay, Lionel. You don't have to feel bad. I guess I'm a bit small and tight for you. That's all. We'll do it in a few minutes and everything should be alright then. Are you okay now?"
Candie didn't wait for an answer. She placed her young lips on her cousin's lips and kissed him so passionately that he forgot about what he had just done.
Bobby was behind Candie and told her to lift her bum in the air. Without stopping kissing Lionel or even wondering why Bobby wanted her to do that, she complied to his wishes.
"I don't want you to dry up on Lionel, baby." Bobby said as he started to fuck his sister from behind. As soon as Candie felt her big brothers cock enter her still wet cunt, she started moaning and moving her hips to meet his wild thrusts. She was still kissing Lionel, but it was obvious her thoughts were elsewhere.
She let go of Lionel now. She was still on his chest and stomach. Her moans were coming louder and longer now. She could feel an orgasm building up inside of her. She was hoping that the first orgasm today would be with Lionel, but she was happy that is was Bobby. Besides, she was capable of having many more orgasms today.
She could feel Lionel's cock begin to grow under her now. He was obviously being turned on by the two of them fucking. "Oh, Bobby! Oh, B-B-Bobby! Y-You're going t- t-to m-make me cum." She was so worked up that she could hardly speak.
Lionel had a close up view of her face at this point. He could see that her eyes were half closed and that she kept throwing her head back as she let out little squeals of pleasure as her brother worked her cunt. He could see and feel that she was breathing hard as her sweet breath blew across his face.
"Fuck me Bobby. P-Please f-f-fuck me hard. Ohhhhhh!! Goddddd. Ohgodohgodohgod. I'm c-c-cumingggggg. I-I'MMM CUUUMMMMMING."
Candie's muscles seemed to all tighten together as she had a powerful orgasm. Her cunt muscles grabbed hold of Bobby's cock and wouldn't let go. Bobby came at the same time she did. They were so used to each other by now that simultaneous orgasms were a common occurrence between them.
Candie relaxed now and rolled off Lionel. She smiled up at Bobby so sweetly. Her love for him was written in her eyes. She raised both her arms towards him beckoning him to her. He obliged and laid down on top of her and kissed her deeply. She placed her mouth beside his ear, the ear furthest from Lionel and softly whispered so that only he could hear, "Thanks Bobby. That felt so good." And she kissed his ear.
Bobby got up now. He looked over at Lionel and saw that his cock was rock hard again. "Have a look, Candie,” Bobby said pointing to Lionel's cock. “Are you ready to have another go at him?"
Candie looked at Lionel's hard on and smiled at Bobby. "I think so, Bobby. But it hurt me the last time. I don't like it when it hurts.”
"Just go slow, sweetheart. Just relax and go slow." Bobby whispered in her ear and then bent down and kissed her on the lips for encouragement. That gave Candie the reassuring she needed and she quickly straddled Lionel's waist.
She lifted her bum up high and again Bobby positioned Lionel's cock at the entrance of her vagina. She slowly dropped down on it again.
Bobby was now kneeling beside her. He kissed his sister again lightly, while offering her words of encouragement. "That's it, baby, you're doing good. Take a deep breath and relax. You can do it, Candie, you can do it. Push down harder now. Come on. Push."
Bobby could see that Candie was scared, but she pushed down in spite of her fear. Lionel's cock went into her about an inch that time.