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"Did you have a good look?" I added with a bit of sarcasm, which she ignored.
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When mommy called me to the phone and told me it was Lionel, I almost died. I was both excited and scared at the same time. My female readers will know what I mean. We've all gone through that before.
I could tell by Lionel's voice that he was scared too. I guess all he could think about was being turned down again. I was really pleasant with him and when he finally asked me out and I said yes, I could almost feel his relief. The nervousness went out of his voice and he was his old self again. We arranged to go to the movies Saturday night. He said he was borrowing his dad's car and would pick me up at 7:30.
Bobby and I had discussed my dating Lionel with mommy and daddy. Of course we didn't mention the real purpose for the date. They were all in favor of it and felt it would do Lionel and me a world of good. Little did they know how true that was. They liked Lionel and knew I would be safe with him.
Saturday finally arrived and I spent most of the afternoon getting ready. Sandie helped me do up my hair and put on makeup to make me look older. Mommy gave me permission to wear her Chanel No. 5 perfume.
I didn't have anything to wear. We finally settled on a pair of my tight jeans and a nice tank top. I didn't need a bra and that together with my bare tummy, made me look and feel really sexy. I remember getting funny looks from my parents about my dress, but they agreed I looked nice.
At 7:30 sharp, Lionel pulled up outside my house. He was driving his parent's camper van. His parents were going out that night too and wanted the car. My daddy let him in.
Sandie and I stayed in our room for a few minutes. She didn't want me to appear too eager. When we went into the front room and I saw Lionel, I felt so proud. He looked so handsome and so happy. He had jeans on too and a nice T-shirt. He was still self-conscious about his hair and he wore a new baseball cap. I remember that it was a Blue Jay's cap. Sandie gave me a sexy wink when she saw the camper out front.
When we got in the camper and were driving off, he asked me which show I wanted to see. I said that it didn't matter that actually I wasn't in much of a mood for a show anyway. Mommy and daddy had given me $20.00 to buy a pizza or something after the show. Lionel had about $50.00 with him. I suggested we go down town and walk around the mall then later go for a drive in the country and get something to eat. He liked that idea. I deliberately suggested walking down town so that maybe some of his friends would see him on a date and I knew it would make him feel good.
We walked around this big mall for over nearly 2 hours. At first Lionel kept his hands in his pockets. I wanted to hold his hand. I wanted people to see us holding hands. Finally his hand came out of his pocket and I grabbed hold of it. Lionel was surprised, but made no effort to remove his hand from mine. I turned and looked at him and smiled this sweet smile I have. He was a bit red, but managed to smile back at me. Then he started to look really proud to have a nice looking young girl holding his hand.
We stopped at a lot of shops and I tried on some different clothes and modeled them for him. He was so proud. You could see the pride in his face. I loved doing that. I loved it for myself, and for Lionel. He had never done anything like that before.
We met some friends in the mall and we all went and had a drink together. I wanted them to see me with my handsome date so I clung to him like glue. He was a little embarrassed at first, but he soon liked it. We had a great time.
The mall was getting ready to close now, so we decided it was time to go. Lionel headed down one of the back roads leading out of the city. We didn't want to go on the main highway because it wasn't as scenic as the back roads. Besides I knew there were lots of places to stop and park if we felt like it.