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"May as well be, you're going to have two of us breast feeding soon." Sis said as she leaned her head back and smiled up at him. His head turned as he heard the sound of a baby crying coming from the kitchen where mom had left the baby monitor. Or the baby was in the stove, he was hoping it was the monitor.
"Speaking of breast feeding." Mom said. "Someone's probably hungry." She added. Before she stood up, she leaned forward giving him a nice view of more than a little side boob. He so envied his baby sister who got to suck on those nice round hanging tits. "You want to come see the baby Jo?"
"Yeah sure." Jo said as she stood up and followed his mom upstairs leaving him alone with his sis.
"A little to the side's babe please." Nicky said. Alex looked down and ran his hands down and to the sides just under her underarms, his fingertips almost touching her breasts as he rubbed her sides. She leaned back placing her head against his stomach giving him an even better view of her breasts. "Um right there, I tell you I will be glad when I can sleep on my stomach again." She took a deep breath in as her breasts heaved outward and letting it out slowly with a soft moan. His fingers played at her sides while his thumbs kept massaging her back as he watched her breast rise and fall with each deep breath she took.
"So another girl?" Alex said trying to find something to talk about and distract his mind and his fingers from reaching around and cupping her breast, as well as to keep her occupied as he admired her tits.
"Yeah, you are a little outnumbered." Nicky said with a small laugh as her boobs jiggled lightly. He felt his fingers brush along the outside of her boobs.
"If you want to cop a feel go ahead babe." She teased as she leaned forward and took a drink of the Orange juice he had poured her.
"Sorry." Alex said.
"It's okay, most action I had in a little while, plus I wasn't kidding about them being sore earlier, they hurt like hell, so I don't mind if you rub them a little." She shrugged.
"You sure?" He asked eager but cautious.
"Yes sugar. It's okay. Wouldn't be the first time you coped a feel." His sis grinned up at him.
Alex slid his hands under the sides of her shirt and wrapped his hands around her breast softly caressing her large swollen melons, moving his thumbs in circles while his hands held her soft tits while squeezing softly.
"You have no clue how good that feels. If you weren't my brother..." Nicky moaned as she leaned forward putting the glass down softly and then leaned back up against him.
"So are me and you going to be sharing a room?" Alex asked.
"No mom said you can crash with sis." His sister said as she sighed softly laying back against him with her eyes closed. It had made sense since after dad died; Abbey had slept in his bed for several weeks. She had nightmares about the car crash and needed comfort and reassurance.
"Really I figured I just crash down stairs." Alex shrugged.
"Probably for the best." Nicky teased. "Her bed is bigger and I take a lot more of my bed now." She said touching her belly. "Plus I don't know if I can promise to keep my hands to myself." She smiled up at him, reminding him of the last time they shared a bed together before she had left home almost two years ago.
"Don't worry I put your old stuff in your closet, and I didn't move your porn though I might have taken a little peek." Sis grinned. "I noticed you got a little collection going on." She teased.
"Hey you started it." Alex joked.
"Your pretty good at this, I image you had plenty of practice with those college girls."
"Not really. It's a little hard with school and work to find time. Yours are the only boobs I've played with, in months." Alex let his hand run around her boobs, her nipples trickling through his nipples now cupping them. He began to massage them a little harder now he was feeling a little more comfortable.
"Mmm. Don't feel too bad, you're the only one that has touched my boobs in months, I couldn't get a date to save my life right now. I feel like a beached whale half the time, my big belly, swollen tits, fat ass. I am lucky if a guy even looks at me." Nicky pouted.
"I think you look beautiful pregnant." Alex leaned in and kissed her cheek looking over her shoulder.
"You are such a suck up." Nicky grinned as she rubbed her cheek against his.