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Lionel started to cry again. I've never seen him like this before. He was usually so strong when this subject came up. Now he was crying. I burst into tears too and couldn't stop.

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We had breakfast together. It was Sunday morning and no one else was up yet. We talked in whispers so that no one else could hear us. Sandie finally confessed that she wished she had not turned down the chance to go out with Lionel. It was Sandie who nicknamed him "The Lion" after what I told her about him. We both giggled over that.
"Sandie, do you want me to see if he'll ask you out sometime?" I asked her.
"Would you?" Sandie sounded surprised that I would do that for her. "Yes please. That would be great."
"I expect he will call me soon and the next time I go out with him I'll ask him for you. Okay?" I asked.
She was so pleased with that and gave me a nice big kiss and left for work.
Well, I was right. It wasn't long before the Lion called me again. In fact it was Monday afternoon. It was just a little after three o'clock in the afternoon. I had just gotten home from school. With his illness, he wasn't working and he was finished school, so he had all the time in the world. I was too young to get a job other than baby-sitting, which I did every now and again. His parents worked every day too just like my parents did. He had no brothers or sisters so he was alone most of the day when he was feeling well. When he was sick, his mom took time off work to stay home with him.
After school hours were pretty boring around my place lately. Bobby was in grade twelve now. He also had a job and had to work hard all the time and save all the money he could so that he could go to university. It would just be too expensive for our parents to support him. Things were working out for him and he was doing well in school.
He still fucked Sandie and me and Candie as often as he could. That was at least three times a week for each of us. Brad was partaking in our activities now. Brad was becoming quite a stud. I also know Bobby was fucking some of the girls at school. He told me he was, and also the word was leaking out at school. I know of at least six girls he fucked. There were probably more that I was not aware of them. How that guy found time to study, I'll never know. He was really smart and things came easily to him.
Brad was also too young to work, but he did manage to find a part time job doing light manual labor. He worked most afternoons after school, so I couldn't even fuck him then. Candie and I would get together after school almost every day. She got out at the same time I did and we'd walk home together. She was so very hot. Bobby says she is an awful lot like me when I was her age.
Lionel and I agreed to meet Tuesday afternoon after school. I told him I would cycle over to his place. I could hear the excitement in his voice.
I was so excited about seeing Lionel that I couldn't concentrate in school that morning. I wanted to skip school in the afternoon, but I knew I'd get into trouble for that. So I spent all lunch hour getting ready for the Lion. I had a nice quick bath using plenty of nice smelling bubble bath. I washed myself thoroughly all over, paying particular attention to my titties, pussy and bum. I wanted to be especially clean for Lionel.
I sorted through all the clothes I owned and finally settled for a nice jean skirt I had and a nice short T- shirt that showed off my sexy flat tummy. I wore white sports socks and shoes. I think I looked pretty nice.
It was getting late and I had to get back to school. I got one of Bobby's jackets and wore that even though it was quite warm out. It covered me up and as long as I kept it done up, the teachers could not see what I had on underneath. I left for school.
The afternoon went slowly, but 3 o'clock finally came and I rode over to Lionel's place. He didn't live far from the school. I went slowly because I didn't want to work up a sweat and spoil everything.
When I got to his house, he was at the door waiting for me. He suggested we just sit on the front steps for a while so that if any neighbors saw us they wouldn't get suspicious. We talked about our date and how much he appreciated what I did with him. I got all red and he apologized for being so insensitive. He said someone in his position should know better. I started to cry then and he put his arms around my shoulders and comforted me. Imagine him, a dying man, comforting a young emotional schoolgirl. It should have been me comforting him. I felt so stupid.
We went inside in about ten minutes. As soon as he closed the door I turned to him and kissed him. It was one of the most passionate kisses I remember ever giving anyone. He kissed me back just as passionately. His hands were all over me, feeling my bum and my breasts and even between my legs. My pussy was on fire at that time. He had to have felt the heat there. He couldn't have missed that. I was pressing up against him and could feel his strong hard cock pressing against my stomach.
The Lion, being true to his name, picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. He never stopped kissing me till he laid me on his bed. I had been in his bedroom a few times before, and it was always a mess, but today it was neat and tidy. He must have taken all morning to clean it up. He even had fresh linen in the bed.
He lay half on me and continued to kiss me. He kissed me from my head to my feet. I didn't even know it, but when he got to my feet he took my shoes and socks off. I only realized that he had done that when he started to kiss and suck on my toes. He's the first person to do that to me and it was such a turn on for me that I came almost instantly.
Lionel didn't know that at the time. I bet it would have surprised him if he did. Without a word of a lie, I love my toes and feet licked and sucked to this very day. If any guy or girl wants me to do anything, all they have to do is pay attention to my feet.
He started kissing up my legs. I was well past it now.
I didn't know what was happening. Before I knew it he had me stark naked on his bed and was naked himself. I remember that he was lying on me and I could feel his wonderful hard cock between my legs. It wasn't in my pussy, just wedged between my legs. I started to move my body against it. It was rubbing my clit and I was feeling so wonderful. I wanted that cock inside me so badly now.
As you know, I like to be on top. I rolled both of us over and I was straddling the Lion now. I kissed him again and then raised my bum and reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. God. I still can't get over the size of it. I could feel his precum flowing from the hole and I knew that I was so wet that you could drive a tank in there. I positioned his cock at the entrance to my cunt and slowly dropped down on it. Oh, God! Did it ever feel good. It didn't hurt this time, not even forcing the head in. It just went in as if it belonged there. I could feel that special feeling building up inside me again. I knew an orgasm was imminent. But I didn't care. It just felt so nice inside me.
I began to ride up and down on his cock. His cock seemed even bigger today than it did the other day. It scraped along the walls of my vagina and also put so much pressure on my clit that within 15 seconds of him entering me I exploded with another great orgasm. I moaned so loudly and jerked so violently that the Lion knew he made me cum. My eyes were closed and my head tilted back. I was resting my hands on his shoulders.
When I finished I looked down at Lionel. Honestly, I've never seen so much pride in a guy's face as I saw in his at that time. He knew that he made me cum. I couldn't speak. I wanted to thank him for what he was doing, but I knew we weren't through yet. I knew that I'd have plenty more orgasms before the afternoon was finished, and so would he.
I just collapsed on his chest and I kissed him. My tongue went in search of his and when I found it, they danced their crazy dance as he sucked my tongue deep into his mouth.
My titties were poking into his chest and I could feel my nipples becoming so hard that they almost pierced him.