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Finally we were on our way. It was about a two-hour drive to the cottage and we passed the time singing Christmas carols and telling jokes and laughing. Time just flew by. We reached the cabin at about 11 AM.
It was a beautiful cabin. My Uncle Russ and my daddy, with the help of Bobby and Lionel and others, converted an old cabin into this lovely place we see today. It took them two years of weekends and holidays to do it, but the efforts were worth it. They added a second floor to the building where the master bedroom and bathroom was located as well as a large spare bedroom for guests.
Actually Lionel slept there when he was at the cabin with his parents. On the main floor, they also added a wing, which was more or less secluded from the main building. It contained a big bathroom with a shower and a huge tub, a sauna room and four large bedrooms with king size beds in each of them. So you can see that there was plenty of room for everyone.
We worked it out that Auntie Pat and Uncle Russ would have their own room and mommy and daddy would have the guestroom next to them. This meant that us kids had the rooms down stairs. Things were beginning to heat up.
The cabin was cold when we got there. The heat was on, but just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. All the rooms had electric baseboard heaters in them and the living room had a lovely fireplace. We decided that for the week we were alone, we would all sleep in the rooms upstairs so that we didn't have to heat the bedrooms downstairs. Then the day that our parents were coming, we'd heat them. That way we saved on electricity.
The boys went outside and cut some firewood and soon had a nice fire going in the fireplace. The living room was beginning to heat up nicely. Sandie and Candie and I made some Kraft dinner for lunch, which we ate in front of the fire.
Brad and Candie were sitting together in a large stuffed chesterfield chair. Brad had his arm around her and we could see that his hand rested on her breast. Well, where her breast will be soon. Candie had placed her hand on his lap. Brad started to rub her breast and it was obvious that she liked that. Her hand started rubbing his thigh and worked up to his cock. As you can guess it was hard by now. She grabbed hold of it through his pants and turned her head for him to kiss her. The hussy, didn't care who was watching them. They kissed passionately as she squeezed his cock. We were all watching and I for one was getting pretty excited.
Candie managed to undo Brad's flies while kissing him. I could see every time their mouths parted slightly that their tongues were dancing together. She got his cock out and started to jerk him off. Brad in the meantime had his hands on Candies crotch and was trying to finger fuck her through her jeans. God, I could feel my panties getting wet.
I was so engrossed in watching my little brother and sister making out that I didn't notice that Lionel had come to sit next to me on the love seat. He slipped one arm around my waist and at the same time his other hand got under my tank top and had grabbed one of my titties. I jumped when I felt his hand there, but as soon as I realized who it was, I smiled and started to kiss him. He could still kiss as good as ever. My hands and arms were around his neck and I pulled him into me. His hand was kneading both my titties and it felt so good. I laid down on the love seat and he soon had my jeans undone and was rubbing my hot wet pussy through my panties.
Sandie was attacking Bobby who was sitting on the floor watching. She was so taken in by the sight of everything going on around her that she stripped Bobby of his clothes, and he soon had her clothes off too. They were completely naked now and Sandie was busy sucking on his cock. Bobby was lying on his back on the thick carpet and Sandie was kneeling beside him, her ass in the air and her beautiful wet pussy in plain view of everyone.
By this time Brad had Candie naked too and was naked himself. Candie had sucked his cock for a few minutes, but now she wanted Brad to suck her. She slouched down in the chair till her sweet bum was just over the edge and I could see her love juices seeping out of her cunt. She got Brad to get down in front of her on his hands and knees. Then she grabbed his hair and pulled his face to her cunt. Brad had his hands on her hips, holding her tight. She was as hot as hell.
Brad began to take long slow licks of her cunt. We had all taught him that well, for he could lick cunt with the best of them. I know. He brought me to powerful orgasms with his mouth many times. I could hear Candie moaning now as she wrapped her legs around Brad's neck and pulled him harder into her pussy.
I told Lionel to take my jeans off. He did, and I stood up and undid his belt and zipper and dropped his jean to the floor. We stood in front of each other in just our underwear and shirts. Without any signal and as if we could read each other's minds, Lionel dropped his underwear and removed his shirt. I dropped my panties and lifted my tank top over my head. I wasn't wearing a bra. He kissed me tenderly. I grabbed hold of his head and rubbed it. It was hot and wet with perspiration.
I looked down and saw his mighty weapon standing out proudly in front of him. Before I could reach out and grab it, he was on his knees in front of me. He spread my lips apart and started to lick me. My knees went rubbery. He started playing with my clit sooner than normal and I soon found myself on the very edge of an orgasm. I collapsed into the chair and the Lion didn't miss a lick. He grabbed both my legs, bent them at the knee and pushed them up to my chest. My cunt was wide open to him and he knew exactly what to do with it.
With my legs up like that he could lick me right from my little rosebud to my clit. The fragrant scent coming from me was so strong that even I could smell it. It was heavenly. Lionel was licking me so hard and so fast now that I started to moan loudly. I threw my legs around his neck and pulled him hard into me. I squeezed him so hard that he had to forcibly untangle my legs so that he could breath. But I was at the point where I didn't care what I did. I was so close to my first orgasm of the day. A hundred little electric shocks were tingling through me as he teased my clit with his lips and tongue.
"Ohhhh yes Lionel. Yes! I'm c-c-cumming! Ohhhh God! Suck me Lionel. Shit. Ohhhh shit! Never stop. Never stop! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! OHH GODD YESSSS!" I literally yelled that. Everyone heard me, but I didn't care.
I had one of the biggest and most powerful orgasm I ever had. Lionel didn't stop. He lapped at my pussy as my juices flowed out. As he did he moved his thumb and finger to my clit, and darted his tongue in and out of my vagina. I nearly fainted as the next orgasm hit right on top of the first one. He just kept kissing, licking, stroking, and caressing my clit and pussy. I don't know how many times I came, but after a while I was so relaxed that each orgasm seemed less intense. I was beginning to feel lightheaded. I was no longer gripping his head or gasping in ecstasy. I just relaxed, letting him do his thing, and letting the pleasure wash over me. My eyes closed and that's all I remember.
When I opened my eyes again, everyone was gathered around me. Sandie had a glass of water and was splashing little drops of it on my face. Everyone was looking so serious.
"W-what happened", I asked.
I tried to sit up but I just fell back down again. "Oh, wow! I feel so dizzy."
"Take if easy now, honey," Sandie said. "You fainted. That's all. Just relax for a few minutes and you'll be alright again." Bobby had gotten me a cool cloth and put it over my forehead. It made me feel a little better.
Now everyone started talking at once. They were all scared that something serious had happened to me, especially Lionel. There he was sucking and licking on my cunt and suddenly I collapse and faint on him. I felt so stupid and also so sorry for him. What must he have been thinking?
Everyone was still naked but no one started fucking again. I could hear bits and pieces of conversation, and then it seemed like everyone was fucking and the girls were getting close to cumming and the guys close to ejaculating. Then I fainted and Lionel panicked. He thought he had killed me.
Soon I was feeling better. I got up and walked around and everything was back to normal. We sat around and drank some hot chocolate and had a good laugh.
What an experience that was. To this day I don't know what caused it.
Chapter Ten
Wow! You wouldn't believe how big this place is. Without a word of a lie, we all worked hard from the time we got up, which was usually around 10 in the morning, till dark, which was around 4 in the afternoon. We only stopped to eat. Honest! We vowed to get the work done by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at the latest so that we would have time for some fun. We only fucked after supper and after all the dishes were done. You'd have been proud of us for keeping to our word. I can only speak for myself, but at times I found it really hard. I kept thinking of The Lion and what he did to me on Friday. I'd get so wet that I'd have to go and change my panties at times.
Tuesday arrived, and we were coming along very well. There were just 2 guest bedrooms to clean and the inside of the house would be done. Candie, Sandie and I went at it full steam. We were so excited about getting everything done on time. Dust had gotten everywhere, from being unoccupied for about 3 months. It wasn't the easiest job in the world to get the place really clean, but we were proud of the jobs we had done.
The boys had done everything that needed to be done outside, and all that was left was for them to find a tree. They left early in the morning before us girls were even up. There was a place they had seen in the summer that had lovely big trees growing. They took two snowmobiles. Bobby and Lionel rode one, while Brad rode the other and pulled the sled.
Poor Lionel couldn't always do everything he wanted to do so Bobby and Brad did most of the work. It was easy for me to see that he tired a lot easier these days. I don't know if anyone else noticed it or not, but I did. Sometimes when he was helping to shovel the snow, he'd have to come in and rest. I noticed too, that his lovemaking was not what it used to be at times. He was still as big and thick as ever, (thank God for that) and he still gave pleasure to us girls, but his stamina seemed to me to have lost something. Sandie and Candie hadn't noticed it though. Maybe it was because I was closer to him than the others, I don't know, but I did notice a difference. I didn't say anything to anyone about it.