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Candy could feel Lionel's cock appear to enlarge inside her. She could feel it starting to twitch. She knew the Lion would be tamed any second now. She could sense that special feeling building up deep inside her as she too approached another climax.
They had both reached their peak now. Their bodies were so in tune with each other's that their breathing and heart rate were as one. Lionel moaned, and Candie purred. Lionel grunted, and Candy shrieked. Candie was riding his shaft now faster and faster; harder and harder. Their spirits were soaring higher and higher, until finally, as if in an ecstatic trance, they both exploded, grunting and moaning and panting and sweating and Lionel pumped, more and more of his hot, milky cum deep into Candie's young 10-year-old cunt, saturating the very center of her being.
They lay there in each other's arms, completely exhausted. Candie had fallen across Lionel's chest and couldn't move. Her eyes were closed again and a feeling of utter calm and contentment enveloped her body like a blanket. She could feel Lionel's chest rise and fall as he breathed, and she could feel his warm breath on her shoulder. She didn't want to move from this place ever.
She felt Lionel's cock start to shrivel up inside her now, so she slowly rolled off his chest. Believe it of not, she even liked the feeling of his cock slipping out of her well-filled cunt. She loved the sound it made when it finally emerged into the open. I've described that sound before, so you should know what I mean. Lionel leaned on one elbow and looked at Candie. She looked so young and so innocent and so sweet lying there. He still felt it so hard to believe that he fucked her and that she liked sex so much and that she could actually take his whole cock inside her young cunt.
He smiled at her and she smiled back at him. They kissed again.
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"What's the matter, Candie. Did I do something to hurt you or something?" Lionel asked.
"I just noticed that your thing is funny. It doesn't look the same as Bobby's. What's wrong with it? Did you hurt its?" she asked inquisitively.
Lionel laughed. "No, Sweetie. Nothing is wrong with it and I didn't hurt it. Bobby and Brad are circumcised. I'm not."
"What does that mean?" she asked. This was all new to her.
"It means that when they were babies, the doctor cut the foreskin on their penises so that their heads always show. With me that wasn't done. That's why my cock goes inside its protective shield just like your clit does. Do you understand?"
She didn't really understand. Right now she was just excited seeing his lovely cock-head poke out from its home as it got bigger and bigger. She couldn't understand why she hadn't noticed this before. It was probably because whenever she saw it, it was already big.