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"Alright, Daddy," she smiled, "How 'bout I just suck your big beautiful cock for now, okay?"
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She found herself wishing that Ben would fuck her like Eddie was fucking Mindy. She and Ben didn't fuck often, and they-always did it in exactly the same way... in the dark, without a sound, and with Ben on top. They got it over as fast as possible, trying not to enjoy it too much. That was what they'd been taught to do by their own parents, and that was what they'd tried to teach their kids.
Obviously they hadn't gotten the message across. Mindy and Eddie were fucking in broad daylight, in a position Joan and Ben had never tried, and they were enjoying hell out of it! It was clear that they didn't feel a bit of guilt about what they were doing. They were both grinning like crazy, and so was Roy.
"Unnnhhh, Eddie, I'm gonna cummmmm!" Mindy moaned. "Really give it to me now, little brother... get me off!"
Eddie snarled lustily and hammered his cock up into his sister with lightning speed. While he was doing this, he whispered something to Roy and Roy grinned and reached between their writhing loins to finger Mindy's clit. He gave the slippery little nubbin several firm squeezes, just like he'd done before, when he fucked Mindy himself... He got exactly the the same results.
Mindy stiffened and arched her back, thrusting her cunt down hard on Eddie's cock, pinning Roy's fingers between them as she howled her way to a mind-blowing climax. Eddie was only seconds behind her.
"Ohhhhhh, SHIT, you guys! I'M CUMMMMINNNGGGG! " she yelped.
"Ahhhhhh, fuck, aaaggghhhh! Me too!" Eddie roared, jetting his load into her.
Joan found herself shaking with excitement as she watched her kids orgasm. She almost always got off when she and Ben fucked, but never like this. Mindy was coming powerfully, her body writhing and bucking, and she was screaming in ecstasy. Joan hardly moved or made a sound when she climaxed. It was always pleasant but never thrilling. She had a hunch it was the same for her husband.
Now she was realizing just how wild and fulfilling it could be. She wanted to feel that same hot pleasure. She wanted to get it on in the light, so she could see and admire Ben's body and let him see hers. The kids were having such a fantastic time, she couldn't help feeling envious of them. She was realizing just how much she'd missed in her boring and restricted way of making love.
"Mmmmmm, Jesus, that was great," Mindy gurgled as she finally rolled off Eddie's come-soaked cock.
"I sure hope you're not tired, Sis," Roy said eagerly. "I wanna fuck you again."
"Horny little, prick, aren't you little brother", grinned Mindy.
"Not so little though... am I, Sis?", smiled Roy, fisting his huge hard-on.
"I guess not," drooled Mindy. "Can I suck it a bit first?"
"Sure!" grinned Roy, lying back so his sister could get her head between his legs.
Joan was almost moaning with need as she watched them. She and Ben knew about oral sex but had never tried it. They'd talked it over and agreed that it was wrong. But she found herself actually drooling as she watched Mindy licking the length of her brother's rock-hard cock and swallowing his pre-cum. It was something the older woman secretly longed to experience.
Mindy was obviously having such a good time, moaning as she sucked her brother's swollen cockhead into her mouth and swallowed the juices leaking from his eager young prick. Roy got flushed in the face and started panting and breathing heavily. His cock gave lusty jerks under his sister's greedily lashing tongue.
"Hey, Sis," Eddie chuckled, "why don't you go all the way and suck the kid off?"
"I'm not a kid," Roy objected.
"Okay, okay," Eddie said soothingly, "but how'd you like her to give you a blow job?"
"I'd love it," Roy leered.
"Mmmmmmm, guess I better give him what he wants then, right Eddie?" Mindy grinned.
"Yeah, we wanta keep him happy," Eddie agreed.
Mindy opened her lips wide and slid them down over the granite column of her little brother's cock. His eyes rolled back in his head and closed in total bliss as she sheathed his young meat in the steamy wetness of her mouth. Her cheeks drawn in, her head bobbing briskly, she began to suck him off. Joan's mouth actually began to water she watched her daughter suck on her youngest son's cock. And, despite everything she thought was holy and righteous, she couldn't stop her traitorous pussy from creaming helplessly at the incredibly erotic sight.
"Awwwwww, yeah, Sis, suck it!" Roy groaned.
Eddie was getting turned on, too.... his cock springing up rigid and ready as he watched his sexy sister blowing their kid brother. But this time he didn't have to wait to use her cunt. It was all ready for him, and all he had to do was kneel behind the horny slut and stuff his prick into her. What were sisters like Mindy for anyway, if not to fuck, he chuckled to himself. She was the kind of girl who could never say no to a stiff, ready prick.
Eddie's diagnosis proved correct as Mindy shivered happily and gave a muffled gurgle of pleasure as he slid the entire length of his cock into her hot little nympho pussy.
"Unnnhhh, shit, yeah," he moaned. "Tiiight, hotttt cuuunnnnt!!"
Mindy was wildly turned on as she took on two cocks at the same time. Eddie really had some terrific ideas. She felt wonderful stabs of pleasure as he worked his throbbing prick in her clasping little pussy from behind, fucking her so forcefully that her lips were pressed into Roy's pubic hair as she deep-throated the loudly-moaning young boy. At last she was finally getting all the cock she wanted.