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"Of course I am, silly," she yelled running out of the kitchen crying.
I went after her and found her lying on her bed crying her little heart out. "Don't cry, Sweetheart," I said. "Everything is going to be okay. What's the matter?"
"Oh, Carol. You're going to hate me. I know you will," she sobbed. "But I really want to fuck Lionel just one more time. I really do." She hid her pretty little face in her pillow and cried some more. "I like fucking him. I love the way his cock stretches me wide open. Bobby and Brad can't do that. You know they can't. I'm going to miss him."
I cradled her in my arms and rocked her back and forth. "I can understand that, honey. I know you are very fond of Lionel. But he is mine now for as long as he is here. Do you understand? It's like we are going steady or are engaged. We want to be faithful to each other. I don't want to fuck anyone else, and neither does he. Do you see what I mean?"
"I know, Carol. I know. But it doesn't mean I don't want him. I do. You know I do."
Candy sat up straight and smiled. "I really like his cock, Carol." She almost whispered that last remark and her face immediately turned red. I giggled and held my hand over my mouth. Candy started to giggle too.
"I know what you mean," I said still giggling. “So do I. I'll tell you what, Candie. Can you keep a secret?" I asked with a great deal of excitement in my voice.
"Of course I can. You know that. Tell me. Tell me." Candie was almost begging.
"Okay. If you really want to fuck Lionel just one more time, I'll let you. But you can't tell anyone. Promise? Besides I know Lionel will be willing. He told me that he thinks you are so hot. You really turn him on."
Candie was so happy that she threw her arms around my neck and started to kiss me so very passionately. If I wasn't careful I knew I could be tempted to make love to her then and there. But we couldn't because our parents would be there soon.