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"Oh, wow, can I ever," Mindy said eagerly.
She'd always found her father sexy, and now she had a chance to show him just how she felt. She slid off the bed and walked over to him, and Ben's eyes ran helplessly up and down her cute, curvy, naked body. Grinning enticingly, she unbuttoned his work shirt and helped him out of it. He seemed helplessly in her power as she tugged off his t-shirt. Then she reached for the fly of his pants, unzipping it deftly.
His pants puddled around his ankles, and he stood there in just his jockey shorts, the fly bulging obscenely. Mindy's hands were quivering with excitement as she seized the shorts and tugged them down. She had to go to her knees to do it, and his huge cock snapped free, brushing her face and leaving hot sticky juice. Mindy looked up at her father's big, stiff prick and moaned with excitement.
"Oh, God, Daddy... it's huge," she breathed.
Roy and Eddie just looked awestruck and envious. The old man was hung like a bull, and Mindy could hardly contain herself as she reached for his massive cock and started pumping it in both fists. Ben shivered lustily as his daughter's fingers closed around the rigid shaft. His nostrils flared, and his eyes got glazed with horniness as she ran her hot little fists up and down his engorged prick.
"Come over to the bed, Daddy," she purred, "Let's get comfortable."
Even with his naked young daughter jerking on his cock, Ben still wasn't completely comfortable with all this, and he glanced uneasily at his wife as Mindy pulled him onto the bed.
"You sure this is okay with you. honey?" he asked.
Joan grinned at him wantonly. He'd never seen such a lustful look on her face in all the years of their marriage.
"Ooooh, yes, darling, it's fine with me," she cooed, taking both her sons' cocks in her hands. "I intend to have some more fun with the boys, so there's no reason why you and Mindy shouldn't enjoy yourselves. After all, we're all family aren't we?."
"Yeah! Come on, Daddy," Mindy said impatiently, "let's get it on."
"Get it on?" Ben said dazedly. "Just what does that mean, young lady?"
"Everything, Daddy, " she giggled, reaching for his massive hard cock.
Ben knew he was making a very slow entry into the twentieth century, but he just couldn't help it. It was the way he'd been raised.
"Uh, I just don't think it would be right for us to do everything, sugar," he said.
Mindy wasn't fazed one little bit. Her father just need a little more friendly `persuasion', that's all.
"Alright, Daddy," she smiled, "How 'bout I just suck your big beautiful cock for now, okay?"
Joan could barely keep from giggling, Ben looked so stunned. Mindy pushed him down onto his back, and his huge rock-hard cock stood straight up... stiff and bulging with blue veins... drooling pre-cum. Mindy knelt beside him, crouched low, and stuck out her tongue, whipping the glistening hot flesh up and down the long granite column of her father's cock. It was to much for Ben.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Christ," he groaned.
Maybe it wasn't right, but he just couldn't resist. He'd never had his cock licked before, though he'd been fantasizing about it for years. He'd always wanted a woman to go down on him, though he'd never dreamed it would be his own sexy teenage daughter. Eagerly Mindy whipped her slick hot tongue all over his prick, coating it with her glistening saliva. Ben slumped back in bliss, unable to resist any longer.
Joan nodded her approval of her daughter's efforts. Mindy had her father completely under control, and in another minute or so he was going to be completely won over. No need to worry any more about him. Joan could turn her attention to her own pleasure. She was lying between her two sons, fisting a nice hard adolescent cock in each fist.